What is ayahuasca?

ma"Ayahuasca is a way of making available DMT, a very powerful stimulator of seretonin receptors in the brain," says David Nutt, founder of Drug Science, and the former chair of the advisory council on the misuse of drugs. "Basically, DMT doesn't normally get into the body because it's broken down by the stomach. But what native Americans learned hundreds of years ago was that if you make a drink with the plant product that contains DMT, and mix it with a bark product, the bark product acts as a blocking agent and the DMT can get into the body."


Ayahuasca ceremonies are for those people who seek a responsible way of elevating their self awareness and consciousness.

The Ceremony

The ceremonies are lead by people with years of experience taking Ayahuasca and they are well versed in dealing with different situations that may arise within ceremony. Logistically, one person leads the ceremony, while other experienced assistants support the participants, in order to provide a safe environment for you to go through the experience with peace of mind.  It is important for you to feel safe, especially if this is the first time you are taking Ayahuasca and so  choose a shaman to provide such a space.

Emotional Vibratory Scale

emotional-guidance-scale_nHave you ever wondered why some people are just so happy all the time, nothing seems to bother them.  They're even cheerful when stuck in traffic or you push in front of them in a cue.  Whistle other people seem to be sad or angry for no reason at all.  Even when you are super nice and go out of your way not to offend these people - sure enough some how you do.

As we have mentioned in other articles such as XXXX and XXXX   we are all energy.  That's right not the fresh and blood beings we think we are.  Nope in fact if you were to look under a magnifying glass that was powerful enough ( about 800x magnification should do it) you'd see the atoms floating around you.  Which in themselves are mostly space, but the rate at which they vibrate determines there structure.  These atoms are the building block of the universe.

We live in a 3 Dimensional world that has a very specific frequency range.  Anything outside that range does not compute within our five senses.  that does not mean that the vibrations are not present.  To the contrary our 3rd dimensional existence is merely the tip of the ice berg so to speak in the reality of the depth of existence beyond our comprehension.

So why am I telling you all this you may be asking.  What has this got to do with emotions.  Well everything really.  You see because WE are energy and everything physical is energy we are effected by energy.  Just below the water of our iceberg, the frequency closest to us that effects us the quickest is our thoughts and emotions.  These etheric thoughts and emotions are just as real and measurable as we are on an energetic level.   It is because we can measure them that we understand how they work and at what level people attract good or bad experiences to them based on the frequency they are projecting.

At the bottom of the scale is Shame, guilt and apathy.  This creates such low fields of energy around a person that others can feel their negatively.  These people are below anger, they have lost their spark for life and just don't care anymore.  It is often these poor souls that end their life prematurely.

Anger sits at around the 150hz mark and it surrounded by desire and Pride.  All three of which are still in the contracted negative vibratory range.  This is where the majority of the population sit.  In a bell curve this has the highest portion of the population.

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