The Book of Thoth

thoth-c-02Setna is a recurring character in ancient Egyptian literature. One of the sons of Rameses II, Setna was an accomplished magician, statesman, scholar, and something of an adventurer. His position as the son of the pharaoh, but too far down the line ever to rule is actually a common one for the court scribe. That he existed is no question, but like King Arthur and other quasi-historical figures, his exploits have no doubt been inflated over the years.

This story dates to several centuries following the reign of Rameses. By this time stories of Setna had reached epic proportions, and the former court scribe was elevated to the status of mythic hero. This is one of the more complete stories told about him, and certainly one of the best.

Loudly do the people sing of Setna, son of the Great Rameses, most learned man in Egypt. A great scholar, he was able to read all of the old writings and decipher the most ancient texts. No symbol in Egypt was unknown to him, even the ones on the walls of the crumbling temples from the oldest of days. He was also a mighty magician, perhaps the mightiest in Egypt, for he had learned the magical arts from the secret texts that not even the priests of Amen-Ra could read.
Because of this, he would often spend his days studying ancient writings and listening to the stories told by the elders and the scribes. Every day his servants would bring him rolls of papyrus from libraries and temples all over Egypt. He would read them and his scribes would make copies of them to place in his father's library. Thus Rameses' kingdom was a kingdom of learning.

One day he read in a crumbling scroll about another son of another pharaoh who had been a scribe and magician: Nefrekeptah, the son of Amenhotep. He had lived three hundred years earlier and had been regarded as the mightiest magician in Egypt, for he had found and read the Book of Thoth, the secrets of the god of wisdom. The Book of Thoth was a collection of magics that would enable the reader to know the language of the animals, to cast great spells, even to enchant the sky and the earth itself!
Setna desired the book for himself that he too might drink of its knowledge. He learned that it had been buried with Nefrekeptah at the Memphis necropolis. Setna sought his brother, the mighty Anheru and asked him for help.

"I will go with you, my brother," said Anheru, "I shall be your sword and shield."

It was not difficult to find Nefrekeptah's tomb. As they were the sons of the pharaoh, the priests allowed them to enter. The brothers broke the seals and made their way to the central chamber. There lay Nefrekeptah in his sarcophagus with a great roll of papyrus on his chest. To his left and right there were two chairs. In one of the chairs was the ghostly ka of a woman, in the other sat the ka of a young man.

Setna and Anheru bowed to the two kas and to the body of Nefrekeptah. Setna said, "Osiris keep you in peace, O prince and scribe, and you two who sit beside him in eternity. I am Setna, scribe and magician to my father the pharaoh as you were to yours. I have come to claim the Book of Thoth for my own. I ask you for it peacefully, but I have the power to take it if I choose."

Then the ka of the woman spoke, "Do not take the Book of Thoth, Setna. It is not for you to read, nor for any mortal. Nefrekeptah did not heed the warnings given him, and so his life was filled with sorrow. Misfortune followed him all the days of his life, even claiming the lives of his wife Ahura, and their son Merab. We are they whose kas you see before you, never knowing the Blessed Land because of his lust for knowledge. Listen to my tale, and learn well.
"Know that Nefrekeptah and I were the children of Amenhotep, may Osiris keep him in peace, and according to custom became husband and wife. Merab, our son, was soon born to us, and we lived happily. Nefrekeptah was a man of learning, and craved to know all things. Forever he was reading the ancient books and walking through the old temples and tombs, copying down the sacred writings. "

One day as he was studying thus, an old priest came up to him and said, 'All that is written here is worthless, for it is the work of mortals. I can tell you where to find the knowledge of the gods themselves, the knowledge of Thoth. It is written in his book and hidden away. By reading it you will learn the language of the beasts, how to see the wind and how to hear the sun, the secrets of the gods and the songs of the stars.'

Nefrekeptah's heart leaped within him, for he desired to read of this book. He asked the old priest where it was, promising him anything he wished.

The priest told him, 'Give me a hundred bars of silver for my tomb and a royal proclamation that I be buried like a king.'

Nefrekeptah did all that the priest asked, and the priest told him where he might find the Book of Thoth.

'In the middle of the Nile at Koptos, guarded by snakes and scorpions and a mighty serpent who cannot be killed, in an iron box, in which there is a bronze box, in which there is a wooden box, in which there is an ivory and ebony box, in which there is a silver box, in which there is a golden box, there you shall find the Book of Thoth.'

