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Code in Extraterrestrial Face Decoded by Mathematician

The crop circle you see above appeared in 2002 in a field near Crabwood, United Kingdom. Yes, it was real. It’s been filmed, documented and photographed. There is footage all over the internet. It made a lot of noise as it’s documented in the Crop Circle archives and has been researched by multiple scholars all over the world. Here is some great helicopter footage of the Crabwood circle with Terje Toftenes, an award-winning Norwegian filmmaker and video producer.
Crabwood of August 2002 was one of the most important crop pictures ever, yet there still remains much controversy about its precise meaning. Shortly after it appeared, many people became very excited, because it seemed to represent a direct message to us from unknown extra-terrestrials in English using 8-bit ASCII code.
Crabwood of August 2002 was one of the most important crop pictures ever, because it gave us a message directly in English using 8-bit ASCII code. Yet some people have wondered whether it might have been a human-made fake, because its primary message was somewhat obscure? Here I show that there were two other important messages hidden within the 1368-digit binary code from its spiral disc. One involved “false capitalization”, while the other involved “extra digits”. Both were meant to remind us about the dramatic events of July 1952, when a fleet of unfriendly grey aliens (one of who was pictured at Crabwood) flew over Washington D.C. and terrified the nation. Crabwood was made to mark the 50th anniversary of that dramatic event, and to repeat their original 1954 warning to us about the greys. We can also be pretty sure who is making those crop pictures, due to another highly informative picture that appeared at West Overton on July 28, 2002, only two weeks before. It showed a detailed star map to tell us that our crop artist friend comes from a faint star just to the left of epsilon-Hercules as seen from Earth (160 light-years away). The symbol which he uses to describe himself in that crop picture and others is that of a “Feathered Serpent”, namely the great teacher Quetzalcoatl of Aztec-Mayan legend. By making modern crop pictures, he and his colleagues seem to be reaching out for other spiritually aware people like themselves on Earth today, while bypassing governments.Richard Taylor, a physicist from the University of Oregon, states that this is “the most science-oriented art movement in history.”  It’s also interesting to note that many of these designs have been studied in a laboratory setting, as some of the nodes of these stalks are blasted out on one side. Not many people know this about crop circles, but the crops are not simply flattened. It’s quite clear that some sort of high level technology is being used.This ‘blasting’ effect has been replicated by highly localized microwave heating, which causes water inside the crop to vaporize and dislodge. As a result, the stock flops completely over to one side. Because of this, Taylor concludes that crop circle artists are using GPS devices, lasers, and microwaves to create these astonishing patterns of geometric forms due to the measurements he found in his research.Another Scientist, Miia Pitkonen is one of many scholars who have examined this particular circle. He is a physicist from the University of Helsinki in Finland, specializing in medical physics.He explains:

“Crabwood message consists of two parts. An alien picture and a picture representing spiral like bit sequence starting from the center of the picture and proceeding counterclockwise. It has been proposed  that the message is coded using 9-bit code and that 8-bit portions obey ASCII code.

The disc was deciphered by Paul Vigay by simply using ASCII computer code:

“Beware the bearers of false gifts & their broken promises.

Much pain but still time.

There is good out there.

We Oppose deception.

Conduit closing.”

The primary part of their binary code warned about our future on Earth, and implied that our electronic news media were lying. Nearby was a radio transmitter for the BBC, to which the crop picture pointed! Given the extreme length and complexity of this message, any attempts to explain it by human fakery can surely be ruled out.

 The image of an alien accompanying the bit sequence indeed suggests this. This something very essential could obviously include the code for translating ordinary DNA triplets to amino-acids. Perhaps also the code for translating the exotic RNA doublets to the analogs of amino-acids. These analogs could be even electromagnetic waves. There could be also other codes: just at the time when the Crabwood message had arrived I developed entire hierarchy of cognitive codes based on Mersenne primes and regular polygons constructible using only compass and ruler. The first guess is that the message should be represented by some universal code. The appearance of 3 × 3 = 9-bit code words decomposing naturally to 3 sequences of 3-bits suggests that a cognitive code consistent with genetic code might be involved. This guess was very useful in that it led to the identification of the genetic code of exotic RNA and the decomposition of 3 3-bit portions also suggests immediately that information about RNA is in question. It however turned out that ASCII code is the proper manner to interpret the message, ninth bit serves as a separation sign only. The interpretation relies on extremely general aspects of the ASCII code: capital and small letters correspond to amino-acids and capital and small forms of a given letter denote for the same amino-acid. Control signs denote the amino-acidic counterparts for the code associated with the exotic RNA. The ordering of the symbols does not matter. One could also use different kinds of symbols: only the numbers of various kinds of symbols telling how many code words are mapped to a particular amino-acid (or whatever counterpart of it) matter.”

It’s quite complicated, I know. Paul Vigay, a British computer consultant notable for work in developing and supporting RISC OS software and longtime researcher in the field, was the first to discover that the message was encoded in ASCI binary code. He also worked with Mel Gibson on the film Signs, but unfortunately died a very mysteries death.













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