The 7 Rays of Light

THE SEVEN RAYS are the original divine qualities of the Absolute. Each individual human soul is an essential part of one of the Seven Rays, and through a succession of lifetimes the qualities of that Ray are developed and refined, to further the evolution of Humanity.

THE SEVEN RAYS are an ancient tradition which is increasingly relevant today as the Aquarian Age begins to unfold, because the Rays work together to make for completeness, and Humanity - by becoming aware of the Ray energy working through the soul - should strive for the same ideal.

The philosophy of the 7 rays demonstrates how people of different spiritual inclinations can tread the same spiritual path, united in purpose to help the world without changing their own beliefs.

"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness." ~ Dalai Lama


Human beings are part of the Second lifestream, and are governed by the Second Primary of Love or Consciousness. This shows that basically we are creatures of consciousness, a fact that every great religion and philosophy has preached, and a fundamental spiritual truth.

What we consider to be our normal everyday selves, our personal awareness, is our personality. This can be affected by many various subjective influences, hardly any of which originate from our Higher Self - which only works through the Seven Rays. Therefore the Rays are not applicable here, and the nearest we get to understanding the variety of personality types is through astrological influence, acting as a link between the Rays and the influences our personalities are able to interact with.

It is the Human soul which exists as part of one of the Seven Rays, giving each person the ability to act as a channel for one of the Rays, once a certain amount of soul contact has been established. The soul Ray is responsible for our spiritual evolution by training our personality in the use of the individual Ray energies available to us.

It is the Devas and Elementals who are responsible for our reality. They work together to form the physical existence which we take for granted, but which we Humans are also partly responsible for because it is our awareness of our surroundings which gives these surroundings their objective existence. As Human beings we are machines used by the Absolute for the evolution of all three life-streams, and although ultimately we are conscious Human beings, we are also composed of Devic and Elemental essences which are responsible for our physical bodies and life energies respectively.

The Seven Rays interact with a Human being through the medium of the seven major chakras which form links between each of man's bodies that exist on higher sub-planes above the physical. Our chakras are numerically related to both the Seven Rays and the Seven Planes, so that the lowest, the Base Centre, relates to the Seventh Ray, and the highest, the Crown Centre, relates to the First Ray.

The highest three chakras, the Crown, Head and Throat, work mainly with Elemental, Human and Devic energy respectively, giving us our life-force or will, our consciousness, and our form or physical body. This ties in with our spirit, soul and personality. In real terms, the Third Ray is responsible for our mental faculties, the Second Ray is responsible for our awareness, and the First Ray is responsible for our physical motivation. The lower four chakras work with the four Rays of Attribute through the medium of the four elements which correspond to the lower four Planes. These Planes are formed out of the substance of Elementals ~ which is why they are alluded to as the "elements" ~ and are organised into realities perceivable by Human consciousness through the interaction of the Deva's.

In a Human being, the Earth element governs the solid form, from skeleton to skin; the Water element governs the liquid form, from the water content of the body to the bloodstream; the Air element governs the gaseous form such as the breath; and the Fire element governs the energy form such as the nervous system.

Although each person belongs fundamentally to just one Ray, we also possesses minor qualities of other Rays which help to mold the individual character. This is similar to the situation in astrology, where every individual with a Leo sun sign will also have traits taken from other zodiac signs dependent on planetary placings and his Ascendant. There the similarity ends. It is not possible to ascertain a person's Ray type from a study of the horoscope, because the energies of the Seven Rays which manifest on Earth originate from the realms of the stars far beyond our own solar system, and their energies are scaled down even before they reach the stars which comprise our zodiac signs.

So the Seven Rays, besides being a way of classifying and relating all manner of things both spiritual and mundane, also show that there are seven different approaches to spirituality, as each individual's soul or Higher Self functions on just one of these Rays. Above this is our spiritual essence or Monad, which does not function through the Seven Rays but only through the three Primary Rays.

Blue is the 1st Ray of the spectrum

Its action is to seal, strengthen and protect.
It is essential to seal the auric field at the end of the exercise.

Emerald is the 5th Ray of the spectrum

Its action is precipitation, linking spirit to matter
by realigning the molecular structure to the original source.