"Nefrekeptah hastened home and told me all that he had done. I was afraid, for the things of the gods are not for us to touch. Yet he would not be swayed . He beseeched our father for the use of the royal barque. This was granted, and Nefrekeptah, myself, and our son Merab set sail that evening.

"We sailed up the Nile to Koptos, where we offered up sacrifices to Isis and Horus, asking them for success. The next day, Nefrekeptah went to the riverbank and cast a great spell. He summoned up a magic rope that would bind itself to anything he commanded it to and could not be broken or loosed. He cast the rope into the river, commanding it to seek out the iron box.

"After an hour he commanded that the rope lift out of the water. It did so, and brought with it the iron box guarded by snakes and scorpions and the mighty serpent who cannot be killed. It was set upon the ground. Nefrekeptah spoke a word of power, and the snakes and scorpions became as still as stone. Then the great serpent rose to strike, it could not be affected by magic. Nefrekeptah drew his sword and struck off its head in one blow. But the head and the body sprang back together and the serpent rose to strike again. Three times did Nefrekeptah strike, and three times did the serpent become whole again.

"Nefrekeptah had a plan. He called to his servant and asked him to empty a large jar from the ship's hold and to bring it to him. When the servant returned, Nefrekeptah took hold of the serpent's head, struck it off, threw it into the jar and closed the lid. Nefrekeptah commanded his servant to cast the jar into the Nile. The serpent's body thrashed about, but could not find its head.

"Then Nefrekeptah went harmlessly to the box. He opened the iron box, then the bronze box, then the wooden box, then the ivory and ebony box, then the silver box, and then the golden box. In the golden box he found the book and took it. He unrolled the scroll and read from it. Instantly he learned the language of the beasts, how to see the wind and how to hear the sun, the secrets of the gods and the songs of the stars.

"He then gave it to me and bade me read, and I too learned the language of the beasts, how to see the wind and how to hear the sun, the secrets of the gods and the songs of the stars.
"Nefrekeptah then took papyrus and ink and wrote down all the spells from the Book of Thoth. Then taking a pot of beer he washed the ink into a cup and drank it so that the spells entered him and he would not forget them.

"After this we set sail for Memphis. But misfortune overtook us. A strange power seized Merab and caused him to jump into the river and drown. But Nefrekeptah used a spell from the Book to raise Merab from the depths. Yet no magic could bring him back to life, for life is given only by Ra. Yet Nefrekeptah beseeched Merab's ka to speak of what happened.

"Merab's ka said, in the hollow voice of the dead, 'Know that Thoth has discovered what you have done, and has gone to Amen-Ra. And Amen-Ra has given him leave to deal with you as he chooses, but Amen-Ra is sending you great sorrow as punishment, the first of which is to take me from you.'

"We left Merab's body at Koptos where the Ritual of Life was said over him and he was lain in a tomb. We lamented at his loss and our hearts were broken with grief. Nefrekeptah then gave the order to sail once more.

"As we passed the place where Merab had drowned, a power seized me as well and I stepped off into the river and drowned. But Nefrekeptah used a spell from the Book to raise me from the depths. Yet no magic could bring me back to life, for life is given only by Ra. Yet Nefrekeptah beseeched my ka to speak of what happened.

"I said, in the hollow voice of the dead, 'Know that Thoth has discovered what you have done, and has gone to Amen-Ra. And Amen-Ra has given him leave to deal with you as he chooses, but Amen-Ra is sending you great sorrow as punishment, the second of which is to take me from you.'

"And so as with Merab, Nefrekeptah left my body at Koptos where it too was entombed beside Merab. Nefrekeptah sailed in sorrow to Memphis, but when it arrived, he too was dead, holding the Book of Thoth on his chest, the third sorrow. And so Nefrekeptah was buried as a prince, and the kas of myself and our son come to him to watch over him.

"All this was because we took what was not ours and would not heed the warnings. We took the property of the gods and used it as mortals, and mortals have no claim to the things of the gods, neither do you have claim to the Book of Thoth. So I say unto you, if you would not have the sorrows we have, leave the book where it lies for all eternity."

thothAnd Setna was filled with awe at the tale, but he was not afraid. He knew he was mightier than Nefrekeptah had been, and his lust for knowledge took hold of him. He spoke in the voice of magic, "Give me the Book of Thoth, or I will use my power to cast you from this place." And the kas of Ahura and Merab drew back in fear.

