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As the planet begins to wake up, many people are searching for answers. Some remember who they are, others are just beginning to do so. In a world where disinformation is just as rampant as the truth where one seeks knowledge it often leads to confusion. This site is a culmination of 20+ years of study and research into everything from Religion and spiritual understanding to anthropology, archeology, and history. But mostly it is the delving into the physics and metaphysics of this universe using the previous subjects to guide one into these realms. I have done my best to explain ideas in simple terms so many more people can understand and thus break out of their own blankness. Waking the planet to who they really are is the primary purpose of this site and the workshops and books associated with it. I do hope you enjoy reading the articles I have prepared for you and return often to seek out new information as I share it. Thank you for visiting and I look forward to helping you move deeper inward to find your higher essence and true self.

World heartSoul Ages and Archetypes. Who are we?  Where did we come from? Why are we here?  The answers to these questions can be uncovered at least partially by knowing your makeup.  Your Astrological signs, your personality profile, and your Divine contracts you made for each 10,000-year period and their associated lessons.  Join us for an evening to discover your life’s purpose so you can LIVE YOUR PASSION> Live-Your-Passion-Headermerkaba3The Freedom Code has been put together to work on several levels.  Firstly and foremost to inform.  The best tool you can arm yourself with is knowledge.  The truth will set you free.

Secondly, we prove links to some of the world’s leading researchers on Various topics.  If you are looking to learn about conspiracy theories, Ancient Civilizations, Government cover-ups, or UFOs and Aliens then this is the place to be.  Our resources and continuing to grow.  If you wish to contribute please contact us, we’d love to collaborate.

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Australia Has a fascinating History.

More than previously thought.  Recent discoveries and the latest archaeological evidence point to visits here from Ancient civilizations for thousands of years.  The original custodians of this land have a wonderful tradition of passing down history through song and story.  That coupled with the vast monuments, megalithic structures, rock carvings, and paintings plus anecdotal information make for a compelling rewrite of history.

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One thought on “The Science behind Spirituality

  1. Hi,
    You wrote: “The best tool you can arm yourself with is knowledge. Truth will set you free.” I totally understand that point of view but I would still say: “The best tool you can harm yourself with is knowledge” 🙂 because knowledge only feeds the mind and this is what spiritual seekers wanna “escape from”. While a spoken truth might be helpful to some extent, the only truth that will really set us free is Silence.

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