First Ray: Will or Power

Purpose, positivity and leadership are the outstanding qualities of this Ray. It carries great strength and driving force, in fact it is sometimes called the Destroyer. It is the Ray of the ruler and is particularly related to the field of Government. Those who initiate undertakings and are found in positions of power are especially aligned with this type of energy.

Second Ray: Love-Wisdom

This Ray embodies the building and relating qualities and is the blending and inclusive energy that leads to true understanding. Its strength is through persistence and it radiates the spirit of relationship and the attractive quality of Love. On this Ray are found the lovers of Truth and those who seek the path of Wisdom; the Teachers, Healers and Philosophers are the exponents of its magnetic energy.

Third Ray: Active Intelligence

This energy carries an underlying impulse towards both mental and physical activity. A clear intellect and an ability to plan are its characteristics and a capacity for abstract thinking and intelligent organising are this Ray's especial gifts. Its influence works particularly through economics and industry.

Fourth Ray: Harmony through Conflict

This is the Ray of beauty, art, and creative expression in all forms. It is the energy which, through conflict, brings order out of confusion, harmony out of discord, unity out of diversity. It finds its expression particularly in the cultural field, but it also has great influence upon humanity as a whole, and brings about the achievement through struggle by which we evolve.

Fifth Ray: Concrete Knowledge and Science

This Ray is pre-eminently that of mind, critical ability and research. It is the Ray of the keen and enquiring intellect that demands great accuracy and gives much attention to detail. Within this stream are found those working in all the different branches of science.

Sixth Ray: Devotion and Idealism

Dedication and fanatical altruism are the main impulses of this Ray. It carries a militant one-pointedness and intensity, and further characteristics are devotion and a spirit of service. It is the Ray of the crusader and the idealist and is the great force within Religion.

Seventh Ray: Ceremonial Order and Ritual

This is the Ray which links spirit and matter and it works through law, organisation ane ritual. Those under its impulse delight in order and perfection of form. Since it is concerned with the concretising of energy, finance comes within its province, as well as all ceremonial activity.

This gives the general picture of the Rays, but they are many-sided and too complex to be fully portrayed in a short summary. It must be added, however, that their energies can work out as detrimental tendencies as well as valuable qualities. For example, First Ray energy may activate the strong, courageous leader, but may equally well stimulate adversely the ambitious, arrogant dictator. Upon our response to these great forces and our handling of them depends how they manifest.

There are many interesting relationships and correspondences which can be followed up in connection with the Seven Rays. Their influence is felt in all kingdoms of nature and recognition of their conditioning energies gives us new insight into our fellow humans as well as ourselves. Study of them will be at the roots of New Age psychology, for understanding of the Rays that influence us individually will reveal both the bases of our problems and our lines of potentiality, and will help us to meet the ancient Greek, yet ever current, demand—"Know thyself."                     - M. J. Eascott and N. Magor

Excerpted from
The Plan and The Path,
Eastcott and Magor, 1964
Sundial House, Kent, England


According to esoteric belief human consciousness is transmitted through a complex interconnecting  web; the life essence is divine originating from a template held beyond the physical dimension, the perfect blueprint of our unlimited potential.  The subtle energy is stepped down through the multi dimensional spheres of the etheric, mental and emotional  levels to connect ultimately with the physical body via the endocrine system.  At each stage there is a lowering of the vibratory rate culminating at the intellectual level with the mental faculties through the function of the brain which governs behaviour.

Power points or chakras provide the interconnection between the subtle fields and the physical body, their chief function being to maintain balance and flow.  Through an understanding of the seven major chakras, their position and function we can monitor our attitudes and behaviour, assessing our spiritual progress.


The wonderful Carol Lamb who founded "The Emerald Activation"   has shared her knowldge with the world to assist in man knids evoltion.   Below is her creation of  "The Emerald Activation" which works on the 5th Ray.  Carol has been instrumental in founding spiritual Communities from the early nineties from which Rainbow Light Foundation and The Academy of Spiritual Sciences evolved.  Many of her experiences are recounted in Born Remembering a biographical account of the direct communicated guidance which explained the ‘past life’ memories she had experienced from childhood and the pre determined life plan to establish a healing and teaching network based upon revealed wisdom.