But then the ka of Nefrekeptah arose from his body and said, "Setna, if you still persist in this quest, even after hearing the tale of sorrows of this family destroyed by the book, the book shall be yours. But you must win it from me in a game of Senet. Will you do this?"

And Setna replied, "I will play for the book."

So the Senet board was brought, and the pieces taken out and placed upon the board. They commenced to play. And Nefrekeptah got his first piece off the board, and Setna sank into the ground to his ankles. Nefrekeptah got his second piece off the board, and Setna sank to his waist. Nefrekeptah got his third piece off the board, and Setna sank to his neck. Quickly he beseeched his brother, "Anheru, bring my magic staff that I may free myself!" And Anheru gave his brother the magic staff. As soon as it was in his hand, Setna worked a great magic and sprang out of the ground. The ka of Nefrekeptah screamed, but he no longer had power over Setna.

Setna grabbed the Book of Thoth and he and Anheru fled the tomb. Behind them, the ka of Ahura cried aloud, but the ka of Nefrekeptah swore that Setna would return the book, crawling upon his hands and knees.

Soon Setna and Anheru stood before their father Rameses and told him all that had happened. Rameses said, "Setna my son, return the Book of Thoth to the tomb. It destroyed Nefrekeptah, and if you would be wise, you would remove it from you lest it do the same to you. Be sure that Nefrekeptah still has power in this world and he will use it to work sorrow upon you until you return the book, crawling upon your hands and knees."

But Setna did not listen to his father, and kept the book. He spent many hours studying it, learning all that it contained. His magic grew powerful, and his knowledge great, for he knew the language of the beasts, how to see the wind and how to hear the sun, the secrets of the gods and the songs of the stars. Many came from all over Egypt to hear his wisdom and to learn from him.

One day, as he sat on the steps of the palace giving counsel, he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen passing by. With her was an entourage of serving-maids, and she was dressed in robes of white with gold thread, a golden girdle, and a headdress of gold. Setna could not believe that such beauty could be found among mortals.

He asked those with him, "Who could she be?"

One, the governor of a distant province, replied, "That is Tabubua, daughter of the high priestess of Bast."

Though Setna was married and had a son and a daughter, he forgot all these things in his desire. It was as if a spell had been cast upon him, and indeed he was bewitched, though even with all his power and knowledge of magic he could not see that he was. He desired only Tabubua, and longed to make her his.

He sent her a message, asking if he might come to her. Until he received her reply, he did not eat or drink, nor did he read from the Book of Thoth. Even his eternal quest for knowledge was set aside for the sake of this woman.

Her reply said that he was free to come and speak to her at her palace near Bubastis, the holy city of Bast, the wife of the great god Ptah. He went to her, and she welcomed him to her palace, offering him wine and sweetmeats.

He spoke of his desire for her, nay, of his love. She answered, "If you would make me yours, I must tell you that I am no mortal woman, but the child of Bast herself. Though mortal men may take many wives and may love many times, I cannot allow any rivals. Before we may be wed you must divorce your present wife and your children must be sacrificed and fed to the cats of Bast, lest they plot evil against our children."

And Setna, blind with desire and hardened by the pride of his ill-gotten knowledge, took out his stylus and papyrus, and wrote a decree of divorce against his wife and a command that his children be sacrificed and fed to the cats of Bast.

And when it was done, and the wails of his wife and the cries of his children reached Tabubua's ears, she came to him in her bridal robes. She stepped toward him, and Setna reached out his arms to clasp her. He held her close, saying "I have given up everything for you, my wife is a beggar, my children are slain, you have no rivals for my love!" But it was not a beautiful woman he held, but a withered corpse!

Setna screamed, and the darkness claimed him. He awoke to find himself lying on the road to Memphis, his father's city. There was no sign of the great palace of Tabubua, or Tabubua herself.

"All a dream," he said, "but a terrible one. To think that I could give up all I had so easily. To think that my pride and my lust would overcome me. This was a warning, that unless I undo what I have done, it will come to pass."

He hurried home to find his wife and children alive, and he held them as one holds precious things. He knew that he must return the Book of Thoth to Nefrekeptah.

Setna appeared before his father, the great Rameses, and told him of the dream and of his decision. Rameses said, "Setna, better that you come to your senses now than later. I did warn you that it would destroy you if you did not return it. Return the book to its keeper, and go there on hands and knees, in true contrition."

