Flower of Life


The Flower of Life is one or those rare discoveries, that since our knowledge of it has come to light we wonder how we never saw it before.

Fruit of Life Z Drawing-200
Flower of Life with circles complete
FlowerofLifeZ-Thin Black-200
Flower of Life with traditional double circle outline


So what exactly is the Flower of Life and why all this fuss.  It just looks like a bunch of circles- doesn’t it.  The picture you see here with only 7 circles is the beginning of the first layer and yet it is not the beginning.  This however is the known as the “Seed of Life” and is where all life comes from.  It is really this pattern repeated numerous times that creates the flower of life.  What’s interesting though, is that in all pictures of the flower of life from antiquity that have been found, there are these two lines around the outside, effectively ending the number of circles that can be added and leaving some circles or rather flowers only half completed.  It appears however that this was done on purpose.  As it was secret societies who kept the knowledge of the Universe hidden from the everyday man.  In doing so they had to encrypt their images and messages so only those indoctrinated in to the society could interpret it.   One of the Secret societies that promptly had and hide this knowledge in the male only sect known as the Freemasons.   The big “G” in the centre of the squares stands for Geometry and it is from the flower of life that sacred geometry stems.  All Five of the Platonic Solids as well as Metatrons Cube can be found in the this symbol. 

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