Pyramids in Australia

By Michelle Kennedy

Long before white man arrived in this harsh land, Australia had a history to rival all the ancient civilizations that fill our history books.  The only difference is Australia's history remained a secret.

Even before Captain James Cook claimed this land for Britain, explorers had found and walked this land. Many were Dutch, who found the harsh conditions of this desolate country, weren't suitable for colonization. If only they knew Australia had been Colonized long before they were even thought of. Secret hidden Pyramids

Our ancient visitors include the Pharaohs of Egypt's humble beginnings.  The legendary Khufu who has been credited with building the Great Pyramid of Giza, (yet strangely no evidence supports this claim.  To the contrary evidence of it being built much earlier are far easier to substantiate.) sent his sons to Australia, perhaps to mine for Gold.  Or so the evidence appears.

Khufu's son's appear within the stories of our Native people and evidence of their presence here is recorded in Hieroglyphics on the rocks in the region I was born.  Known as the Gosford Hieroglyphics archeological evidence proves Egyptian visits to Australia.

I was born in Umina actually and this is where the largest of all etchings have been found.  Then there is a myriad of rock carvings up at Kariong in the bush I walked as a teenager. Now that Australia's Aboriginals have been given permission by elders to reveal sacred knowledge, slowly the truth is being uncovered.

The Gosford glyphs are a group of approximately 300 alleged Egyptian hieroglyphs in an area known for its Aboriginal petroglyphs. They are carved into two parallel sandstone walls about 15 m (49 ft) long. They depict boats, chickens, dogs, owls, stick men, a dog's bone as well as two glyphs (Cartouches) that appear to be the names of kings, one of them Khufu, the other uncertain. These names are given the same personal name and throne name. There is also a carving of the ancient Egyptian god Anubis.  These were first reported in 1975 by Alan Dash, a local surveyor who had been visiting the area for seven years. Dash continued to visit for five years and reported that the number of hieroglyphs had increased every time that he visited.  Since then the hieroglyphs have been claimed by amateur Egyptologists to be authentic script carved by ancient Egyptians about 4,500 years ago.

The story in the glyphs tell of star beings and of the death and burial of Rajedef - Khufu's son, Prince of Egypt, in the immediate area.  To date no remains have been found.  Legend states that King Solomon s mines were where the Gold was mined for death masks for the Pharaohs.  Due to tomb robbers only one such mask survives today.

King Solomon is renowned for his extraordinary wealth, and the Old Testament states that he was the possessor of “gold according to all his desire”.

But the question that has perplexed archaeologists, historians and explorers alike for over 4 000 years is where the extraordinary amount of gold came from.

The first classical reference to Solomon’s golden eldorado is a guarded reference in the Bible to a place called Ophir. Unfortunately, the exact location of Ophir was never revealed in the Bible and, thus, its whereabouts have remained a secret all these centuries.

It is understood that Solomon, in collaboration with Phoenician King Hiram, of Tyre (in present day Lebanon), dispatched expeditions of Phoenician mariners to the lands of Ophir to obtain large tonnages of gold.

It is also known that the Phoenicians were among the greatest traders and explorers of the ancient civilisations around the Mediterranean Sea. They established commercial outposts throughout the Mediterranean and were known to have ventured onto the Atlantic and Indian Oceans in pursuit of trade.  According to Greek historian Herodotus, who, incidentally, is considered the Father of History, a Phoenician expedition commissioned by Pharaoh Necho II, of Egypt, managed to circumnavigate Africa in a voyage that lasted three years.

Many have speculated on the location of Ophir and, over the centuries, it has been placed in Arabia, the Asian subcontinent and south-eastern Africa, with some even ludicrously suggesting Peru. Yet not once has Australia been a contender for Ophir.  We were left alone- unpillaged, and unraped.  Australia remained virginal until only 200 years ago - Only relatively recently has the country been raped and plundered.

Interestingly the Mask of Tutankhamen, pulls Australia even deeper into the fold of Egypt's past.  Scientific research conducted on the mask reveal the chemical composition of the gold used in the Death Mask of Tutankhamen matches the Chemical composition of - Yes wait for it - Gympie Gold.  In fact hundreds of meters of mine shafts exist in Gympie, many of which have been sealed up with stones.  Copper, Tin, Silver and Gold have all been mined here at one time or another.  Could Australia be the legendary OPHIR. - King Solomon Mines.  And how funny that the British sent their convicts here.  Haha I guess the convicts and us their descendants got the last laugh.

What I find most intriguing is that despite the evidence pointing to an Australian connection, I can not find a single theory in any archeological books or reports any where.

The Government seems to be in a desperate state to wipe this history out of existence as we would have to change our history books.  What we think we know is really far - FAR from the truth.

I spent the 21/ 12/ 2012 on top of what is left of the Gympie Pyramid.  I can tell you it is a powerful vortex.  I channeled non stop for the two hours I was there.  From the moment I entered the vicinity of the pyramid till I'd driven quite a few kilometers away I could feel the immense power.  I had my three children with me and they all (With no prior knowing of the Gympie Pyramid story) all had visions.  One of the children even seeing the blue clocked figures of the pyramids guardians surround us as we mediated during the galactic alignment. I had not told any of the children any of the stories pertaining to what others have seen.  Guardians dressed in blue robes being one such story and yet he saw them.  I was honoured to have found a guide who remembers many of his past lives and can see and feel different entities.  I was explaining a little of the knowledge I have on various occult subjects when he told me several of the guardians have come to listen to me. I must say the whole evening was such a great experience.

The government have tried for years to destroy the Pyramid.  And although it still stands, very much hidden and covered in vegetation the Blue stone pillars on which we sat that night on the Pyramid  have been destroyed.  The energy is very much alive despite it's apparent destruction.

In 1975, doing a routine fly over looking for unnatural terrain as part of his research expeditions Mr Gilroy discovered the Gympie Pyramid.  He was able to measure it's height at 200feet and noted it had 18 terraces.  When I was there in 2012 there were no terraces and the blue stone which once stood majestically adorning to the top of the Pyramid laid askew, discarded and neglected.

Mr Gilroy and his wife were able to save some of the carvings before too many vandals got them.  One day I hope to see those also.

Hopefully we will be privy to the knowledge of the Original people of this land, for they have much information to share.  Much wisdom to bestow and we really could learn a thing or two, if only people would take the time to listen. Not just to listen but to really hear.  To feel mother earth as they do, to comprehend our own true nature and that we really are all one being.


Check out this video of just how many Pyramids there are in Australia.(Sorry for the terrible music in the background)

The Mysterious 33rd Parallel

The number 33 enigmatically stretches as a latitude line across many diverse cultures in many different times. Known in numerology as the Master Teacher, 33 is the most influential of all numbers, indicating selfless devotion to the spiritual progress of humankind. The other two master numbers, 11 (vision) and 22 (vision with action) form the base of a two-dimensional pyramid, and added together equal 33 (guidance to the world), the apex of the pyramid. [1] On the reverse of the Masonically inspired Great Seal of the United States is the pyramid with the all-seeing eye of divine Reason at its apex. According to ritual Freemasonry, XXXIII is considered sacred because in most cases there is no higher degree or level to which a Mason may aspire.

In a Biblical context we note that King David ruled in Jerusalem for thirty-three years, Jacob had thirty-three sons and daughters, and Jesus Christ was crucified at age thirty-three. Two interpenetrating triangles whose apexes point in opposite directions form the hexagram of the Star of David (3 + 3 = 6). On the other hand, 3 X 3 = 9, or the Ennead, the nine primal gods of Egyptian mythology.


The late thirteenth/early fourteenth century Italian poet Dante ended Canto XXXIII of the Purgatorio, or the second section of his Divine Comedy: “...perfect, pure, and ready for the Stars.” [2] Canto XXXIII of the Paradiso, or the third section, concludes with lines about the poet being turned “as in a wheel whose motion nothing jars-- / by the Love that moves the Sun and the other stars.” [3] It is more than a coincidence that the 33rd canto of each section concludes with parallel lines regarding the celestial; it may instead be the code from a lost ancient tradition.

This number even permeates the biological realm studied by science: thirty-three is the number of turns in a complete sequence of DNA. [4] A more ominous connotation appears in the 33rd element of the periodic table. Arsenic is a brittle, steel-gray substance that is actively poisonous. The Greek root arsen means “male, strong” or “virile,” which suggests the active reach of this potent and potentially deadly number across the globe. Indeed, when we consider the northern latitude of 33 degrees, some intriguing synchronicities, or “meaningful coincidences,” are found. [5]

You Say Phoenix and I Say Phoenicia

The first stop on our tour along the 33rd parallel is the metropolis of Phoenix, Arizona, located at 33 degrees 30 minutes latitude. Gleaming like a steel and glass mirage surrounded by ironwood, palo verde, and saguaro cactus, this modern American city lies in a brown cloud of auto exhaust at the northern end of the Sonoran Desert. Its imported palm trees and omnipresent swimming pools shimmer when seen from high in the air like turquoise and silver jewelry on a jet-setter’s tanned breast. In essence, Phoenix is pervaded with the aura of the foreign and the bizarre. Few casual tourists realize, however, that this was once the center of the ancient Hohokam culture.

The largest Hohokam site known as Snaketown was located about five miles north of the exact 33 degrees line, while the ruins of the astronomical observatory called Casa Grande still rest about five miles south of the line. The Hohokam inhabited the Valley of the Sun perhaps as early as 300 B.C. (about the time of Alexander the Great and the Ptolemaic Dynasties in Egypt) and built one of the world’s most extensive irrigation systems. These ancient American Indians created an estimated total of 500 miles of canals to irrigate over 25,000 acres in the Phoenix Basin-- all constructed with mere digging sticks, stone implements, and woven carrying baskets. In fact, no wheelbarrows or draft animals were ever used. The main canals leading from the Salt and Gila rivers measured up to 75 feet across at the top and 50 feet wide at the bottom. [6] As Southwestern archaeologist H. M. Wormington observes, “The scope of the canal project suggests comparisons with the erection of the huge pyramids of Egypt or the great temples of the Maya.” [7] Clearly this monumental technology was the key factor that allowed the desert dwelling people to inhabit their extremely harsh region for well over a thousand years.

Skipping across the Atlantic on the same parallel, we find a number of intriguing sites in the Old World. For instance, at a latitude of 33 degrees 19 minutes was located the primary Phoenician seaport of Tyre (now called Sûr), almost 50 miles south of Beirut. Dating back as early as 5000 B.C., Tyre was renowned for a purple-red dye obtained from the snails of the genus Murex. [8] The color is one of the meanings of the word “phoenix,” which the ancient Egyptians sometimes associated with the purple heron.

Back in North America the “place of the heron” refers to Aztlan, the Nahuatl word for the mythical land that the Aztecs inhabited after emerging from Chicomostoc, the Seven Caves located in the bowels of the earth. [9] Chicano folklore identifies Aztlan as that portion of Mexico taken over by the U.S. after the Mexican-American War of 1846-- in part, the Arizona Territory, where the settlement of Phoenix arose.

The Masonic author Albert Pike states that Tyre was the seat of the Osirian Mysteries after they had been imported from Egypt. [10] Pike asserts that the two massive columns situated at the entrance of the Tyrian Temple of Malkarth were consecrated to the Winds and to Fire. This pair is thought to be the prototype of Jachin and Boaz, the two pillars found on the eastern wall of every Masonic temple in the world. On the right, or to the south, is Jachin, which means “He shall establish” and signifies an active, vivifying force. On the left, or to the north, is Boaz, which means “In it is strength” and connotes passive stability and permanence. [11] Freemasons Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas suggest that the former represents the winter solstice sunrise, while the latter the summer solstice sunrise. [12] Although this is possible, we propose that Jachin represents the southern stargate between Sagittarius and Scorpius while Boaz signifies the northern stargate between Gemini and Taurus. [13] Our assumption is based on the fact that in the York Rite of Freemasonry a celestial globe symbolizing ex-carnation (i.e., a spirit leaving its present body) is found atop Jachin while a terrestrial globe representing incarnation is positioned atop Boaz. [14]

During the tenth century B.C. King Hiram of Tyre supplied King Solomon with craftsmen, metallurgists, cedar wood, architectural design, and presumably the esoteric symbolism of these two columns for the construction of his temple at Jerusalem. (1 Kings 7: 13-22) [15] In addition to being besieged at various times by Nebuchadrezzar, Alexander the Great, the Romans and others, the trade capital city-state of Tyre was conquered in the twelfth century A.D. by the Crusaders, who built a Knights Templar church there.