Setna did so, entering the tomb on his hands and knees, bowing before the sarcophagus of Nefrekeptah and the kas of Ahura and Merab. He begged Nefrekeptah to forgive him and to take back the book, lest it work the same misfortune on Setna as it had on Nefrekeptah.

Then the ka of Nefrekeptah appeared and spoke laughingly, "I said that you would return, crawling on your hands and knees, and so you have. Place the book in my dead hands. But there is one final thing you must do before you are free of punishment. This you must do, or the dream will come to pass."

This Setna did, then he looked up and asked, "What must I do, O scribe Nefrekeptah?"

The ka of Nefrekeptah replied, "Know that though I am buried here in Memphis, my wife and son still lie far away in their tomb at Koptos. I wish for us to be together once more, as a family should be. Bring their bodies to rest here with mine, that we may rejoice together for the first time in many ages. Bring their bodies to rest here with mine, that we may await together the Day of Awakening when Osiris returns to the world."

And Setna gave his word that he would do this. He hastened to his father, the great Rameses, and asked for the use of the royal barque and told him why he needed it. Rameses gave his blessing and wished his son all speed and the protection of Ptah.

Setna and his servants sailed up the Nile to Koptos where they offered up sacrifices to Isis and Osiris. They also sacrificed to Anubis, the guardian of the dead, and to his son Upuaut, the opener of the ways, to whom all tombs are known. But the priests could not tell Setna where Ahura and Merab were buried, for it had been long ago. Setna looked through the ancient writings and read the oldest carvings, but he could find no record of their burial.

Setna despaired and offered great riches to anyone who could help him find the tomb of Ahura and Merab. But no one came forth except for an old man who told Setna, "When I was a child, my grandfather's father (who was as old as I am now) told me that when he was a child, his grandfather's father had shown him the location of the tomb of Ahura and Merab, for when he had been a young man, in the reign of Amenhotep, he had lain them there himself. Follow me, and I will take you there"

Setna followed, and in an ancient field on the outskirts of Koptos, the old man told him to dig. Setna and his men dug, and found an ancient stone mastaba of the style common in Amenhotep's day. They opened the tomb and went in, finding the bodies of Ahura and Merab. The old man cried with joy and disappeared. Setna gave praise to the gods, knowing that it had been none other than the ka of Nefrekeptah, given power to walk among the living that he might show the way.

Setna and his servents carried the bodies back to Memphis, as if they had been the bodies of a pharaoh and his queen, on the royal barque with all honors.

And there in Memphis, Rameses himself led the funeral procession to Saqqara, the city of the dead, and Setna himself pronounced the rituals when they were laid in the tomb, to the left and to the right of the sarcophagus of Nefrekeptah. As they did so, Setna saw the three kas standing together, smiling at him, and he knew that the curse was lifted from him.

The funeral procession left the tomb and closed it up. Setna spoke a word of power, and the door became as the stone around it, and the stone became as the hills around it. He spoke another word, and a mighty sandstorm came up and buried the tomb so that none might find it again. There it lies hidden for all ages against its finding by mortals. And there lies hidden the Book of Thoth, held safely by Nefrekeptah, his wife Ahura, and their son Merab. They stand guard over it and await the Day of Awakening, when Osiris shall return to the world once more.

Thoths 12 World Pyramids

Preface Pyramid

1: Egypt .... The Cycles of Time Begin Pyramid

2: Middle East ... The Programs Begin Pyramid

3: Europe ... Mythologies Pyramid

4: Atlantis ... Illusion Pyramid

5: Lemuria ... Celestial Connections Pyramid

6: Tibet ... Sacred Scrolls Pyramid

7: Australia ... Dreamtime Pyramid

8: Antarctica ... Extraterrestrials Pyramid

9: Arctic ... The Meltdown Pyramid

10: Peru ... Emotions Pyramid

11: Mesoamerica ... Quetzalcoatl Returns Pyramid

12: New York City ... The Story Ends

12 Pyramids of Thoth

Preface Pyramid

The writer of these pages is I, Thoth The Scribe,  who moves through many realities as teacher and author. I am linked to the Great Pyramid as a creational force having come here through the Gates of the 12 Pyramid Matrix to create realities.
Many will remember and quote my teachings in texts,scrolls, stone tablets, keys of knowledge, or encoded genetic memories to be found at the end of each cycle.

