essenes settlementAccording to Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom, the Essenes are a select group of priests who initially came from Egypt.  They were taught the secrets of the Universe by Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) before his murder/disappearance, after a period of 17 years as ruler.  During his 17-year rule, these men and women, of which there were 300, were initiated into the mystery school.  Whe Akhenaten disappeared they feared for their life and left Egypt in the middle of the night-  Taking their knowledge west.


For many centuries little was known about these people.  How they lived and what they believed was mostly lost.  It is known that Jesus of Nazareth spent many years with the Essenes and it was thought that his teachings were his own until the written history of these ancient people was found.   The “Dead Sea Scrolls” as they have come to be known are a confirmation of many of the stories in the bible.  Giving historical and archaeological evidence to what some say is a legend.Essenes_Humanity-Healing

One of the most interesting books I have read on the Essenes comes from Dolores Cannon. “Jesus and the Essenes”  For those who aren’t aware of the lifelong work of Dolores Cannon I highly recommend you seek her books out.  She died a few years back but her body of work will live on. 

Dolores is renowned for being able to put people into hypnotic trances and delving deep into past lives.  One of her subjects remembers being an Essene and one of the members of the group assigned to teach not only Jesus but also John (the Baptist).  His area of expertise was the lore.  It’s interesting to hear his excitment when the sign (a conjunction of stars which appeared huge and bright in the sky) was witnessed by this character.   It was very interesting to go on the journey with the subject because of the way Dolores explores their subconscious it’s like we are talking to the person in that era as they are living it.  This also means until they have lived it they don’t know what’s to happen.  So we get the hear the prophecy and how the Essenes knew who the mother of the messiah would be (using astrology by the way) and the signs of his arrival (the star etc).  He also confirms that jesus was a real person and that he was crusified.  The subject Dolores hypnotised was able to watch the crusification even though the body of that teacher in his past had died himself he was able to watch it from the resting place, with other souls on that plane. 

From this book, we understand that even in there times the essenes were almost self-appointed outcasts.  They kept to themselves and were very secretive about their knowledge.  It was quite funny to hear this modern person become cagy when regressed to his past life. Dolores is very skillful and was able to calm him and coax more information out of him.  Within the esseense sect  members were tasked with a life of learning a different single subject or group of subjects so as to become experts. Apparently they did wear white robes, they did live in the mountains away from the towns, and they did understand esoteric (hidden or inner) truths that regular people of the day did not.  Women were equal and were not only educated but were highly respected and acted as teachers also.

The fact that so much of this civilization has been lost is sad.  But has it really been lost?  It appears that the teaching of Jesus is the teaching of the Essene.  Can Christianity be the worldwide spread of Essene knowledge? from what I heard and what I know of the bible, it appears so.

What do you think?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please add your voice to the story. 


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