The dictionary definition of alignment is

‘to bring into line’

This may sound like an obvious statement however it reminds us that we are correcting a misalignment.  When we align the physical, mental and emotional bodies of the energy field we are bringing the misaligned atoms and molecules of the lower body into line with a higher vibratory rate, i.e. the governing consciousness.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 10.04.12 AM

All healing is light transmission.  The Emerald Alignment is a simple, safe and effective method of releasing anxiety and aligning the subtle energy of the body through the emerald ray.  This is a self-help method which can be taught to all age groups, used in schools, clinics, residential homes or as part of fitness programes.  It is important to understand that the alignment exercise is not simply a visualisation technique but rather a transformative process based on scientific principles.  The visualisation process is helpful in sustaining focus to enhance effect; however this also initiates an actual metaphysical process, which we may or may not be aware of.  While many of us place great emphasis on maintaining physical fitness most remain unaware of the need to stabilise and maintain the subtle energy which is the source of life.  The result is that we are running on empty drawing upon limited available resources which are not replenished.


Consciousness is transmitted as a spectrum of light comprised of rays or beams radiating from the source which is divine, to the mind as the receiver.  We might use the analogy of a computer downloading information in sequence.  Science tells us that all light emits a specific frequency observed through technology as a colour spectrum, the rainbow colours familiar to us.  The spectrum can also be viewed clairvoyantly as a sequence of colours each of which has a specific resonance and affinity.  Specific resonance can therefore be located and identified within the electromagnetic field.


  1. •Panic attacks can be reduced or eliminated.
  2. •Alignment prior to sleep will reduce disturbed sleep, help eliminate nightmares and overcome insomnia.
  3. •Children can be taught the alignment.  It can be used effectively for behavioural problems, attachment disorders and to restore sleep patterns.
  4. •The alignment can be used for those with special needs or learning difficulties and is particularly welcomed by the elderly.
  5. •The Emerald Alignment can be used to good effect in establishing a peaceful environment in a home, in social settings or in the workplace.
  6. •Use the alignment to deepen individual meditation or as part of a meditation program.
  7. •Incorporated into an existing healing practice, the alignment will enhance therapeutic effects.
  8. •Use the Emerald Alignment before and after dentistry or surgery.

Energy follows thought

When we understand this principle we can use our energy and attention more productively.  If we focus upon a specific ray of the colour spectrum we can draw upon the qualities of this energy to strengthen and enhance the auric field, which is where we store energy.  By focusing our attention to a higher frequency a positive electromagnetic charge is transmitted via the auric field to and through the crown of the head.  The energetic transfer is carried through the spine by the central nervous system to every part of the body, then through the muscles, tissues and organs to the cells.  The effect is to realign the energetic core pattern at the cellular level.

Messages from Metatron 2013

The year 2013 is the year of " Formatting Codes"  and it is within the quadratic influx, of an equinox, solstice, lunar eclipse and solar eclipse that two incredibly pertinent coded- portals occur. These are the ‘Green Ray Activation ‘ in August and the ‘Renaissance Formatting’ in September . The latter of which completes in the solar eclipse of November.

The Green Ray Infinity-Gate Activation

In August the Green Ray Infinity Portal occurs in the aperture activation of the Emerald Flame. The primary opening apex is from August 12-21, 2013.

Message Channeled from Archangle Michael by James Tyberon

Dear Ones, just as your dimensional access increased with the planetary Ascension, so does your chakra field. So it is that the initial Sacred Codes of each new chakra be received and installed beginning in Year One of the New Earth.

And we tell you the 4th, 8th & 9th dimensions are formulated through and with the Emerald-Ray. The 8th & 9th dimensions will begin completing receival of the Geo-Codes of Thoth, through the aperture of the Emerald Flame Activation. It initiates in the 8th month and completes in the 9th on the Equinox. The apexial phase begins with the Perseid s Meteor influx, and culminates on the full moon . (Understand that astrological, astronomical events are energy shift catalysts, and in the New Earth, these are the base mechanisms of the new paradigm formation.)