I have entrusted my original teachings to those who were my priests and priestesses who must one day restore this knowledge in full definition.  At that time they shall incarnate as the teachers and healers of their timelines.  These readings shall be found at the end of a cycle which transcends time and space. And they shall remember.

And I shall help and guide them.

If you have come to this place you have come to the temple that will take you to twelve pyramids of light.  I am here to tell you a story of 12 pyramids that came through that which you call the void to enter this world and create a physical reality in which souls can experience.

At the time of my writing these 12 pyramids stood on the physical planet placed there by design.  Though each pyramid may appear to the human eye to look like the others ... remember that each one is unique in frequency and purpose.

Within each of the 12 pyramids were 3 entities for a total of 36 creational forces. And these 36 forces set down upon the Earth life forms of different shapes and designs.  They used energies of light and the tones of crystals to create.  When the 36 were complete they left the surface of the planet in their pyramids and remained outside of the physical planet where they created a grid system which linked together all things on and off the planet.

This was in the form of a matrix, web.

At that time, I, Thoth, who would be a scribe and teacher within the matrix, came to this place and wrote this book for you to find at this time. Within the book are your keys.

A great pyramid was built by my design on the surface of the planet. It would be a duplicate of that which is above and would link to it. And I would come through this pyramid many times in many forms, to guide and teach the souls who would come to this place. Your coming here has unlocked the door for those who were the priests and priestesses of a time once entered in the story of humanity.

We shall now journey to the first of 12 pyramids that waits beyond this reality, yet holds its creation in place.

1: Egypt .... The Cycles of Time Begin Pyramid

My story begins as 12 pyramids were positioned around a planet you call Earth. They remain in higher frequency until my story has been told and the souls have left. Each pyramid was to bring meaning and purpose based on their own programming. My story unfolds in the land of Khem, known best to you as Egypt. The Pyramid over Egypt links with the Hourglass, with Time and with Illusion. From here the nature of time and space, cause and effect, duality, were created. And so the Cycles of Time began.PageLines- Pyramids_Wallpaper_HD_by_JackXan.jpg

The 12 pyramids moved into position and through consciousness created physical forms based on geometric patterns that would follow the cycles until the end of time. And the cycles would be calibrated by the number 12, based on the 12 pyramids of creation. These would be known as the Cycles of Time which would be experienced by each evolving civilization. And these timepieces would work in synchronicity with the pyramids and the matrix. The gears of these clocks, would be round and seen as wheels within wheels, or clocks within clocks, marking cycles within cycles. And these cycles would appear to begin and end as they move through the synchronicities of their creation.

As Keeper of Time, I would perpetuate the Illusion of the Cycles of Time. It is my job to recalibrate each cycle wherein Time would take on a new dimension. To mark these cycles a geophysical timepiece was created on the Earth's surface. It linked to the matrix through a portal of energy. This portal was created by the 12 pyramids in their likeness and was placed on the center of the planet. It would be known as the Great Pyramid and would maintain the Illusion of Time. And the soul sparks emerged into the matrix through the rainbow prism of light and color.  As I watched from above and below.

2: Middle East ... The Programs Begin Pyramid

c781f-column2The pyramid above the Middle East is the focal point for the first story of humanity.
You would know this place as the Cradle of Civilization, the story of Adam and Eve and their bloodline.  It is from this pyramid that a tale was told of the first humans who came to play on Earth's soil and give it life.  Their very existence would be created as a metaphor for the creational patterns of humanity's earliest roots.  And the sacred symbols of this creation would be genetically encoded into those who would come to be part of this land.  For it is these souls who would awaken at the end of this cycle to lead the others into the next creation. The Middle East would carry the frequency of this information throughout the cycle. Much blood would be shed by the keepers of the secrets, and their descendents, on this soil where creation was said to spring forth.

It is in this region that the Lords of Light and Darkness would play out their earliest games, battles that would continue until the end of this cycle and the beginning of a Golden Age of Light, to be brought forth by the keeper of this pyramid, one known as Ta-She-Ra El Amun.

Ta-She-Ra El Amun will embrace the souls and take them to the Pyramid where they would find healing from all they had endured on their Earth journey. And there would be a new beginning.