Some speculate that the orientation of the two pillars imitates obelisks placed before the pylons of Egyptian temples, especially those of the Heliopolitan temple of Thothmes (Tuthmosis) III, who reigned in the fifteenth century B.C. as the militarily expansionist pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty. He is also thought to be founder of the Order of the Rosy Cross, or the Rosicrucians. [16] The archaeologist Sir Flinders Petrie even found records in the Libyan desert that describe a secret Masonic guild meeting held circa 2000 B.C. “The guild met to discuss working hours, wages, and rules for daily labor. It convened in a chapel and provided relief to widows, orphans, and workers in distress. The organizational duties described in the papyri are very similar to those of ‘Warden’ and ‘Master’ in a modern branch of the Brotherhood which evolved from those guilds: Freemasonry.” [17] It seems that all roads lead to... Egypt.

Also of interest near the 33rd parallel is Byblos, a bit farther north of Tyre at a latitude of 34 degrees 08 minutes. The name of this city state is derived from the Greek ta b blia, which means “the book,” or “bible.” Indeed, the invention of a Phoenician alphabetic phonetic script occurred here and eventually spread to the Greek world. [18] A bit farther east at nearly the same latitude is Baalbeck, an ancient megalithic temple constructed with some of the largest stone blocks ever cut in the world. Extracted and hauled from a quarry many miles away, these megaliths include one block measuring 80 feet long and weighing 1,100 tons. [19] In this section we have seen how Phoenix and Phoenicia are linked by latitude. We shall continue eastward to encounter other significant ancient sites along the same parallel.

A Passage To China

A little over 500 miles east of these Phoenician cities at 33 degrees 20 minutes is modern-day Bagdad in Iraq, with Babylon located about 55 miles to the south. This ancient capital of Mesopotamia on the banks of the Euphrates River was once the largest city in the world, encompassing over 2,500 acres. The construction of Babylon began during the twenty-third century B.C. and included the Temple of Marduk (known as Esagila) as well as the legendary Tower of Babel (identified as Etemenanki). The latter structure was a seven-tiered ziggurat rising to a height of 300 feet with a base on each side measuring the same distance. This measurement, incidentally, equals the length of the Hohokam platform mound at Pueblo Grande in Phoenix, Arizona. On the eastern side of Babylon was an outer rampart of triple wall construction extending for 11 miles. A network of irrigation canals reminiscent of the Hohokam also once served the city. In addition, the terraced Hanging Gardens were one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. [20]

This “city and a tower” (Genesis 11:4) was known as Ba-bel, the legendary site of the linguistic confounding. “The biblical interpretation of the name is fanciful. The Bible connects Babel with the Hebrew verb Bâlal, ‘to confuse’, whereas it really comes from Bâb-ili, which in Babylonian means ‘Gate of God’.” [21] This terrestrial correlation to another sort of stargate is perhaps a reference to the Processional Way leading to Ishtar Gate, both of which were adorned with glazed blue enameled figures of lions, bulls, and dragons. Pike maintains that the temple contained a representation in silver of two large serpents. “The Greeks called Bel Beliar; and Hesychius interprets that word to mean dragon or great serpent. We learn from the book of Bel and the Dragon, that in Babylon was kept a great, live serpent, which the people worshipped.” [22] This reminds us of the Place of the Snakes, or the Hohokam site of Snaketown, as well as of the Hopi biennial Snake Dance ceremony still performed with live rattlesnakes on the high desert of Arizona.

In more recent times Babylon played a significant role in the rituals of Freemasonry and continues to do so. For instance, Knight and Lomas discovered that the ceremony for the Royal Arch of Solomon Degree (13 degrees) entails the candidate and two others playing the roles of the three Master Masons of Babylon: Shadrach, Meshech, and Abednego. According to the narrative told in the ritual, these children of the Babylonian captivity desire to assist in the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon. Thus, Babylon’s symbolic importance, which the co-authors believe extends back to at least Knights Templar times and probably before, is reemphasized inside every Masonic lodge to the present day. [23]

Traveling along the 33rd parallel from the Middle East to the Far East, we encounter the fabulous White Pyramid located about 60 miles southwest of X’ian (Sian or Hsian) in the Qin Ling Shan Mountains of China’s Shensi Province. This city was made famous for the nearby discovery of the Terra Cota Warriors. Resting at almost the same latitude as Phoenix’s 33½ degrees, this massive stepped pyramid constructed of clay is estimated to be 1,000 feet high and 1500 feet at the base! The current politics of the country have thus far prevented any detailed study of the structure, but it is thought to be 4,500-5,000 year old-- the approximate age of the pyramids at Giza. The White Pyramid was built supposedly after the old emperors, known as “the sons of heaven,” descended to Earth in their “fiery metallic dragons” and began to rule China. Its interior is rumored to be a model of this empire with a jeweled roof depicting the constellations and rivers of flowing mercury. The region also contains up to one hundred more pyramids. [24]

Highway 33 Revisited

Back on the North American continent, if we journey somewhat over 1,500 miles east of Phoenix along latitude 33 North, we find the Moundville site lying exactly on the line. This city constructed by the Mississippian culture along the Black Warrior River in central Alabama from 1000 through 1450 A.D. had a population of over one thousand-- second in size and complexity to ancient Cahokia in Illinois. The 26 earthen platform mounds arranged in a circular pattern are similar in structure to those in Arizona’s Valley of the Sun, with temples and residences for the elite priesthood likewise built on top. One of the larger mounds is a ramped pyramid that rises to a height of 58 feet. In addition, the town was protected on three sides by wooden palisades, much like the Hohokam villages along the Salt and Gila Rivers. [25] Did the earlier Hohokam culture of the American Southwest somehow influence the later development of this Mound Builder culture in the American Southeast? The many similarities between the two seem to point in that direction.

A few other Mound Builders cities were settled quite near the 33rd parallel. Approximately 10 miles southwest of the town of Lake Providence (32 degrees 49 minutes) on the Mississippi River floodplain in northeastern Louisiana is Poverty Point State Historic Site. Constructed in 1800 B.C. (much earlier than even the Hohokam settlements), a C-shaped or perhaps a partial octagon-shaped earthwork three-quarters of a mile across was formed by six concentric ridges that are 140 to 200 feet apart and four to six feet high. To the west of this earthwork, Bird Mound rises 72 feet high and extends 600 to 800 feet at its base. Resembling some sort of fowl flying toward the sunset, this mound was constructed using 300,000 cubic yards of clay, or the equivalent to 10 million 50-pound baskets. To truly realize the shape of the bird, one needs to be at least a thousand feet or so in the air. Poverty Point was almost entirely abandoned circa 1350 B.C., indicating over five centuries of cultural development, though minor construction on the earthworks continued until 700 A.D. [26]

Even closer to the magic number 33 though not as impressive or as old are the Winterville Mounds, located six miles north of the town of Greenville in west-central Mississippi (33 degrees 25 minutes). Inhabited between 1000 and 1450 A.D., the site includes 23 flat-topped mounds, with the main Temple Mound rising 55 feet. [27]

About four miles south of Cartersville in northwestern Georgia (34 degrees 11 minutes) is Etowah Indian Mound State Park. “White settlers understood the Creek and the later Cherokee to call this site “Hightower,” possibly for Itawa or Italwa (city?). The name Etowah may also be a corruption of this word.” [28] It is interesting to note that the Hopi word for the sun deity is Tawa. Etowah was first inhabited in 950 A.D. and contains three major mounds. One is a ceremonial mound 63 feet in height and another is a burial mound in which were found numerous artifacts including copper ear ornaments, stone effigies, and sea shells along with obsidian and grizzly bear teeth from the Rocky Mountains. [29]

Closer to the home of the Hohokam on the western side of the Colorado River are located a number of geoglyphs (also called “intaglios”). These figures formed in the desert by removal of darker pebbles to reveal a lighter undersurface are sometimes hundreds of feet in length. One group (the Blythe complex) is positioned about 16 miles north of Blythe, California (33 degrees 40 minutes), while another group (the Ripley complex) is located about 12 miles south of Blythe. In addition to human and animal figures, snakes, spirals, stars, circles, and other geometric figures, a Knights Templar-like Maltese cross nearly 10 feet in diameter has been found adjacent to a humanoid figure at the Ripley complex. [30] One anthropoid geoglyph in the area has been associated with the Hopi Fire Clan deity Masau’u. [31] Hence, we find that many different tribes were apparently involved in these rituals dating from between 1,100 and 3,000 years ago. [32] Because these earth forms, like the Nazca lines in Peru or Bird Mound at Poverty Point, are best appreciated from the air, they were probably intended to be an homage to the sky gods.

The geoglyphs together with other cairns, stone circles, and cleared dance paths may be ritually associated with the huge network of interconnected trails found in the low desert upon which the ancients made pilgrimages. One such pilgrimage called the keruk is performed even today by the Yuman speaking tribes (viz., the Yuma, Mohave, Cocopa, and Maricopa) in a four-day trek to Avikwa’ame, the sacred mountain to the north, in order to celebrate the cosmogony. [33] “The route ran from Pilot Knob, or Avikwal [near Yuma, Arizona], the spirit house where the dead dwell at the southern end of the river, to Avikwa’ame, or Spirit Mountain, where the Earth was created, in the north. This pilgrimage was intended to honor the creation, and ritually retrace the path of Mastamho [the creator-deity, whose name echoes the Hopi god Masau’u mentioned above] in his mythic adventures.” [34] Here we find a north-south dichotomy similar to that found along the Nile, with the “Mound of Creation” (i.e., Heliopolis) located to the north. Atop Avikwa’ame, legends say, was a great house name Aha-avulypo, or literally “Dark Round House.” [35] The north-south road itself was named Kwatcan, the “first trail to the homeland.” The Hopi word for “track” is kuku’at, but the word for “grandfather” is the near homophone kwa’at. [36] Perhaps the suffix -can is a variant of “ka,” part of the word kachina. [37] Either “spirits of the track” or “spirits of the grandfathers” may be the intended meaning. Midway on this spirit road between the sacred mountain of the North and the mouth of the Colorado River are the aforementioned geoglyphs at the 33rd degree of latitude.

Also on this line is the Three Rivers Petroglyphs site, located on the western base of the Sacramento Mountains 18 miles west of Ruidoso, New Mexico (33 degrees 19 minutes). One of the largest rock art sites in the Southwest, this park contains over 20,000 glyphs scattered over 50 acres. Carved atop a ridge by the Mogollon culture between 900 and 1400 A.D. (contemporary with the late Hohokam period) [38], these figures include anthropomorphs, zoomorphs, kachina masks, star symbols, and various abstract or geometric designs, including a Maltese cross within a circle surrounded by a ring of seventeen dots. [39] “Distinctive at Three Rivers is the circle-dot motif; one investigator who took the trouble to count found it to be the single most common element at this site. Interestedly enough, its presence elsewhere is negligible, and its symbolic content has not been determined, although it occurs in various contexts in Mesoamerica. Possibly it refers to Quetzalcoatl.” [40] This deity, of course, is known as the Plumed Serpent. Three Rivers Site is also unique because it is one of only a few places in the Southwest that were used primarily for rock art rather than it being merely an adjunct to the village. [41] However, another site lying exactly on the 33rd parallel was also used expressly for this purpose. Near Gila Bend, Arizona about 62 miles west of Snaketown (mentioned above) is Painted Rocks [sic] State Park, which has thousands of petroglyphs of similar designs-- not “painted” but pecked into the boulders. [42]

A fascinating site also in the general vicinity of Phoenix is called the Circlestone Observatory (33 degrees 28 minutes). High in the Superstition Mountains about 54 miles east of the metropolis lies an elliptical “medicine wheel” constructed of a stone wall three feet thick with a circumference of 427 feet. On his extensive and thoroughly detailed web site, New Zealand researcher Martin Doutré claims that this structure incorporates various navigational codes, including phi, or the Golden Ratio (1.618...). “Ancient astronomers mathematicians built sites like Circlestone as repositories of codes and places where initiates could be taught age-old principles.” Doutré further suggests that Circlestone was used by colonists from the eastern Mediterranean or Europe who may have operated a gold mine-- perhaps the famous Lost Dutchman’s Mine itself! [43] Although American Indians may instead have constructed this site for an astronomical observatory similar to the one at Casa Malpais near Springerville, Arizona (34 degrees 10 minutes), Doutré’s theory is nonetheless an intriguing one.