The Emerald Flame is a vibratory Essence that is Healing & Nurturing, and by receiving the Codes of the Green Ray Activation, the 8th and 9th Chakric Fields will expand into more lucid reception and perception from and into the 8th and 9th Dimension in the Physio Realm, and into the 16th-18th Chakric sensory of the etheric level 13-20-33 Mer-Ka-Na Field.

Accordingly humanity can receive these codes as they complete the portal downloads of the Green Ray Infinity (8) Portal. These codes are synergized into the 8th & 9th Physio-Chakras, through the guidance of Archangel Raphael.

As you become more settled into the higher frequencies of the New Earth, it is incumbent upon you to calibrate to the expanded Chakra Alignments of the Crystalline Lite Body, the Mer-Ka-Na. Naturally the Earth is adjusting her resonance to refashion the chakric centers of the planet to receive and distribute the energies for humanity.

Power Dates & Activation Phases of 2013

The energies of 2013 will be somewhat less intense than the 2012 continual bombardment of solar wind amplifiers and astro portal flurries that were made to finish the Crystalline Grid, and in kind force you into upshift. 2012 was a year in which every month sequentially raised the frequencial bar. It was an obstacle course of increasing frequencies. In 2012 you were getting ready for the expansion.

So in 2013 you are reformatting to the New Earth. The frequencies that poured in continually last year, now must be fined tuned. You have several points of relaxation in 2013 that allow you to catch your breath. None the less the year contains 2 essential quadric power phases that will take effort.

Two quadric phases of intense energy adjustment will take place. These are the phases when you will find out what you’re really made of, and realize how far you have come.

"You must stay positive and focused on what matters during this year. What you choose to focus on when resonant inserts get more challenging will determine everything. It is essential that you remain on path, and indeed by doing so you will expand far more than you may realize."

2013 is a year of rebirth of renaissance. It is a year in which you will learn how to navigate in dimensions 5-12. It is a year in which you will receive codes for the new dimensions. By achieving dimensional coherency you will expand into greater resonance with the conscious Earth Kingdoms. This was not entirely possible before the Ascension. This integration logically could not be fully achieved until the Crystalline Grid completed in December of 2012.

Accordingly 2013 is the year for such formatting.

The remaining key phases are coded & multifaceted. Each of the below dates in 2013 offer the following:

August 16-21 – The Green Ray Activation
September 20- 22 – Equinox ‘Time-Gate’ Portal of Renaissance
October 18 – Lunar Eclipse
November 3 – Solar Eclipse
December 21, 2013 – Solstice

The ‘Time-Gate Renaissance Portal’

The ‘Renaissance’ Portal occurs from the September Equinox & completes on the Solar Eclipse. This aperture will align the New Earth to 3 phases of ‘enlightenment. Do not doubt that just as there are star gates and worm holes that connect the planet (and humanity) to higher dimensions, there are also ‘Time Gate Portals’ that connect to other epochs.

Just as similar frequencies attract through the ‘Law of Harmonic Oscillation’ so do the vibratory fields of planetary ‘eras’ naturally align. There are 3 ‘Golden Ages’ in which many of you were present that achieved very high levels of consciousness. These are:

1) The Golden Age of Atlantis ( Poseidon Law of One)
2) The Golden Age of LeMuria
3) The Golden Age of Greece

Through the Aquarian Shift, 144-Crystalline Grid and the expansion into 12 dimensions, you are able to draw the attributes & codes of these higher time periods into a more direct harmonic relationship with the ongoing up-shift of humanity in the current time. The codes of these eras will allow for a much closer interface with the 3 Golden eras mentioned.

This will assist humanity by allowing the simultaneous time aspect of those phases to integrate more completely with the evolving phase you are entering. The two phases the era of the Golden Age of Greece and of Poseidon.

The Golden Codes of Greece & Poseidon will be brought in through the planetary ‘Naval’ (umbilical ) Portal of Delphi and the Codes of Golden leMuria will enter the earthplane at Rapa Nui. This will occur through the 10th, 11th and 12th dimensions and be received via the 10th, 11th and 12th physio chakras in the Mer-Ka Na field, and through the 20th and 33rd chakras of the etheric levels of the Mer-Ka-Na field.