A new Tree of Life would spring forth from this pyramid its matrix joining with the other 11 pyramids of creation.
Darkness would return to Light, And the souls would be free and healed. It is time for humanity to return to this pyramid to heal in the womb of creation, to move through its matrix of geometric shapes and understand how the first man and woman were created.

3: Europe ... Mythologies Pyramid

A pyramid was placed above the grids over Europe creating great mythologies for the souls to experience. The soul who creates through this pyramid goes by the frequency, Triogenes the Storyteller. He is one who can capture the imagination of one soul, or all souls, as he weaves the patterns of his stories throughout the energies of the matrix.

These patterns would appear to repeat in cycles, each with its own cast of characters incorporatedin a body of work that would have no beginning nor end but would weave forever creating new stories.

Woven into the fabric of each myth are the keys of the creational process. These myths would be regarded as the Great Mysteries of the Creation of Humanity.

And these myths would take on many dimensions and lessons in which the souls could select one or more roles.  Myths are not bound by space nor time,  and may be entered as the souls may desire.  Let us enter the Halls of the Pyramid of Mythological Rendering. There you will be able to interact in all myths, at the same time, by merely placing your consciousness into their matrix.

For it is here that I, Thoth the scribe, write many of the storylines as dictated to me by the souls. Perhaps you and I can create a myth of our own.

For in truth,

All is Myth,

Myth is All.

4: Atlantis ... Illusion Pyramid

The Atlantean Pyramid creates the illusion of realities in time on the Earth plane. The soul who oversees this pyramid goes by the frequency, Arlis-Cochizel. In the temple of the crystals the goddess sits, she whose consciousness creates all and everything from within.

Through this crystal matrix a race of evolved humans was born. And when it was time for those souls to once again submerge in the sea of creation to evolve into a new experience the crystals would echo the harmonics and the souls would remember and align for transition.

The Atlantean Pyramid has great mythology about an ancient time when man used his gift of intuition and worked with spirit. It tells of priests and priestesses who used massive crystals and walked with giants and strange creatures on the surface of the planet.

This pyramid tells of I, Thoth, known as Thoth the Atlantean, or Tehuti, who ruled the land of Atlantis for thousands of years known there by many names and descriptions. It is written that before the great civilization of Atlantis fell, I went with my consort and our high priests and priestesses in great spaceships, to create a new home and a new civilization.

That this place would be the land of Khem, known to you as Egypt. That I, and others from Atlantis, would record and store information in great libraries, in a place to be known as the Halls of Amenti, 'Amenti' meaning 'Mankind'.

Listen now for the echoes of their tones within your mind. And many would search for these records in their quest to remember why they have come here and who they are. And they would feel that they have greater purpose in this timeline and seek to find out what that purpose might be.

The Atlantean Pyramid would create tales of the fall of this great civilization as warning to those who would walk the earth at the time of this reading. And humanity would worry about the destruction of its earth home. Fear not, as the souls need only remember their way home, into the light.

For there is no beginning,nor is there an end.

And I, Thoth the Atlantean, shall now take you to the Pyramid of Atlantis so you may experience all that you are.

And you will understand what happened in the game of Light vs. Darkness. And you will remember what you must do.thoth

5: Lemuria ... Celestial Connections Pyramid

On our journey through the matrix of the pyramids we come upon one that is both vague and fluid in density.  The Lemurian Pyramid is one of two pyramids that creates a storyline about a reality that supposedly once existed in third dimension but has evolved into higher frequency.  The soul who oversees this pyramid goes by the frequency, Teco-Porima.

The Lemurian Pyramid creates the illusions of dimensions or levels of reality. The pyramid can be found in the grid over the region known as the Pacific Ocean. It has sometimes been viewed by passing sailors on long voyages in the open seas. As they move between the portals of their minds, and those of reality, they have seen such a pyramid before them.

The true nature of this pyramid is to maintain and enforce awareness of higher levels of experience, for if Mankind can understand that there is more than just his physical expression he will be in readiness to move to his next level of consciousness believing that his Lemurian ancestors rose to those very heights.

Go there now to this Pyramid of Lemuria. Join forces with those who create this matrix.

Understand the nature of higher creation in the sea of celestial evolution.

6: Tibet ... Sacred Scrolls Pyramid

It was here in the area of Tibet that a Pyramid was placed in frequency. Those who followed named it the place of Shambhala.  The soul who oversees this pyramid goes by the frequency signature, Tsu Li.