Four other ancient sites along latitude 33 N warrant brief mentions. Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument (33 degrees 22 minutes) is located in a rugged and isolated region about 60 miles west of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Reminiscent of the seven Aztecan caves mentioned above, five caves in the Mogollon Mountains of southwestern New Mexico contain about 40 masonry and adobe rooms built circa 1280 A.D., although semi-subterranean pit houses have been found nearby dating back to circa 100 A.D. [44]

In saguaro cactus country about 56 miles northeast of Phoenix is another site on the global mystery circle called Tonto National Monument (33 degrees 44 minutes), which also contains cliff dwellings within shallow caves. Constructed of unshaped quartzite and adobe mortar, these ruins inhabited in the mid-fourteenth century contained 70 rooms within three caves. [45]

About 40 miles due east of the small town of San Carlos, Arizona (33 degrees 24 minutes) is Point of Pines Ruin. Occupied between 1200 and 1500 A.D., this huge masonry pueblo contained 800 rooms, a central plaza, a surrounding wall, and a great kiva. [46] The site is also one of the few in the Southwest that shows evidence of three different cultures living together: the Hohokam, the Mogollon, and the Anasazi-- the last group named migrating from the Hopi country to the north. [47] The population is estimated to have been between 2,000 and 3,000. [48] Incidentally, five or so miles to the south is a hot springs called Arsenic Tubs, number 33 on the periodic table.

And finally, Besh-ba-gowah Archaeological Park located one-and-a-half miles south of downtown Globe, Arizona (33 degrees 25 minutes) was a granite cobble pueblo of 250-plus rooms inhabited between 1225 and 1450 A.D. The artifacts found include copper bells and macaw feathers from Mesoamerica as well as shells from the Gulf of Mexico and the California coast. [49] Besh-ba-gowah is an Apache phrase meaning “place of the metal,” referring to the copious silver and copper deposits in the area. In fact, the town of Globe was so named because of the 1875 discovery of a globe-shaped mass nine inches in diameter made of 99% pure silver and valued at $12,000. Curiously, reports also stated that the continents of the Earth were etched upon its surface. The whereabouts of this artifact are currently unknown. [50]

A Brief History of 33

Entering the historical period, we find hovering near the 33rd parallel a number of provocative synchronicities. For instance, the first Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction of the United States, was established in 1801 at Charleston, South Carolina. This charming antebellum port city and hub of southern culture is located less than 15 miles south of the 33rd parallel. Called the Solomon Lodge No. 1, the Masonic meeting place was known as the Mother Lodge of the world. [51]

Shortly before the end of World War II Franklin D. Roosevelt died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage at Warm Springs, Georgia, which is less than 10 miles south of 33 degrees latitude. (This town, incidentally, is located about 35 miles northeast of Phenix City, Alabama.) It is noteworthy (no pun intended) that in the mid-30s FDR, a 32nd degree Mason and 32nd President of the U.S., initiated the printing of the reverse side of the Great Seal (the pyramidal eye mentioned at the beginning of this essay) on the legal tender. Roosevelt was succeeded in April of 1945 by 33rd degree Mason Harry S. Truman. (The “S.” supposedly stood for Solomon.) On July 16th of the same year, the first atomic device --the Gadget, as it was called-- was detonated at Trinity Site, New Mexico: 33 degrees 41 minutes North latitude. Spanish explorers originally called this area La Jornada del Muerto, or “The Journey of the Dead,” but now the site is marked by a small stone obelisk erected twenty years or so after the explosion. [52] (Was this monument Masonically inspired?) [53] A few weeks after the explosion at Trinity Site the 33rd president of the United States ordered the annihilation of two Japanese cities by nuclear bombs dropped from B-29 bombers. The 33rd parallel runs exactly between Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Two years after the war ended, the modern “flying saucer” age began in earnest when something crashed near Roswell, New Mexico-- 33 degrees 26 minutes North latitude.

Bringing us up to the present day, the so-called Phoenix Lights were witnessed by hundreds or perhaps thousands of people. On the evening of March 13th, 1997 an immense triangular UFO perhaps a mile wide flew over the American Southwest. First sighted over Henderson, Nevada at 6:55 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) traveling southeast, this virtually silent craft (for lack of a better term) had a number of lights evenly spaced on its leading edge. It was next seen 22 minutes later over the village of Paulden, Arizona (nearly 25 miles north of the town of Prescott). It was then observed 10 miles to the south in Chino Valley, where it apparently streaked over the present author’s house, who missed seeing the event by a matter of minutes. Just one minute after the Paulden sighting, it was reported over Prescott Valley, which is 23 miles south-southeast of the former.

By 8:23 (Mountain Standard Time) the object had reached the Phoenix metro area roughly 75 miles away, where it hovered for about four or five minutes over the vicinity of the Indian School Rd. and 7th Avenue intersection. Next the UFO entered Sky Harbor Airport’s air space, where air controllers in the tower and the flight crew from at least one commercial airliner viewed it, although radar failed to detect it. The craft continued southeast above Interstate 10 and was sighted in the Tucson area about 8:45. [54] This series of sightings that occurred within a 400-mile stretch took just 50 minutes. The average speed of the craft was 480 m.p.h.

At approximately 9:50 p.m. an arc of amber “orbs” measuring one mile across appeared above the Estrella Mountains about 20 miles southwest of Phoenix. “Spanish explorers named the range Estrella (‘star’) after the pattern of deeply carved canyons radiating from the summit.” [55] This display of lights videotaped by scores of people in the Phoenix area was possibly related to the earlier sightings. At the time of this latter UFO sighting the constellation Orion would have been seen hovering over the southwestern horizon, were it not for urban light pollution. In fact, at 9:49 p.m. when the final phase of the event was beginning, Alnilam, the middle star of the Belt, was 33 degrees above the horizon at an azimuth of 242 degrees. If a line is drawn from the State Capitol to the Estrella range’s Monument Hill (the initial point for surveying of property in Arizona), the azimuth is also 242 degrees. At the latitude of Phoenix this is the exact point of the winter solstice sunset as well. Thus, these orbs appeared at a significant archaeo-astronomical position in the sky and also in the precise region where Orion happened to be at that particular time. Above the right hand of Orion between the constellations Gemini and Auriga is the northern stargate previously mentioned, located at a declination (celestial latitude) of 33 degrees.

One odd aspect to the Phoenix Lights story is that, other than a few minor write-ups in local newspapers, they were not reported in any national media until June 18th, over three months later, when USA Today ran a front-page article picked up by the other media. [56] In any event, one of the most intriguing UFO sightings in decades was focused upon the 33rd parallel-- a paramount Masonic number.

Why are so many significant ancient and historic sites located along the 33rd parallel? Perhaps the ancients discovered a ley line sort of dragon energy corresponding to this latitude, and constructed temples and sacred cities in order to utilize this terrestrial chi. Or perhaps the numerological and Masonic significance of 33 dictated that monuments to this sacred number be erected as a signal to future generations. Whatever the rationale, the 33rd parallel is a path of power across the globe, a circuit that links both time and space in order to vitalize the dynamo of a mystery we are just now beginning to realize.

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Copyright © 2006 by Gary A. David

Article originally published in Underground! The Disinformation Guide to Ancient Civilizations, Astonishing Archaeology and Hidden History, edited by Preston Peet, Disinformation Books, New York, 2005. Web site:

Gary A. David is an independent researcher living in northern Arizona.

The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest was published in late 2005 by Hayriver Press. This book describes the Orion Correlation of ancient Hopi villages in Arizona. His articles have appeared in Ancient American and Atlantis Rising magazines, and will soon be published in Fate and World Explorer

To order his book, go to:


Article from

Thoths 12 World Pyramids

Preface Pyramid

1: Egypt .... The Cycles of Time Begin Pyramid

2: Middle East ... The Programs Begin Pyramid

3: Europe ... Mythologies Pyramid

4: Atlantis ... Illusion Pyramid

5: Lemuria ... Celestial Connections Pyramid

6: Tibet ... Sacred Scrolls Pyramid

7: Australia ... Dreamtime Pyramid

8: Antarctica ... Extraterrestrials Pyramid

9: Arctic ... The Meltdown Pyramid

10: Peru ... Emotions Pyramid

11: Mesoamerica ... Quetzalcoatl Returns Pyramid

12: New York City ... The Story Ends

12 Pyramids of Thoth

Preface Pyramid

The writer of these pages is I, Thoth The Scribe,  who moves through many realities as teacher and author. I am linked to the Great Pyramid as a creational force having come here through the Gates of the 12 Pyramid Matrix to create realities.
Many will remember and quote my teachings in texts,scrolls, stone tablets, keys of knowledge, or encoded genetic memories to be found at the end of each cycle.

I have entrusted my original teachings to those who were my priests and priestesses who must one day restore this knowledge in full definition.  At that time they shall incarnate as the teachers and healers of their timelines.  These readings shall be found at the end of a cycle which transcends time and space. And they shall remember.

And I shall help and guide them.

If you have come to this place you have come to the temple that will take you to twelve pyramids of light.  I am here to tell you a story of 12 pyramids that came through that which you call the void to enter this world and create a physical reality in which souls can experience.

At the time of my writing these 12 pyramids stood on the physical planet placed there by design.  Though each pyramid may appear to the human eye to look like the others ... remember that each one is unique in frequency and purpose.

Within each of the 12 pyramids were 3 entities for a total of 36 creational forces. And these 36 forces set down upon the Earth life forms of different shapes and designs.  They used energies of light and the tones of crystals to create.  When the 36 were complete they left the surface of the planet in their pyramids and remained outside of the physical planet where they created a grid system which linked together all things on and off the planet.

This was in the form of a matrix, web.

At that time, I, Thoth, who would be a scribe and teacher within the matrix, came to this place and wrote this book for you to find at this time. Within the book are your keys.

A great pyramid was built by my design on the surface of the planet. It would be a duplicate of that which is above and would link to it. And I would come through this pyramid many times in many forms, to guide and teach the souls who would come to this place. Your coming here has unlocked the door for those who were the priests and priestesses of a time once entered in the story of humanity.

We shall now journey to the first of 12 pyramids that waits beyond this reality, yet holds its creation in place.

1: Egypt .... The Cycles of Time Begin Pyramid

My story begins as 12 pyramids were positioned around a planet you call Earth. They remain in higher frequency until my story has been told and the souls have left. Each pyramid was to bring meaning and purpose based on their own programming. My story unfolds in the land of Khem, known best to you as Egypt. The Pyramid over Egypt links with the Hourglass, with Time and with Illusion. From here the nature of time and space, cause and effect, duality, were created. And so the Cycles of Time began.PageLines- Pyramids_Wallpaper_HD_by_JackXan.jpg

The 12 pyramids moved into position and through consciousness created physical forms based on geometric patterns that would follow the cycles until the end of time. And the cycles would be calibrated by the number 12, based on the 12 pyramids of creation. These would be known as the Cycles of Time which would be experienced by each evolving civilization. And these timepieces would work in synchronicity with the pyramids and the matrix. The gears of these clocks, would be round and seen as wheels within wheels, or clocks within clocks, marking cycles within cycles. And these cycles would appear to begin and end as they move through the synchronicities of their creation.

As Keeper of Time, I would perpetuate the Illusion of the Cycles of Time. It is my job to recalibrate each cycle wherein Time would take on a new dimension. To mark these cycles a geophysical timepiece was created on the Earth's surface. It linked to the matrix through a portal of energy. This portal was created by the 12 pyramids in their likeness and was placed on the center of the planet. It would be known as the Great Pyramid and would maintain the Illusion of Time. And the soul sparks emerged into the matrix through the rainbow prism of light and color.  As I watched from above and below.