It should not surprise you that all 3 of these (prior) Golden Ages were phases in which many of you were and are , in simultaneous time), present. We tell you that these aspects of your multidimensional selves are playing a major role in coordinating the harmonic interfacing that will occur in the ‘Renaissance Portal’. That is why some of you will be called to anchor these energies in download at the two primary Star-Gates of Delphi & Rapa Nui. This is the reason we directed the channel to take groups to these locales over the two equinoxes of 2013.

Rediscover Passion in 2013 !!

Dear Ones, it is time to rediscover passion and joy, as did the Masters of the Golden Age. It is time to regain the balance. Life is not meant to be only work, rather the equity of well being and contained within the raptures of bliss. Joy has a geometric code and pattern, and you can discover joy & indeed groom it !

Happiness is acquired, and we tell you that the energy of passion is the driving engine of manifestation. Passion is the fabric of your life- fervor & is an essential part of heart-courage and will. You are not meant to be indifferent, sad or apathetic !

Learning to create & project joy is a huge accomplishment ! And indeed joy has a geo-coded essence that can be received in the Renaissance. of 2013. And remember, you are never ‘too old’. You are here with purpose and that is too live life fully and create the NEW EARTH !

When you enter into periods of fatigue or apathy you MUST work out of them. Find joy, do not spiral into indifference, for every moment of life is precious and purposed !

Come to the LIVE YOUR PASSION Seminars this month to discover that your soul has a purpose for being here and how you can find out what that is.

Click on the image below to see dates and locations, details of the event and book in.


What is a Super Moon?

moon_smlThe full moon tonight  (July 22 2013) coincides with the moon's close approach to Earth.  However the rain has made it impossible to catch any good images of it this evening.  So what is a super moon and why do we take note when they arrive.    The super moon has a reputation for trouble.  It raises tides higher than normal up to 15cm in some places.  Not exactly a great flood but enough of a difference to be noticed.  It  makes dogs howl and the sky is 40% brighter than a normal moon.   The moon follows an elliptical path around the earth with one side of the orbit closer than the other.  It happens when the moon approaches Earth at the closest point during a new or full moon. You might hear experts call it a “perigee full moon”—perigee is the monthly event when the moon reaches its closest point to Earth.  The moon becomes 14% larger at this time.

The best time to look is when the moon is near the horizon.  It is at this time it appears to be extra large.  However even though it is 14% larger, when it is high in the sky it is hard to really see the difference.

Full moons are the basis of many tales.  People turn into werewolves, crime and accidents increase and there are more mental disturbances at this time than at any other time during the month.   Many Police and Hospitals don't see this time as superstition.  To them the changes that effect people are real.  It actually is their busiest and craziest time of the month.

The idea that the full moon caused mental disorders was wide spread during the middle ages.   We even call people Lunatics, or their behaviour is considered lunacy.  In the past we sent people to the Looney bin who had gone a bit Looney themselves.  All these words are derived from the Latin word for moon.  It was strongly believed that the moon had super powers over our cognition and if you didn't follow appropriate protocols then it would attack you and send you crazy.

It makes sense that if the moon regulates the ocean and water of the world and we are 60-70% water then of course it will effect us.  I am of the opinion however that you have to be a bit looney in the first place for the moon to effect you to such a degree.

Science today state their is NO correlation between the cycles of the moon and peoples behaviour.  As we mentioned Hospitals and Police officers tend to disagree with this theory.

Next full moon is
in about 29 days

Last Quarter Jun 30 05:54
New Moon Jul 8 08:14
First Quarter Jul 16 04:18
Full Moon Jul 22 19:15

The Full Moon

Full Moon is when the moon has reached its zenith, it forms a perfect silvery sphere in the sky. This is a time for spells that transform, increase psychic ability, for fertility spells and invocation to lunar goddesses. This is a time of strength, love and power.

At this time the moon represents the Goddess in her Mother aspect, give praise to Cerridwen, Isis or one of the other Mother Goddesses. The period of the Full Moon lasts from about 3 days before to 3 days after the actual full moon.