This is the creational pyramid which connects us with our spiritual wisdom and knowledge. It is within this pyramid that spiritual teachings are created based on the needs of each culture as it evolves.  And it was my job, as scribe, to see to it that these teachings were recorded through oral traditions, in sacred texts and scrolls, within the energies of crystalline bodies, in stone formations, in hieroglyphs and pictographs, in channeled manuscripts and other art forms.


It is in this pyramid that the entities known as spiritual masters and teachers, a

ngels, gods and goddesses, and spiritual guides, originated. Many souls will have memories of 'arriving' on planet Earth, through this pyramid, then taking the form of Tibetan monks.

It is written that these teachers have secret scrolls hidden away since the daw

n on mankind. These teaching can be found within the matrix of this pyramid given in keys at the end of this cycle. Enter now this pyramid where these scrolls await you. Join with the energies of the three creators of this matrix. Read their words. Heed their messages. Then you will know.

7: Australia ... Dreamtime Pyramid

The Pyramid of Dreams is located in the grids over Australia. The soul who creates through this pyramid is the Dreamkeeper.  When souls go to their place of sleep time, it is there that they meet the Dreamkeeper. It is within the energies of this region that the chosen  priests and priestesses incarnated to guard and protect the  creational knowledge stored within the matrix of dreamtime.dreamtime_kangaroos

This knowledge is given in symbols during dreamtime to those  ready to access it. Once given, the soul may return to the physical with the ability to move back and forth between realities. And that soul shall understand how to create in dreamtime and  how that creation becomes manifest in the physical.

Within his matrix they may select experiences just as they do in their physical time. The Dreamkeeper takes the souls to his matrix of  never-ending dreams, where anything can happen and usually does. And here the souls can fly, and be free.

All souls visit the Dreamkeeper and are linked to his matrix by way of their dream experiences. The Dreamkeeper helps them resolve problems, and teaches the true nature of their experiences. Some will see this dreamtime as the truer reality for it is as real as anything else within the matrix.

A part of all souls remains connected to the matrix and the Dreamkeeper to reconnect over and over, the dreamscapes continuing after consciousness returns to the physical body.

Before you go to sleep, ask the Dreamkeeper to show you your destiny and awaken your consciousness.

8: Antarctica ... Extraterrestrials Pyramid

The first pyramid is presently located in the grid over the area you call Antarctica, which would be considered a portal to other planetary grid systems.  The soul who oversees this pyramid goes by the frequency signature, Xerthaneus. The function of this pyramid is to create and guide experiences linked to the comings and goings of extraterrestrial entities who were part of the history of planet Earth.

And there were many entities from these far away worlds that were once part of the story of your planet, their journeys encoded within the matrix by Xerthaneus and his two assistants.

Their souls having experienced through the energy of this pyramid asthose who come from Sirius, Nibiru, Orion, Lyra, the Pleiades, Mars, Andromeda, Arcturus, Vega, Venus, Jupiter, among others familiar to you. And so the storylines would read that these entities came to your planet in great spaceships and interacted with those who lived on the planet, in the water and others below the surface.And there was created a tale of a great spaceship buried beneath a giant lion, who serves as a marker. And similar stone markers were left on every place created in the heavens which linked to the matrix.

The experiences in other worlds are as real as your soul experience at this time on planet Earth. Those souls would carry the memories of these distant worlds often as a truer reality than that which they came here to embrace. And when this book is found, the ice shall melt from this place, revealing starships created by this pyramid, left behind as reminders of their work and interaction on your planet.

And the energies of this pyramid shall still be read in the matrix of this total creation and experienced by those who would come to these creational forces for guidance.


9: Arctic ... The Meltdown Pyramid

There does exist a pyramid above the Arctic whose purpose is balancing the poles of the planetary grid and of consciousness once frozen in time now melting down and shifting on all levels.94472489-cloud-passes

Harmonic Ice Crystal
The Keeper of this Pyramid is known by the frequency name, Sophia Hokhmat, creator of all knowledge and wisdom. Sophia creates an ever-expanding body of knowledge flowing through the consciousness matrix, where souls experience. There they may study the natural laws of creation, then learn and develop their abilities to think and understand that which is occurring in their realities.

For it is in Sophia's matrix that the souls understand the connection of all things to this matrix, to the 12 pyramids, and to the central Sourcethat acts as a hub in the center of all of this, the creational energy that gives life to the 12 pyramids, and all that they create as expressions of the geometric design.