2: Middle East ... The Programs Begin Pyramid

c781f-column2The pyramid above the Middle East is the focal point for the first story of humanity.
You would know this place as the Cradle of Civilization, the story of Adam and Eve and their bloodline.  It is from this pyramid that a tale was told of the first humans who came to play on Earth's soil and give it life.  Their very existence would be created as a metaphor for the creational patterns of humanity's earliest roots.  And the sacred symbols of this creation would be genetically encoded into those who would come to be part of this land.  For it is these souls who would awaken at the end of this cycle to lead the others into the next creation. The Middle East would carry the frequency of this information throughout the cycle. Much blood would be shed by the keepers of the secrets, and their descendents, on this soil where creation was said to spring forth.

It is in this region that the Lords of Light and Darkness would play out their earliest games, battles that would continue until the end of this cycle and the beginning of a Golden Age of Light, to be brought forth by the keeper of this pyramid, one known as Ta-She-Ra El Amun.

Ta-She-Ra El Amun will embrace the souls and take them to the Pyramid where they would find healing from all they had endured on their Earth journey. And there would be a new beginning.

A new Tree of Life would spring forth from this pyramid its matrix joining with the other 11 pyramids of creation.
Darkness would return to Light, And the souls would be free and healed. It is time for humanity to return to this pyramid to heal in the womb of creation, to move through its matrix of geometric shapes and understand how the first man and woman were created.

3: Europe ... Mythologies Pyramid

A pyramid was placed above the grids over Europe creating great mythologies for the souls to experience. The soul who creates through this pyramid goes by the frequency, Triogenes the Storyteller. He is one who can capture the imagination of one soul, or all souls, as he weaves the patterns of his stories throughout the energies of the matrix.

These patterns would appear to repeat in cycles, each with its own cast of characters incorporatedin a body of work that would have no beginning nor end but would weave forever creating new stories.

Woven into the fabric of each myth are the keys of the creational process. These myths would be regarded as the Great Mysteries of the Creation of Humanity.

And these myths would take on many dimensions and lessons in which the souls could select one or more roles.  Myths are not bound by space nor time,  and may be entered as the souls may desire.  Let us enter the Halls of the Pyramid of Mythological Rendering. There you will be able to interact in all myths, at the same time, by merely placing your consciousness into their matrix.

For it is here that I, Thoth the scribe, write many of the storylines as dictated to me by the souls. Perhaps you and I can create a myth of our own.

For in truth,

All is Myth,

Myth is All.

4: Atlantis ... Illusion Pyramid

The Atlantean Pyramid creates the illusion of realities in time on the Earth plane. The soul who oversees this pyramid goes by the frequency, Arlis-Cochizel. In the temple of the crystals the goddess sits, she whose consciousness creates all and everything from within.

Through this crystal matrix a race of evolved humans was born. And when it was time for those souls to once again submerge in the sea of creation to evolve into a new experience the crystals would echo the harmonics and the souls would remember and align for transition.

The Atlantean Pyramid has great mythology about an ancient time when man used his gift of intuition and worked with spirit. It tells of priests and priestesses who used massive crystals and walked with giants and strange creatures on the surface of the planet.

This pyramid tells of I, Thoth, known as Thoth the Atlantean, or Tehuti, who ruled the land of Atlantis for thousands of years known there by many names and descriptions. It is written that before the great civilization of Atlantis fell, I went with my consort and our high priests and priestesses in great spaceships, to create a new home and a new civilization.

That this place would be the land of Khem, known to you as Egypt. That I, and others from Atlantis, would record and store information in great libraries, in a place to be known as the Halls of Amenti, 'Amenti' meaning 'Mankind'.

Listen now for the echoes of their tones within your mind. And many would search for these records in their quest to remember why they have come here and who they are. And they would feel that they have greater purpose in this timeline and seek to find out what that purpose might be.

The Atlantean Pyramid would create tales of the fall of this great civilization as warning to those who would walk the earth at the time of this reading. And humanity would worry about the destruction of its earth home. Fear not, as the souls need only remember their way home, into the light.

For there is no beginning,nor is there an end.

And I, Thoth the Atlantean, shall now take you to the Pyramid of Atlantis so you may experience all that you are.

And you will understand what happened in the game of Light vs. Darkness. And you will remember what you must do.thoth

5: Lemuria ... Celestial Connections Pyramid

On our journey through the matrix of the pyramids we come upon one that is both vague and fluid in density.  The Lemurian Pyramid is one of two pyramids that creates a storyline about a reality that supposedly once existed in third dimension but has evolved into higher frequency.  The soul who oversees this pyramid goes by the frequency, Teco-Porima.

The Lemurian Pyramid creates the illusions of dimensions or levels of reality. The pyramid can be found in the grid over the region known as the Pacific Ocean. It has sometimes been viewed by passing sailors on long voyages in the open seas. As they move between the portals of their minds, and those of reality, they have seen such a pyramid before them.

The true nature of this pyramid is to maintain and enforce awareness of higher levels of experience, for if Mankind can understand that there is more than just his physical expression he will be in readiness to move to his next level of consciousness believing that his Lemurian ancestors rose to those very heights.

Go there now to this Pyramid of Lemuria. Join forces with those who create this matrix.

Understand the nature of higher creation in the sea of celestial evolution.

6: Tibet ... Sacred Scrolls Pyramid

It was here in the area of Tibet that a Pyramid was placed in frequency. Those who followed named it the place of Shambhala.  The soul who oversees this pyramid goes by the frequency signature, Tsu Li.

This is the creational pyramid which connects us with our spiritual wisdom and knowledge. It is within this pyramid that spiritual teachings are created based on the needs of each culture as it evolves.  And it was my job, as scribe, to see to it that these teachings were recorded through oral traditions, in sacred texts and scrolls, within the energies of crystalline bodies, in stone formations, in hieroglyphs and pictographs, in channeled manuscripts and other art forms.


It is in this pyramid that the entities known as spiritual masters and teachers, a

ngels, gods and goddesses, and spiritual guides, originated. Many souls will have memories of 'arriving' on planet Earth, through this pyramid, then taking the form of Tibetan monks.

It is written that these teachers have secret scrolls hidden away since the daw

n on mankind. These teaching can be found within the matrix of this pyramid given in keys at the end of this cycle. Enter now this pyramid where these scrolls await you. Join with the energies of the three creators of this matrix. Read their words. Heed their messages. Then you will know.

7: Australia ... Dreamtime Pyramid

The Pyramid of Dreams is located in the grids over Australia. The soul who creates through this pyramid is the Dreamkeeper.  When souls go to their place of sleep time, it is there that they meet the Dreamkeeper. It is within the energies of this region that the chosen  priests and priestesses incarnated to guard and protect the  creational knowledge stored within the matrix of dreamtime.dreamtime_kangaroos

This knowledge is given in symbols during dreamtime to those  ready to access it. Once given, the soul may return to the physical with the ability to move back and forth between realities. And that soul shall understand how to create in dreamtime and  how that creation becomes manifest in the physical.

Within his matrix they may select experiences just as they do in their physical time. The Dreamkeeper takes the souls to his matrix of  never-ending dreams, where anything can happen and usually does. And here the souls can fly, and be free.

All souls visit the Dreamkeeper and are linked to his matrix by way of their dream experiences. The Dreamkeeper helps them resolve problems, and teaches the true nature of their experiences. Some will see this dreamtime as the truer reality for it is as real as anything else within the matrix.

A part of all souls remains connected to the matrix and the Dreamkeeper to reconnect over and over, the dreamscapes continuing after consciousness returns to the physical body.

Before you go to sleep, ask the Dreamkeeper to show you your destiny and awaken your consciousness.

8: Antarctica ... Extraterrestrials Pyramid

The first pyramid is presently located in the grid over the area you call Antarctica, which would be considered a portal to other planetary grid systems.  The soul who oversees this pyramid goes by the frequency signature, Xerthaneus. The function of this pyramid is to create and guide experiences linked to the comings and goings of extraterrestrial entities who were part of the history of planet Earth.

And there were many entities from these far away worlds that were once part of the story of your planet, their journeys encoded within the matrix by Xerthaneus and his two assistants.

Their souls having experienced through the energy of this pyramid asthose who come from Sirius, Nibiru, Orion, Lyra, the Pleiades, Mars, Andromeda, Arcturus, Vega, Venus, Jupiter, among others familiar to you. And so the storylines would read that these entities came to your planet in great spaceships and interacted with those who lived on the planet, in the water and others below the surface.And there was created a tale of a great spaceship buried beneath a giant lion, who serves as a marker. And similar stone markers were left on every place created in the heavens which linked to the matrix.

The experiences in other worlds are as real as your soul experience at this time on planet Earth. Those souls would carry the memories of these distant worlds often as a truer reality than that which they came here to embrace. And when this book is found, the ice shall melt from this place, revealing starships created by this pyramid, left behind as reminders of their work and interaction on your planet.

And the energies of this pyramid shall still be read in the matrix of this total creation and experienced by those who would come to these creational forces for guidance.


9: Arctic ... The Meltdown Pyramid

There does exist a pyramid above the Arctic whose purpose is balancing the poles of the planetary grid and of consciousness once frozen in time now melting down and shifting on all levels.94472489-cloud-passes

Harmonic Ice Crystal
The Keeper of this Pyramid is known by the frequency name, Sophia Hokhmat, creator of all knowledge and wisdom. Sophia creates an ever-expanding body of knowledge flowing through the consciousness matrix, where souls experience. There they may study the natural laws of creation, then learn and develop their abilities to think and understand that which is occurring in their realities.

For it is in Sophia's matrix that the souls understand the connection of all things to this matrix, to the 12 pyramids, and to the central Sourcethat acts as a hub in the center of all of this, the creational energy that gives life to the 12 pyramids, and all that they create as expressions of the geometric design.

Within this frozen monolith one understands how a soul is created and how that soul can manifest in many realities at the same time, taking knowledge from the matrix with each experience. Within this pyramid, one can create and access great wisdom by a mere thought. And that thought is linked to all other thoughts, which bind the souls together. And that in one nano-second of your timeline, all information is learned and understood by all.
It is now time to travel to the Halls of Knowledge created within this Pyramid of Ice and Light. You will combine your mind and consciousness with the matrix. Then you will understand all things in your world.

10: Peru ... Emotions Pyramid

Macchu PichuThere is a pyramid in frequency over the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. It is linked to the Nazca Lines creating a pattern of evolution in design. The soul who creates through this pyramid goes by the frequency, Lubileah.

Her consciousness speaks to the people of Earth about a time long ago when ancient travels from the stars descended to the surface creating a landscape in which souls would descend from above to experience, later to return to her consciousness, through Her temple.

It is within this pyramid that emotions are experienced  ranging form lowest frequency to those of pure light energy. The nature of this pyramid is to keep emotions flowing  in that which you experience as formless waves of energy, which shift within each soul from moment to moment. And the souls shall know all ranges of these
emotions for they are in the matrix and they  have come to experience the gamut of them all.

And the souls will place in highest esteem the frequency of Light which is creation and contains all emotions in balance. And they will connect it with that part of their  being that links to the Source of creation, the  heart, that which expresses what they shall  call 'Love' and keeps the soul eternal.

They shall strive for this place of higher emotion. In so doing, they will experience great suffering, which will help them bring forth higher understanding. And the souls will feel torture and torment, and love
and compassion. And they will place all emotions into words and deeds, and great dramas in which they did act.

And great works shall result in the expression of their emotions, guided by the flow of the emotional matrix. And they shall go to this emotional temple within their souls to find answers to riddles of Creation. There they will find  their answers, not always as their senses have guided.

And each soul shall search until it is ready to enter this pyramid. Once entered it will experience all emotions at one time, with understanding far beyond the comprehension of humanity. Each soul shall embrace all emotions within itself. Come with me now to the Pyramid of Emotion.

Let not old fears blind your way.

Throw away all concepts of emotion and see the truth in who you are.
I will teach you how to find peace and the balance in your soul.

11: Mesoamerica ... Quetzalcoatl Returns Pyramid

The Mayan Pyramid is in the Grid of Time and Synchronicity. The Keeper of the Pyramid is Quetzalcoatl.