Full Moon Celebration

"Moon of Celebration"
Location: Moon is 180 - 255 degrees ahead of the Sun
Fourteen days to seventeen and a half days after the New Moon.

Time of the Mother Goddess. Anu, Hera, Isis, Demeter, Freya, Luna, Diana, Spider Woman, Chaos, Frigg, Morrigan, Ta - Urt. Beautiful, radiant MoonMother. LadyMoon.

Positive activities:
Very intuitive and productive time. Especially: Fertility; Magic; Dreams; Meditation; love; Matters of the home; Beauty; Money; Creativity; Psychic abilities. A time of heightened feelings. Not a good time for major decisions for they will be colored with emotional debris. Do not seek medical treatment, inoculations, operations are at its least favorable. Wounds bleed more, and the formation of scar tissue is more pronounced.

Major workings should occur now. This is the climax of the obvious moon power. Relates to the Growing plant as it pierces the ground.

Moon Folklore

Full Moon Folklore
UK Folklore for the 10 Days after a Full Moon.

Day 1
Said to be the best day after the full moon to consider starting a fresh enterprise or even better to actually get it up and running.

Be prepared for a lengthy illness if you happen to fall prey to sickness on this day though. Happily this does not apply to the new born, as any child born on this day it is said will enjoy a long healthy life, and prosper in the process.

Day 2
Whether you run a company, operate a cottage industry or plan to have a garage sale traditionally the second day after the full moon is a very positive day to sell your wares. By the same token it is a good day to buy, probably being able to find items at reasonable prices.
Good fortune will come to those interested in gardening as it is said that any plant sown or bedded in on this day will flourish. Likewise those involved in agriculture will have an easy time of ploughing the land.

Day 3
Those who find their property fell prey to the felon's eye on this day can at least gain some small comfort that the thief is also likely to be caught within a short amount of time if not the very same day.
It was traditionally believed that any child born on this day would be prone to illness, and therefore was believed to have a short life expectancy.

Day 4
Well, this is definitely the day to start building that extension or barbie, or going for a fresh look in decoration in the home, which of course includes repairs. This is said to be a positive day to commence any new project that involves construction design to your property. If you're planning this try to get out on the second day after the full moon to pick up those last minute bargains from the sales;).
Keep an eye on the education and social life of any child born on this day as their intended aim be to develop a career will most likely move towards politics. The career will be prosperous and auspicious but only if those early days are firmly supported.

Day 5
If you are trying for a child, then according to folklore this is said to be an ideal time to conceive...and of course if you are careful :).
Regarding weather omens it is said that whatever happens on this day, be it rain or shine, then the rest of the month is likely to follow suit.

Day 6
This is reputed to be a very good day to book a holiday, and take a rest. If you can get away on this day even better as you are likely to have a wonderful time. For those interested in fishing or hunting it is said that this is a day when you might catch the big one!

Day 7
Little is said about this day except that if you are unattached and looking for a partner then today, the seventh after the full moon, will provide many opportunities to find the perfect lover. Falling in love is the order of the day, so enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Day 8
This day is connected to the first after the full moon, as it was traditionally believed that anyone falling ill would be unlikely to recover, and those fortunate to survive the illness would remain weak for some considerable time.

Day 9
Close the curtains when you go to bed and avoid looking out of a window at the new moon on this day if you want to retain your beautiful looks. The moon light was believed to have the power to change facial features and even thought at one time to cause temporary madness.

Day 10
Be patient with the child that is born on this day as it is said that the spirit of the child is likely to be uneasy, resulting in a restless 'free spirited' or hyperactive child.


The Power of Intention

Did you know that more important than what you do and what you think is the intention behind the action.  Screen shot 2012-06-11 at 12.54.39 AM

Consciously setting an intention creates an intense level of focus around what it is that we are intending, which magnetizes prana, and in turn amplifies the potency of our dreams. For example, when we concentrate intently on what we most want to bring into our lives (or into a particular moment), our attention will naturally channel life-force energy toward that very idea, which can’t help but support its manifestation. But let’s say we’re playing something traumatic, hurtful, or infuriating over and over in our minds. Inevitably, prana will coalesce around those thoughts, reinforcing rather unsupportive patterns in the mind-body matrix.