Within this frozen monolith one understands how a soul is created and how that soul can manifest in many realities at the same time, taking knowledge from the matrix with each experience. Within this pyramid, one can create and access great wisdom by a mere thought. And that thought is linked to all other thoughts, which bind the souls together. And that in one nano-second of your timeline, all information is learned and understood by all.
It is now time to travel to the Halls of Knowledge created within this Pyramid of Ice and Light. You will combine your mind and consciousness with the matrix. Then you will understand all things in your world.

10: Peru ... Emotions Pyramid

Macchu PichuThere is a pyramid in frequency over the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. It is linked to the Nazca Lines creating a pattern of evolution in design. The soul who creates through this pyramid goes by the frequency, Lubileah.

Her consciousness speaks to the people of Earth about a time long ago when ancient travels from the stars descended to the surface creating a landscape in which souls would descend from above to experience, later to return to her consciousness, through Her temple.

It is within this pyramid that emotions are experienced  ranging form lowest frequency to those of pure light energy. The nature of this pyramid is to keep emotions flowing  in that which you experience as formless waves of energy, which shift within each soul from moment to moment. And the souls shall know all ranges of these
emotions for they are in the matrix and they  have come to experience the gamut of them all.

And the souls will place in highest esteem the frequency of Light which is creation and contains all emotions in balance. And they will connect it with that part of their  being that links to the Source of creation, the  heart, that which expresses what they shall  call 'Love' and keeps the soul eternal.

They shall strive for this place of higher emotion. In so doing, they will experience great suffering, which will help them bring forth higher understanding. And the souls will feel torture and torment, and love
and compassion. And they will place all emotions into words and deeds, and great dramas in which they did act.

And great works shall result in the expression of their emotions, guided by the flow of the emotional matrix. And they shall go to this emotional temple within their souls to find answers to riddles of Creation. There they will find  their answers, not always as their senses have guided.

And each soul shall search until it is ready to enter this pyramid. Once entered it will experience all emotions at one time, with understanding far beyond the comprehension of humanity. Each soul shall embrace all emotions within itself. Come with me now to the Pyramid of Emotion.

Let not old fears blind your way.

Throw away all concepts of emotion and see the truth in who you are.
I will teach you how to find peace and the balance in your soul.

11: Mesoamerica ... Quetzalcoatl Returns Pyramid

The Mayan Pyramid is in the Grid of Time and Synchronicity. The Keeper of the Pyramid is Quetzalcoatl.

Within the pyramid, timepieces and symbols are created in accordance with the Laws of Creation. They are carried throughout the matrix combining all wisdom and knowledge within their design. They fit together as the gears of synchronicity forming the totality of human experience. In dreamtime and meditation one moves within the matrix attracting the keys that synchronize with needed experiences.

And Quetzalcoatl created encoded keys within his timepieces to guide the souls into higher consciousness. He placed his keys within the matrix to be found by those who were chosen, so they may teach humanity about the changes that occur at the end of a cycle. And the two souls who assist Quetzalcoatl, operate and maintain the keys, as they will be found and the information unlocked.

Join me now within the halls of this pyramid as there are keys that will return you to your natural state of being.You will recognize your keys of light. They will open your soul and your consciousness.

Quetzalcoatl Returns ...

12: New York City ... The Story Ends

Darkness emerged from the void moving into the pyramids of consciousness, ending as souls cross over the bridges of time, space and illusion. The sacred spirals of geometry guide their journey home. The end of my story takes me to the Pyramid over New York City. The soul who oversees this pyramid goes by the frequency Isis for She is the feminine aspect in all that moves through the matrix.It is She who expresses herself in the form of the Earth Mother.  She, who is Creator of Life and Evolution. She who sends energy to the matrix that perpetuates the reality in which souls may manifest.

She, who has no permanent form, but that of Light. It is She that you knew as Sekhmet and Hathor, among other Creational Forces. It is She who creates from her pyramid, weaving her creation into the Fabric of Time. Her energies move through the matrix touching all that is in creation all that flows through consciousness, all and everything that is both old and new, for they are one and the same.

From her Pyramid she brings the matrix full circle, Creator and Destroyer All in One. Travel with me to the Pyramid of the Feminine, She who now returns to planet Earth to express herself in the light harmonics of creation.