Within the pyramid, timepieces and symbols are created in accordance with the Laws of Creation. They are carried throughout the matrix combining all wisdom and knowledge within their design. They fit together as the gears of synchronicity forming the totality of human experience. In dreamtime and meditation one moves within the matrix attracting the keys that synchronize with needed experiences.

And Quetzalcoatl created encoded keys within his timepieces to guide the souls into higher consciousness. He placed his keys within the matrix to be found by those who were chosen, so they may teach humanity about the changes that occur at the end of a cycle. And the two souls who assist Quetzalcoatl, operate and maintain the keys, as they will be found and the information unlocked.

Join me now within the halls of this pyramid as there are keys that will return you to your natural state of being.You will recognize your keys of light. They will open your soul and your consciousness.

Quetzalcoatl Returns ...

12: New York City ... The Story Ends

Darkness emerged from the void moving into the pyramids of consciousness, ending as souls cross over the bridges of time, space and illusion. The sacred spirals of geometry guide their journey home. The end of my story takes me to the Pyramid over New York City. The soul who oversees this pyramid goes by the frequency Isis for She is the feminine aspect in all that moves through the matrix.It is She who expresses herself in the form of the Earth Mother.  She, who is Creator of Life and Evolution. She who sends energy to the matrix that perpetuates the reality in which souls may manifest.

She, who has no permanent form, but that of Light. It is She that you knew as Sekhmet and Hathor, among other Creational Forces. It is She who creates from her pyramid, weaving her creation into the Fabric of Time. Her energies move through the matrix touching all that is in creation all that flows through consciousness, all and everything that is both old and new, for they are one and the same.

From her Pyramid she brings the matrix full circle, Creator and Destroyer All in One. Travel with me to the Pyramid of the Feminine, She who now returns to planet Earth to express herself in the light harmonics of creation.



Azores Pyramid Discovery

underwater-pyramidPortuguese news reported the discovery of a very large under water pyramid first discovered by Diocleciano Silva between the islands of São Miguel and Terceira in the Azores of Portugal.

According to claims, the structure is said to be perfectly squared and oriented by the cardinal points.

Current estimates obtained using GPS digital technology put the height at 60 meters with a base of 8000 square meters.

The Portuguese Hydrographic Institute of the Navy currently has the job of analyzing the data to determine whether or not the structure is man-made.

 “The pyramid is perfectly shaped and apparently oriented by the cardinal points,” Silva told Diário Insular, the local newspaper.

The pyramid was found in an area of the mid-Atlantic that has been underwater for about 20,000 years. Considering this is around the time of the last ice age where glaciation was melting from its peak 2000 years prior, whatever civilization, human or not, that was around before the ice age, could be responsible for building the pyramid.

While the Portuguese Navy still hasn’t determined the origins, many might question why this hasn’t been first reported on sooner than late 2012. Certainly the NOAA who studies volcanic activity in the area of the pyramid would have discovered the pyramid through sonar imaging and so forth since the area is heavily studied due to volcanic activity.

Either the NOAA hasn’t yet come across it, they are hiding what they have found, or the pyramid doesn’t exist. The last theory does not seem to be likely given the authenticity of the find.

Most recently, archeologists from the Portuguese Association of Archaeological Research (APIA) have identified archaeological evidence on Pico island that supports their belief that human occupation of the Azores predates the arrival of the Portuguese by many thousands of years.


The evidence comprises of a great variety of protohistoric pyramidal rock structures, some of them 13 meters tall. The structures may have been built according to an oriented plan, aligned with the summer solstices, which suggests they were built with an intended purpose.

The Azorean archipelago was discovered uninhabited by the Portuguese around 1427.

Last year, archaeologists claimed to have found rock art on the island of Terceira, which they believe to be many thousands of years old.


In the last three years, a variety of ancient archaeological remains have been identified on all the nine islands of the Azorean archipelago. They include an epigraph from Roman times, Carthaginian sanctuaries, cave art, and megalithic structures.

Archaeologists working on site believe the structures were created by ancestral occupiers of the island suggesting they were places of worship with  funeral ritual purposes. They have said that dozens of similar structures have been identified in the Madalena area of Pico island.

According to APIA’s archeologists Nuno Ribeiro and Anabela Joaquinito, artifacts were also found on site which may predate the Portuguese settlement on the island.  They believe the structures may have been built according to  an oriented plan, aligned with the summer solstices, which suggests they were built with an intended purpose.

piramides2-a737They also believe that the Madalena pyramidal structures, known by the locals as “maroiços,” are analogous to similar protohistoric structures found in Sicily, North Africa and the Canary islands which are known to have served ritual purposes.

Dozens of pre-Christian hypogea were found in the islands of  Terceira  and Corvo  in the Azores , according to the president of the Portuguese Association of Archaeological Research (APIA), Nuno Ribeiro.

The old monuments are believed to be over 2000 years old. There are also indications that there may be additional hypogea sites on the island of Flores.

“Dozens of these structures are visible, and everything indicates that these are very ancient monuments, found in areas where there was no agriculture,” said the president of APIA.

The monuments in question were found on these two places during an outing that archeologist Nuno Ribeiro made in August 2010. “The structures indicate they were used as burials thousands of years ago,” he admitted.

According to the APIA president, “These kinds of monuments have parallels in the Mediterranean world, and the Greek and Carthaginian cultures, and were used for burials.”  He also acknowledged that the structures may have more than two thousand years,” and noted that the dating “must be substantiated and investigated.”

Speaking of the importance of these monuments, Ribeiro believes that “it is possible that human presence in the islands precedes the Portuguese occupation.”  According to him, a project will be presented by the end of March  to the international scientific community, to ascertain the antiquity of the findings.

The archaeological  findings in the Azores were presented at the XV Congress SUM 2011, Archaeology of the Mediterranean, which was held at the University of Catania (Sicily, Italy), with the particpation of archaeologists from the APIA.

The Azores are an interesting region as they are a chain of nine volcanic islands in three main groups that are roughly 930 miles west of Lisbon. They are all situated around the fault lines between the North American, Eurasian and African tectonic plates. An interesting place to have a pyramid given the energetic qualities often associated with pyramids.


The Lost City of Angkor Wat


Angkor Wat is a vast stone temple at the heart of an ancient stone city. But at the ends of its corridors and the centres of its hidden rooms lie surprising Buddhist shrines still active in a place abandoned for hundreds of years. These Buddhist statues are imposters, hasty late additions to a religious building constructed to accommodate the myths and rituals of Hinduism.

They are splendid still, some draped incongruously in new and garish orange robes, the polyester glowing harsh against the cool, old stone. They are alive, thriving on the centuries of mystical memory that make Angkor Wat one of the most fascinating and mysterious places on Earth. Among these ancient religious ruins there still exists a living, beating heart of spirituality that has survived almost 1,000 years. Imagine the incredible spiritual power that exists in such a place.

These days the revered King of Cambodia, for whose ancestors the ancient temples at Angkor were built, lives in his official residence right in the centre of Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. I often wonder if he thinks about what it would be like to live at that other place. Angkor Wat would be uninhabitable, of course, for any modern head of state. But its presence must play in the king’s heart and mind, reminding him that his was one of the greatest of the lost civilisations, and now still the largest standing stone religious structure in the world.

Angkor Wat was built over a 30 year period beginning in 1113. It was a royal palace, temple and eventually tomb for a god-king and the hundreds of women who attended him. The five famous lotus-bud towers still rise above the flattened landscape so characteristic of Cambodia, the central one containing the holiest of shrines once attended only by the King himself.

Though it was lost to the world for centuries, rumours of this great complex would pop up occasionally in Europe, principally in the accounts of Spanish and particularly Portuguese Catholic missionaries who would periodically stumble upon the place. Of course, when you go to Angkor Wat now you are more likely to see hundreds of Chinese and Korean tourists on package holidays. It is more than compensating for its centuries of obscurity.

It has tantalised the popular imagination, periodically slipping from the collective memory, only to be discovered and celebrated over again. Angkor Wat was once again “rediscovered” by the West in 1860 by French Protestant naturalist Henri Mouhot, who became its great publicist and created a vogue for Cambodia and for Angkor in particular. This rediscovery very nearly destroyed it by creating a market for the exquisite sculpture that was littered all through the jungle which covered the complex.

Writers and aristocratic travellers like Somerset Maugham and the eccentric Sitwells travelled to Angkor in the 1930s, 40s and 50s. Maugham thought that everyone should see Angkor once before they die. They were charmed by Angkor Wat and its surrounding reservoirs and canals. It reminded them of an oriental version of the Palace at Versailles, though it far surpassed Versailles in scale.

The temple has been plundered over the centuries, and much of its best statuary is now in collections all over the world, as well as in places like the National Museum of Cambodia – an astounding institution – probably one of the best in the world – in an exquisitely designed building. The grounds of the museum also house a University of Fine Arts and a College of Traditional Performing Arts. It is in this museum that you will see the best sculpture of the Angkor period. Cambodian religious art is simply the best in the world, the refined and beautiful Buddha heads becoming such iconic items that they are reproduced now in cement and resin and found in gardens and on coffee tables across the world. To come face to face with them in their original stone glory is really quite exceptional.

Angkor Wat was not constructed as a Buddhist temple. It represents an extraordinary moment in religious history where an ancient civilisation shifted from Hinduism to Mahayana Buddhism and later to the more deliberately primitive form of Theravada Buddhism, which it continues to practise today.

The King & His Wives

The stone temples at Angkor are covered with intricate carvings of women. The dancing, flying and singing angels called apsaras and the more substantial and sensuous goddesses or devadattas. They look out at you from every wall and from every column. Kent Davis, writing in the recent book To Cambodia With Love (Andy Brouwer ed.), claims that there are 1,850 women carved into the stone at Angkor Wat alone, making them the real subject of the temple, crowding out the image and idea of Vishnu, to whom the place is meant to be dedicated. For Angkor was a city of women. The temples were allowed to house only women, apart from the god-king himself.

He had hundreds of wives, plus attendants and staff and the sacred court musicians and dancers. He was also attended by an all-female bodyguard, a picturesque police force that made quite an impression when he paraded amongst his people outside the temple walls, standing on the back of an elephant. It is said that these carvings are in fact portraits of the very women who lived here, and certainly each is different and quite unique. They are imbued with clothing and jewellery and attitudes that are quite individual. And the faces are still quite recognisably those of the women you meet outside on the streets of 21st century Siem Reap. It’s the most extraordinary communication across the centuries.

The King and his women walked through these galleries and cloisters, attending to a particular religious cult that was said to be the very purpose of the Khmer people. During the Angkorian empire – when this place was the centre of a vast city of over a million people – the Kingdom extended its rule over huge areas of south-east Asia, over the whole of the Mekong Delta, Laos, Burma, Thailand and Malaysia. What’s so eerie about Angkor Wat now is that it stands alone, with none of the immense wooden city which once surrounded it. All we have left are the stone cloisters, galleries and temples that served the empire’s religious purpose. There is no record anymore of the places where people actually lived and pursued their everyday lives. Just constant, monolithic stone structures dedicated to a purely religious purpose.

And into these structures are carved religious iconography, and out of it are carved the most sensuous and alive statues – Garudas, Bodhisattvas, the Naga. This Naga, the snake king, was the special protector of the Angkorian empire, and his hooded, cobra-like image, bearing seven, nine or eleven heads, is still there in the antique stone, emerging at the end of stairways on balustrades, looming up at the visitor in an attitude both threatening and majestic. Each evening the King of Angkor had to ascend to the temple at the summit of the complex and spend the night with his only true wife, the Queen of Serpents. This is the central tower of Angkor Wat, with a well 120 feet deep, its bottom scattered with sacred golden objects. He was locked into the holiest of shrines each night of his life to consummate this supernatural relationship. If the Queen of Serpents were not to appear, the King was doomed to die the next day. And if the King didn’t appear then the Khmer kingdom would be destroyed and the world would end.

This was the mythology of the Khmer people, and the reason behind their great stone city. They saw themselves as the creators of humanity, and the keepers of humanity’s secrets. The continued existence of the whole world, they believed, relied on the religious duties of the Khmer King. This mythology continues even into the present day, with a real conviction amongst the Khmer people that whoever could build Angkor Wat must still be possessed of extraordinary talents. This conviction has fed into some of the more unfortunate moments of recent Cambodian history, with the genocidal butcher Pol Pot employing this imagery to justify his savagery and his lunatic ambitions.

The holy ground surrounding the ancient and mysterious (and fundamentally Hindu) Angkor Wat has been colonised by the more modern Buddhists, recognising the special significance of this amazing place. Indeed, almost from the day it was deserted as the centre of royal power, the city of Angkor became a place of pilgrimage for the Buddhists of Cambodia, though century by century it fell into further disrepair.

These days in the surrounding areas you can have your palm read, make offerings to Buddhist monks and have the special blessed red thread tied around your wrists, and all of these activities have an especial significance on the hallowed ground of Angkor. Wizened old women performed the thread-tying ceremony on me and my partner, and these threads stayed around our wrists for almost a year, something we took as an auspicious and remarkable sign – they normally only last for a month or two. Attesting as well to Angkor Wat’s Hindu heritage is the presence of shrines to the sacred cow at various points around the city. These shrines are still recognised as holy by the local people, though they have no real understanding of why this is so, and Cambodian Buddhist culture has no taboos surrounding the eating of cows.

The Amazing Construction of the Temple

So who built the place? The king Suryavarman the 2nd built Angkor Wat as a Hindu temple dedicated to Vishnu, in a recreation of the mythical Holy Mountain of Meru. He was said to be the descendant of an intrepid Hindu family that had managed to conquer vast swathes of Asia. This included the island of Java, where a relative built the extraordinary temple of Borobudur, another evocation of Mount Meru, though on far less grand a scale than Angkor. The glory of the Angkor Wat period was short lived. Having been completed in 1150, it was sacked by the sister Hindu Kingdom of Cham – in modern-day Central Vietnam – in 1177. In the nineteenth century, when Henri Mouhot asked the locals how it was built they were as mystified about its origins as he was. They suggested that it was self-created, somehow emerging entirely perfect from the jungle floor. At this point in history the Cambodian people had forgotten the greatness of their empire. Some others thought that it had been created through magical intervention – that such a feat of construction was impossible given the technology of the time.

Maverick historian Graham Hancock believes the temples mirror the constellation Draco as it would have been seen some 12,000 years ago, so that they in fact map out an even more ancient – and perhaps even extraterrestrial – set of astronomical records. Many have hinted that Angkor contains wisdom that is Atlantean in its origins. The lost civilisation archetype is at its most powerful in this place because it provides such solid and inexplicable evidence of technology, sophistication and architectural complexity seemingly out of its time. It is no accident that it calls to so many people from across the world. Angkor is a point of power, and to be amongst it is to feel a connection that cannot be described or defined.

Others still wondered if it was constructed by a prehistoric race of giants who embodied the perfection of the Khmer nation. This last theory still has some currency today, with one of my smart young university-educated friends in Phnom Penh confessing to me that he was sure the Khmer had once been giants. Giants and demons make up the balustrades of the stone bridges in Angkor, representing the act of the churning of the ocean of milk, the fundamental creation myth of Hinduism, and a central idea behind the architecture of Angkor Wat.

The temples are surrounded by still-functioning reservoirs, artificial lakes and ornamental pools. These served, not a practical purpose as the earliest French archaeologists supposed, but a religious and symbolic purpose. Australian Cambodia expert Milton Osborne explains it best in his book The Mekong: “Symbolically, the water that surrounded the temples represented the ‘seas’ of the Hindu universe, just as the towers of the temples were evocations of Mount Meru, the sacred mountain at the centre of the universe.” Such incredible complexity exists in this antique cityscape. The average tourist is almost entirely unaware of the sacred intent of the ground on which they wander.

As might be expected in such an ancient, mysterious and palpably spiritual place, there is much talk of prophecies found etched in the stones of Angkor. Monks and magicians are all privy to these tales, all of which hinge on the destruction of Cambodia and the eventual return to power of the Khmer on the global stage. The prophecies are quite spooky in their prescience, though perhaps they speak more to the agony of a powerless and impoverished nation destroyed by war and internal conflict. Certainly they are shared at drunken gatherings of men all over Cambodia. It is written in Angkor, they say – one day we shall be great again.

The man who restored the Angkorian empire to greatness was Jayavarman the 7th, descendent of the man who constructed Angkor Wat. He led Cambodia during its very brief period in the sun and remains a great hero to the Cambodian people, the epitome of the God-King. He is so much still revered that they are making a new movie about him featuring Khmer martial arts and a muscular movie star playing the king. The real truth is probably Jayavarman the 7th was a recluse who rarely left his Temple at Bayon and was said to have leprosy. Nonetheless he seems to have been a strong and capable leader and he got rid of the invading Chams in 1181.

That’s when he built the enigmatic Bayon Temple, which has his own face carved into dozens of towers scattered at random around the temple. The King rendered himself, not just as the supreme ruler and representative of the Godhead, but also as the Bodhisattva Lokesvara, thereby combining in his person the multiple religious currents of the Khmer. There is something, as well, supremely human in these heads, so perfectly recreated throughout the complex. The full lips and plump cheeks are beautiful, and speak of gentleness rather than fear, of contemplation rather than exertion. I am always delighted to be in the presence of this enormous cosmic friend, no matter how many hundred elderly Korean ladies might be pushing past me in the hot sun. That is the connection between the ruler and his people – perhaps all people. We respond to majesty, and recognise its presence and its guiding hand, even across the division of ages.

After he died in 1218 the Khmer Empire began its slow and sad decline, from which it is only now beginning to rescue itself. From the 17th century the Khmer empire began to spiral downward, ceding vast amounts of territory to Thailand and Vietnam – including the whole of what we now know as Southern Vietnam, including the city of Saigon, which the Khmer called Prey Nakor (and still do, if you ask them). In 1865 Cambodia became a French protectorate.

The Legacy of the Khmer Empire

The Khmer empire is responsible for so much of what we recognise as south-east Asian culture – including many of the things we normally attribute to Thailand, such as Thai boxing, Thai dancing, even the Thai script is derived from Khmer, which was itself derived from Sanskrit. The traditional story of the Ramayana – though considerably changed in its Cambodian version – is carved on kilometres of stone panels in Angkor Wat, said to contain eighteen to twenty thousand carved figures. The women of the temple spent much of their time re-creating the stories in sacred dance. This dance has survived, quite miraculously, through its continuous royal patronage, and these days is performed once again on the terraces of the temples of Angkor.

Cambodia is still a very poor place. It has suffered the effects of war and the disastrous Khmer Rouge years. Angkor Wat is its jewel, glorious and majestic still, and the Khmer people are justly proud of it. In our enthusiasm for this ancient site it’s important that we not glamorise the poverty that still blights the nation or, more subtle still, spiritualise it. The Cambodian people struggle to exist, and it’s a country of immense poverty and injustice. But there exists as well a great continued interest in the traditional arts, the arts that you can see being practiced on the 900 year-old carved stones of Angkor.

And Angkor Wat is no longer the centre of political power in modern Cambodia. The capital city is Phnom Penh, 315 kilometres to the south-east. Interestingly enough, Phnom Penh has its own spiritual and mystical roots in Angkor. The city was said to have been founded by an elderly woman who, scavenging for firewood in the debris washed up by a recent flood, split a log and found in its hollow five religious statues – four stone Buddhas and one bronze Vishnu. They had come from Angkor, magically transported in the floodwaters. The woman, called Penh, decided to have them enshrined on a hill (Phnom in Khmer) on her property around 1372. Around this grew the city of Phnom Penh, eventually the new heart of the Khmer kingdom. But at its very centre remains the spiritual energy of Angkor.

The temples of the Angkor area are still alive as points of worship and pilgrimage. They have seen such a strange shift over the centuries – as Hindu temples, then Mahayana Buddhist temples, then Theravada Buddhist temples, and finally as shrines to the tourist dollar. They will survive this, too, and their stones will continue to speak to people a thousand years after we have gone.

Check out Walter Mason’s new article in the latest issue of New Dawn (Jan-Feb 2014).

Australias connection to Egypt


Until receiving a phone call from Nina Angelo (OAM), I knew nothing of neither the struggles involved in protecting the land around Kariong (near Gosford) nor that part of this land was now on the market. When on-site I had seen a lot of tagged trees, and a for sale sign somewhere along a main road, but being unfamiliar with the whole region, nothing registered.

The land for sale contains the Gosford Glyphs, located near Kariong, about 60 km north of Sydney. This site features little known carved ‘ancient Egyptian’ hieroglyphs that were brought to light by various researchers in past decades.

We are convinced that close to this site, and never before seen by non-Aboriginals until discovered very recently, is a rock platform covered with a set of sacred engravings of considerable significance. On this large platform we saw a fish, serpent, massive dolphin or whale, circles and a variety of shapes and symbols.

Without doubt, it is an impressive gallery of ancient Aboriginal rock art deserving of protection. There is one life-sized engraving of Durramullan (son of Creation Spirit Biamie) that is so unique, utterly unexpected, and obviously sacred, decisions had to be made as to how it can be publicly described.

There is nothing remotely like it anywhere in Australia. And that’s it. That is all we have agreed to reveal. The photographs taken late in the afternoon on this site, and in particular those of Durramullan, should never be reproduced or published through any form of the media but…

Owing to the real possibility this land, irrespective of the credentials for or against the Gosford Glyphs, could be sold then developed, a different approach is compulsory. It has been our agreed stance to categorise all the sites/relics we are sharing as being ‘found within 2 hours of Sydney’, but that generalised approach doesn’t apply in this location. Those engravings, and other related platforms (one is actually located within this block) are now directly under threat.

The distance between this unique site and that of the Gosford Glyphs is far too close for coincidence or comfort. As to determining the bona fides of this supposed Egyptian site, we have one advantage. According to Dr. Hans-Dieter von Senff, who has produced a draft paper on the site:

These Hieroglyphs are real and have existed for some 4,500 years in Australia. In order to prove that these Proto-Egyptian glyphs are not graffiti, as claimed by various “Experts” and “Egyptologists,” but are the written record left by pre-historic man, written in a coherent and understandable language that makes sense even 4,500 years later. This site is no hoax, but a genuine archaeological discovery; as is proven by the newly discovered second set of glyphs.

The critics who dispute the origin of these engravings numbering over 300 are not sensitive to the bigger picture, and if proven to be engraved by Egyptians, these glyphs form a pivotal and historic epitaph to an Australian history very few suspect. The engravings were first properly translated by Ray Johnson, claimed to be proto-Egyptian and accepted “as correct by the General Director of Cairo Museum, Dr. Dia’ Abou-Ghazi.”1 However, despite the endorsement of the resident expert in Cairo, Australian academics with less impressive credentials are adamant this is an elaborate hoax.

The site includes an engraved Ankh (see image above courtesy of Steve Strong), an essential accompaniment to Thoth, placed alongside an Ibis footprint (Thoth’s recent animal counterpart) and what we believe to be the ‘River of Life’. Two Ibis-men engraved into rock, both in profile with the head of an ibis and body of a human, seem to resonate to the same ancient Egyptian theme. What really surprised us was that not only are the ibis and Thoth synonymous, but originally Thoth was depicted in ape-form. And it is this more ancient representation that is found twice in Australia, extending the horizons considerably. A statue found at Gympie, said to act as one of five sentries guarding the controversial seven-stepped pyramid at Gympie, is a depiction of Thoth in his more primal ape-like form and has been argued over and often ridiculed.

The recent discovery of an engraving of Durramullan, again in profile, is less open to debate. The pronounced long forehead and protruding lips is reminiscent of a baboon or one of the larger apes, and so out of context when carved into a continent lacking ape or monkey. The engraving is ancient, carved by an artist aware of an African animal and Egyptian deity supposedly unknown until the British invasion. In what only adds to the quality and quantity of this cross-cultural partnership, there are two sets of Aboriginal engravings, one containing 31 separate and distinct human characters and the other five figures, of which three have human bodies and what appears to be crocodile heads.

It is for these reasons, and many others, we are in complete agreement with Robert Lawlor, author of the highly regarded Voices of the First Day, when noting the same origin and sequence. “The Egyptian religious practices, zoomorphic pantheon of gods, concepts of death and rebirth, sorcery, magic and medicine all have their origins in the primal culture of the First Day.”2

We see the presence of Egyptians in Australia beginning at around 5,000 years ago, entirely in keeping with a global history that saw, for a variety of reasons too complex to discuss now, the Australian Aboriginal mariners and explorers finally return to Australia at around the same time. We believe the glyphs and other Egyptian remains found ‘within two hours of Sydney’ bear testimony to a spiritual sabbatical to the place where Egyptian religion and culture began.

That the Gosford Glyphs are so close to the sacred Durramullan site suggests an agreement between the first Australians and people from a distant continent. The Durramullan platform is undeniably special, and the Glyphs are an integral part of this arrangement, unique not only in Australia but the world. The Egyptian crypt and engravings, dedicated to the memory of the son of a Pharaoh, was constructed close to the Durramullan rock platform and could only be created with the consent of the local Aboriginals.

Of course, if Australian Aboriginals did sail the globe in ancient times this journey is dependent upon ocean-going boats being constructed in Australia. Up at the Top End there are many engravings and paintings of boats which are mistakenly claimed to be inspired by Maccassan boats fishing for trepan. No such claims can be made for the engraving of an ocean-going boat found in the northern section of the Gosford site. The boat’s design, with a steep prow and stern, has one primary function: to sail through large waves. It would be a waste of time, effort and resources to construct a boat according to the shape and proportions engraved into the rock, if the vessel sailed in stiller waters. More importantly, this engraving goes a long way towards establishing the claims made by Ramindjeri Elders. If indeed, as they insist, their ancestors circumnavigated the globe in a figure eight then this sophisticated design would serve that purpose.

That engraving and the Ramindjeri account provide answers to a series of unresolved questions that mainstream academia are unable to appreciate. The presence of Australian Aboriginal people in America was the focus of Issue 35 of the highly respected science magazine Cosmos. The front cover carried the following caption: “Did Aborigines discover America? Startling new finds suggest Australia’s first people made it all the way to South America more than 11,000 years ago.”3

Of course, America was merely one port-of-call when the First Australians set sail. “Dr. Raghavendra and researchers from the Indian-government backed Anthropological Survey of India project found unique genetic mutations were shared between modern-day Indians and Aborigines.”4 They “identified seven people from central Dravidian and Austro-Asiatic tribes who shared genetic traits only found in Aborigines.”5 These facts, along with newly discovered Australian genetic links to a hominid in Siberia referred to as Denosovan, necessitate the same means of transport: a boat.

However, the plan of a boat is insufficient. Also required are both the tools needed to construct such a vessel and navigational skills before sailing to India, America, Asia, Egypt or any other destination. An axe is an essential prerequisite if building a vessel capable of sailing across oceans. In keeping with all other firsts, it should come as no surprise that the oldest axes yet found are located within Sahul (the greater Australian continent which includes PNG, Tasmania, etc). The oldest axe was found at Huon Terrace (PNG) and is dated at 40,000 years, followed by an axe found in Jawoyn land (N.T.) claimed to be 35,500 years old. Remaining within Australia, an axe was discovered at Sandy Creek (QLD 32,000 years) and another at Malangangerr (N.T. 23,000 years). In what confirms the antiquity of Australian axe technology, and by association boats, Angel John Gallard has in his possession a hand-held chopper (the precursor to the axe) which he believes to be no less than 60,000 years old, with the real possibility it is over 100,000 years old. The oldest axe discovered outside Australia was found at Niah Cave (Sarawak) and is thought to be 15,500 years old.

For such an epic journey to succeed, especially if circumnavigating the world in a figure eight, Aboriginal mariners must have navigated by the stars. Once again it all begins here. As announced by a team of scientists from the CSIRO, the oldest astronomical construction was found at Wurdi Youang (Victoria). “The strange stone arrangement”6 has “two points set in perfect alignment with the setting sun on a midsummer’s day.”7 CSIRO experts are of the opinion the “ancient Aboriginal sundial could be upwards of 10,000 years old.”8 Nor do these rocks stand in isolation – there are two sets of walls recently found in the Snowy Mountains, the first is aligned east-west, marking out the conjunction of planets and contains no less than 10,000 rocks. The second is at least four times bigger and runs down an extremely steep slope.

Within ‘two hours from Sydney’ is a perfectly aligned five-rocked compass and another construction that is far more enigmatic, which for obvious reasons, we call ‘mini-Stonehenge’. It is made up of 46 stones in the inner circle and 18 rocks forming what we feel are clusters of stars. The four directions are marked out by arches with a horizontal stone supported by stone pillars. All four constructions, although separated by hundreds of kilometres, serve the same purpose: charting the heavens.

There is one pattern exhibited by these sites that seems to openly contradict an artistic maxim we assumed held fast throughout Australia. It was our belief that traditional Aboriginal art was region specific. Within this area we have found over 25 styles/techniques, many of which are claimed to be created in one tribal estate. We found evidence of the following Aboriginal artistic styles: Panaramitee; X-Ray; Figurative; Mimi; Lightning Brothers; Wandjina; Papunya; Hand stencils (two types); Representational; Rock engraving; Rock Pecking; Stone Arrangements; Bands across the body; Egyptian symbols; Bird prints; Engraved shield design (found throughout Australia); Profiled spirits; and others we could not identify.

Where does that leave us? Relying on textbooks and academics ‘dazed and confused’… Or there is an alternative route. We are convinced the First Australians are completely separate to the Africans and were the first homo sapien sapiens. It was from Australia, not Africa, the first migration originated, and it is from Australia that religion, gender equality, astronomy, burials, sailing, music, art, democracy and all the nobler pursuits began. And it is in Australia, in particular the area ‘within 2 hours from Sydney’, that proof of this global legacy can still be found.

Steve Strong has contributed an article on the ancient Egyptian connection to Australia in New Dawn Special Issue 19.

The StarGates

by Elizabeth Trutwin © 2012 All Rights Reserved.

What is a StarGate?

A StarGate is a Doorway of sorts. StarGates are a place where energies, seen or unseen, are broken down and analyzed in their purest and most basic form, consisting of pure energy or light which resonates and exists as a vibratory frequency or pattern. Each Planet, Solar System and Galaxy, as an example, all hold their own resonant energies.

A StarGate ensures that this resonance or projected energy can only harmonize with energies that vibrate or resonate at a similar harmonious vibratory frequency which determine and create our physical results. I liken StarGates to the locks at the Panama Canal. By checking the level of each incoming Ship and correcting for resonate water levels, or energies as it were, it makes it possible for the vessel to pass through from One atmosphere to the next.

StarGates require any vessel or body to be resonate with the energies where it is going, or it literally shall not pass. This is Universal Law. StarGates~A Bend in The Space – Time Continuum StarGates hold another important function. They are a short cut, a bend in the space-time continuum. StarGates have specific destinations. Passing through an Earth StarGate will take you to one specific destination, Aldebaran, Alpha Centauri, Sirius– in an instant. It was believed that who controlled the StarGates controlled Interplanetary Space Travel. That is a misnomer, because just like Mother Earth, StarGates have a resonant sentience of their own.

There are slightly over 50 StarGates on Earth and I touch on around 16 of these.

Some of Earth’s StarGates are:

  • Lake Titicaca StarGate,
  • Gulf of Aden StarGate,
  • Detroit StarGate,
  • Baghdad Palace StarGate,
  • Iraq StarGate,
  • Ziggurat Ur StarGate,
  • Sudan StarGate,
  • Mt Shasta StarGate,
  • Lake Clarence King StarGate,
  • Mt Rainier StarGate,
  • Mt Kailash StarGate,
  • Lake Mansarvour StarGate,
  • Mt Hermon StarGate,
  • Lake Ram StarGate,
  • Mt Fugi StarGate,
  • Mt Everest StarGate,
  • Mt Klyuchevskaya StarGate,
  • Dome of the Rock StarGate in Jerusalem and
  • The Kabba StarGate in Mecca.

To behold and breath in the pictures of these locations while sensing their majesty we return to truly understanding the beauty of Mother Earth.

In my newest book, due out January 5, 2012, StarGate Earth, I offer photos of all of these StarGates with the Google Earth coordinates so anyone can duplicate the research and behold the beauty for themselves. This is Earthling 101 but we have allowed ourselves to become so programmed in the matrix we have forgotten the calls of nature and the interconnectedness of all things.

Entanglement Physics studies our connection within the Cosmos. What is an Inner Earth Portal? The easiest way to describe how an Earth Portal works is by sharing an eyewitness accounting. Five months before the Roswell Crash which was caused by our militaries’ doppler radar targeting the Extraterrestrial craft, causing their navigation systems to go out, Admiral Richard Byrd flew right into an Inner Earth Portal. Howard Hughes had attempted the same in 1938.

Admiral Byrds’ four planes were each outfitted as photographic laboratories. Each plane had 250 pounds of film for cameras previously used in wartime and radar on each Navy plane to read below the ice formations of the Antarctic. They observed transantarctic mountain ranges with peaks higher than 20,000 feet. The photographers on the planes took overlapping exposures every three seconds for the entire flight to map the entire flight.

The photograph mapping was carefully synced with the radar to record mineral deposit locations from shore to shore.

England, Norway, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South American countries and Russia all made claims to the vast Earth resources at Antarctica.

The United States made no claim to Antarctic territory.

Three of the planes returned to base once they have used their fuel, but Admiral Byrd’s plane was missing. The airplanes’ gyroscope was swinging and the instruments were spinning. Admiral Byrd noticed the light was different here and he could not see the Sun. They were now seeing forest, a river and a meadow.

Everything was photographed. 300 square miles with no ice and no snow. They photographed a chain of warm water lakes. They found a lake five miles long and landed to measure water temperatures and take samples. In this place it was seventy-four degrees air temperature and thirty-eight degrees water temperature.

Admiral Byrd reports seeing silver disc aircraft that had swastika like markings. These benevolent craft had communicated with Adolf Hitler and he took the symbol from them with a much different intension. He felt he could control the StarGates and Earth resources. He wanted to control the resources of several Planets. It turns out they found maps from Germany mapping Middle Earth from 1939, a year after Hughes expedition across the Inner Earth portal. Hitler knew about the Inner Earth portals from Howard Hughes flight.

Admiral Byrd describes in his logbook receiving a message over their radio saying: “Welcome to Our Territory”. Seven minutes later they were pulled in by a tractor beam and landed very smoothly on the ground. He described several men approaching their airplane on foot. He then describes boarding a flat platform which flew at great speed to a City made from material resembling crystal. The Master who greeted him said he was in Arianna, the Inner World of Earth.

Admiral Byrd’s accounting of the conversation with the Master focused on a warning that there were now people of the Surface Earth race who were more interested in power and had reach the point of no return where they were willing to destroy the entire world than relinquish their perceived power. He told Admiral Byrd he had tried to warn them because when we exploded atomic weapons over Nagasaki and Hiroshima he sent his craft out to investigate and they had been followed with threats of being shot down. He said he could see a time in the future when Surface Earth saw the absurdity of rivalry and war they would again come out to help us with our science and culture.

Admiral Byrd went to Washington a few days later and reported to the Pentagon and President and NSA about the message he was told to return. He was questioned for over 6 hours and it was recorded. As a Naval Admiral the Pentagon staff ordered him to remain silent about this message and the meeting at Inner Earth. He relates feeling this is “Unbelievable!” Later in 1956 Admiral Byrd says he kept the meeting secret against his values and his against his will. He said the years following were not easy. He felt his days were numbered and he then says, “as any Truth, sooner or later prevail.”

Full Galactic Disclosure means we face the facts that our Government, indeed the governments of many countries have lied to the Earth Citizens about so many things for a very long time, too long.

Full Galactic Disclosure means our Collective Consciousness has agreed to act as mature spiritual Beings and accept the truth so we may move on. In the words of Admiral Byrd: “I seen the truth and it strengthened my spirit and set me free!” Admiral Byrd’s log and pictures can be seen here:


UnderSea and UnderLake Extraterrestrial Work Base Civilizations

There are Extraterrestrials living under the Sea in the South Pacific in a vast Civilization of building structures with air-to-sea StarCraft. These are benevolent members of the Galactic Federation. Their work is monitoring Earth and assisting with energy grids, environmental concerns and Cosmic Integration of races. They work assisting us with things like chemtrails, oil spills, nuclear waste, dumping, air quality, many operations without our notice. They also work with large planetary projects with the giant crystalline caverns deep in the Earth, the Earth Grid and much science we do not yet understand. They are linked with the amino acid computers on the MotherShips and the great Ships of Soltec monitoring Earth.

We have been receiving technological environmental assistance a very long time. This Undersea Base can be seen on Google Earth at Mariana Trench near Japan. There are other such bases in the Andes Mountains Lakes and these too can be seen on Google Earth. In my book StarGate Earth I share screen shots and long-latitude markers so all the research can be easily duplicated.

Full Galactic Disclosure Recognizes the Quarter of a Million Planets Discovered and Named Since 1800 and How NASA Has Landed On and Explored Many Of These Planets The following is NASA’s description of one such mission:

“Dawn [Craft] will delve into the origins of our solar system through intense study of Ceres and Vesta, two minor planets that reside in the vast asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The mission marks the first time a spacecraft will orbit two planetary bodies on a single voyage. Ceres and Vesta evolved under radically different circumstances in different parts of the solar system more than 4.6 billion years ago. Water may have kept Ceres cool as it evolved. There may still be frost or vapor on its surface and, possibly, water-bearing minerals. Vesta’s origins were hot and violent. Its interior is melted; its surface dry. As a result of these diverse evolutionary paths, Ceres remains in its primordial state, while Vesta evolved and changed over millions of years. By observing both protoplanets with the same set of instruments, Dawn will provide new insight into the formation and evolution of our solar system. The Dawn mission was launched on September 27, 2007. It will study Vesta beginning in July 2011, and Ceres beginning in February 2015. The Dawn Mission is part of NASA’s Discovery Program, an initiative for lower-cost, highly focused, rapid-development scientific spacecraft. The Dawn mission is led by Christopher T. Russell of UCLA. The project is managed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California. Orbital Sciences Corp., Dulles, Virginia, will develop the spacecraft.”

We are lead to believe there are 9 to 12 Planets in our Solar System. NASA filters all photos coming back from Space so we cannot see what is really there.

All photos of Planets have no stars of space showing. They are all edited to have a solid black background. They do this to hide the trillions of StarShips of the Galactic Federation in our Solar System.

We are planetary Citizens in a Galaxy teaming with human and other-race life forms on hundreds of thousands of named Planets. The full list of Planets, with the name of the person who discovered the Planet, their Country and Observatory location with an explanation of the name have been recorded since 1800. This does not include such ancient records which had been kept by the Hindu culture going back [the Hindu scientists claim 100s of] thousands of years. An alphabetical list (with the number) of the 250,000 + Planets can be seen here:


Also, you may read the 998 page book, 5th Edition prepared on behalf of Commission 20 Under the Auspices of the International Astronomical Union, Dr. Lutz D. Schmadel Astronomisches Rechen-Institut Mo ̈nchhofstrasse 12–14 69120 Heidelberg, Germany.

“Dedicated to my colleagues, dear friends and everlasting supporters of this project Ingrid van Houten-Groeneveld, Senior Staff Astronomer, Leiden Observatory, The Netherlands and Brian G. Marsden, Director, IAU Minor Planet Center, Cambridge, MA, USA”

Imagine us not knowing there are hundreds of thousands of named Planets which they fail to mention? Imagine programming us to think there are 9-12 discovered Planets? Sorry Pluto. View the entire list of more than 250,000 named, numbered “minor” Planets, their history and discoverer in the book here: history and discoverer in the above book available free online.

Disclosure Means Understanding Earths StarGates, Inner Earth Portals and Under the Sea Extraterrestrial Civilizations as Reality 

Do We Really Want Full Galactic Disclosure?

Full Galactic Disclosure goes far beyond the Eisenhower meeting on a UFO at Holloman AFB in 1954. It goes far beyond the Black Ops Secret Space Program funded by our criminal judges, banks and corporations who bought out congress. It even goes beyond understanding the Space Elevators to Mars and the Moon and NSA Re-engineered Craft and Space Travel. Full Galactic Disclosure means understanding that the positive benevolent Extraterrestrials are already a part of day-to-day life on Earth. Secret Space Programs is Constantly Monitoring Changes in Earths StarGates and the Underwater ET Civilizations from Low Earth Orbit ISS.

For example, Why do we have so many satellites and low earth orbit craft? The Secret Space Program is constantly monitoring the activity at the StarGates and the activity in and out of the Lake and Sea Civilizations in the Andes Mountains and the South Pacific near the Mariana Islands.

Google Earth shows us pictures that are three months or older. Google Earth works hand in hand with the military to hide portions of Earth from the public by pixelating areas they do not want us to see. NASA vigorously filters its images by removing the background data in photos and making all surface images colorless, the Moon is grey, Saturn is grey, Mercury is grey on a fade to black background.

Welcome to SpaceShip Earth, Revealed Because imaging is altered to hide the Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth from us, let’s review what we know about StarGates on Earth, Inner Earth Portals, and Underwater ET Bases.

Not only are their Bases on the Moon and Mars, we also have Bases on Earth.

Long ago we stopping hearing the calls of nature, we stopped listening to the calls from the Cosmos. In order to explain what I mean I need to take you on a tour of your Home Planet. We in the west dig in under the tv with our social relationships on our laptop. We do not get out much. Let’s take a closer look at Spaceship Earth. ~et

Ancient Egyptians in Australia

Artifacts found in Tutankhamen tomb point to a relationship with Australia long before today's archaeologist admit to visitation.  The Death Mask Tutankhamen was wearing has been analyised  and it turns out that it is made of Gympie Gold.  Gympie is a small town about 100km North of Brisbane, Australia.

What is it?

The Gympie Pyramid is a terraced hill on the outskirts of Gympie in South East Queensland. It purportedly had stone structures on it, built before modern European settlement. It has been shrouded in mystery and controversy ever since.
Who built it?

To this day, nobody really knows. There have been many theories, from Phoenicians to the Spanish, and from Aliens to modern Italian Winemakers.
An in depth look at all facets of this intriguing story is available on Brett Green's CD e-book: "The Gympie Pyramid Mysteries" Hopefully, our ongoing research might just determine the answer to this perplexing question....

What is happening with it?

In May 2005 the property on which the Gympie Pyramid is situated, was purchased by a friend of the Dhamurian Society, with the purpose of investigating this enigmatic site fully.
The area will undergo thorough testing using various methods. The Dhamurian Society currently has among it's members and associates, Geologists, Archaeologists, Geo-Physicists and many talented researchers. It is hoped that an in depth investigation will shed some light on this mysterious site, and perhaps give some answers to the questions of who built it and why.


The Mysterious Gympie Pyramid.

All the removable inscribed stones found by the Gilroys on the pyramid were removed for safekeeping and research. All other inscribed stones recovered in the Gympie, Tin Can Bay and Maryborough areas now in authors possession.

IT seems strange that,

despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, conservative scholars in Australia cannot bring themselves to accept that maritime peoples of the ancient world were familiar with our shores not hundreds, but thousands of years before the age of Magellan. They feel embarrassed every time some ‘impossible’ pyramids, Old World rock inscription or ther relic is found in Australia to refute their outdated arguments. Their embarrassment must be growing, not only from the vast amount of relics described in this book, but also from all the other evidence coming to light worldwide, through the activities of dedicated cultural diffusionists like the Gilroys!

New Zealand also goes ignored. This book shows how wrong they are. The fact is, there is enough evidence of ancient civilisation contacts with Australia and its island neighbours to rival, even surpass the pre-Columbian discovery and colonisation of the Americas [which of course includes the Uru migrations there from Australia/New Zealand!]. For many years before I met my wife Heather [1972] I had struggled on alone, writing newspaper articles, and sometimes doing radio interviews about Australia’s “hidden history”, trying to make Australians aware of their

unknown past, of Stone-Age races which had preceded our Aborigines to this continent before the Dutch mariners or Lieutenant James Cook RN.

My lone field searches for ancient rock inscriptions were mostly unsuccessful to begin with and when I did begin discovering these, my efforts when published, were met with derision from university historians and archaeologists who did not even think it necessary to give me the decency of an unbiased examination of my finds. Yet, as I was to find in the writings of the ancients, there were many references to a Great Southern landmass located in the southernmost region of the world, often described as the “Lost Paradise” of mankind and a land of vast natural wealth.

Even here I found obstacles, from biased academics who would phone radio stations and newspaper offices, persuading gullible journalists not to interview or publish my findings, often ‘impressing’ them with a list of their degrees, and ‘exposing’ my amateur status. In those early days of my struggle the growing amount of finds being made by people around Australia, particularly of ancient Egyptian, Phoenician, Libyan, Celtic and other Bronze-Age period relics and rock inscriptions, convinced me that these peoples were more than mere casual visitors to Australia, and that the search for minerals, precious stones and other important commodities had to have been their purpose in coming here.

The emphasis in my researches thus turned from investigating scattered rock inscriptions and odd relics to the uncovering of colonies, which I rightly believed would have been established in mineral-rich regions. In 1972 I met my wife Heather and we soon became a ‘team’ intent upon searching for and uncovering evidence of colonisation of this land, by the peoples of the ancient world. Our first big breakthrough came in 1975.

Earlier in 1970, I had been sent a photograph of a strange ironstone image, by Mr Dal K. Berry of Gympie, in southeast Queensland. Mr Berry, a farmer, had been ploughing his field one day in 1966, when he unearthed the fragmented remains of what he realised to be an idol.

After cementing it together he found it to be in the form of a 72cm tall by 120cm diameter squatting ape. He also found that he had torn up sandstone blocks which had formed a base upon which the idol had stood. Dal Berry soon afterwards stored the relic away in his shed. However, after reading an article by me on ancient civilisation contacts with Queensland, he sent me the photograph in 1970.

It was not until October 1975 that, together with Heather, I was able to make the trip to Gympie. Upon inspecting the relic I realised it to be a crude depiction of Thoth, the God of Writing and Knowledge of ancient Egypt in Ape form. Carved between the squatting legs of the image was the hieroglyph of the papyrus flower – Thoth’s symbol as the God of Writing – while on the back were several weathered hieroglyphs of what we now know today to be a mixed Egypto-Phoenician script. Thoth, I knew, had been depicted as an ape prior to around 1000 BC, when he became an Ibis-headed, human-bodied deity who recorded the judgement of the dead in Amenti, the afterworld.

Gympie was first officially settled in the 1840s and 50s, during which time farmers began turning up some remarkable finds; mystery rock inscriptions, ancient tools of copper and bronze, as well as pottery of ancient Middle-East origin. It was enough for many of the inhabitants to suggest that British colonists were not the first people to settle this district. Gympie came to prominence in 1867, when James Nash scooped up some gold nuggets from a dry creek bed, quickly turning the district into Queensland’s most famous goldfield. By 1909 fifty-one companies were mining gold around the area.

The region is also rich in copper and tin, as well as jasper, agate and other gemstones. Prospectors, exploring the nearby forest-covered mountains and gullies made some startling discoveries in the years following James Nash’s gold strike. Remains of ancient open-cut gold and copper mining operations were uncovered outside Gympie and also in the Murgon district further west. Large basalt adzes were found beside quartz reefs where they had been used to pound away at the gold-bearing quartz..

At these sites were sometimes found various implements of copper and bronze, later identified as being of ancient Middle-East origin. Somewhere in these jungle-covered hills a pre-European water-race built of massive stone blocks was discovered, but the location is now lost. The number of relics, rock inscriptions and traces of extensive gold, copper and tin mining hereabouts, as well as extensive open-cut agate mining operations we discovered between Gympie and Murgon, and numerous ancient stoneworks that we began turning up in the region, convinced Heather and I that the district had once been the site of a Bronze-Age Middle East mining colony.

To assist us in our pyramid investigations, two locals, Mr Terry and Mrs Dian Kay, kindly arranged a light aircraft flight over the area for an aerial inspection, enabling us to photograph the structure from above, and to follow the former course of the harbour eastwards to Tin Can Bay.

To Read the complete Story watch out for the release in 2010 of the Gympie Pyramid Story by Rex and Heather Gilroy