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Associated with the Navel Chakra it is also related to the reproductive energies within the body and your sexual prowess.   Orange being a mixture of Red and Yellow also add a huge dose of creative energy to your life.

service-engine at AokBeing part of the Navel chakra Orange also has a strong concern with self survival and our drive for social acceptance.   We often see Orange on warning labels as it evokes a reaction from the brain to act and do what ever the warning is telling us to do or not do /stop as the case may be. It is not as strong as red which is generally used in emergency or dangerous labels, toxic Orange is a great WARNING colour.

Orange encourages the expression of emotions and stimulates our drive to support the community and families.


Aura Meaning

If you have an orange Aura then you are probably highly charismatic.  Orange is the colour of adventure, action and flamboyancy.  You would have a tendency to have concern for others and do what is in their best interests.  When this energy is pure and channeled positively you are unstoppable.  Anyone with a large amount of Orange in their Aura is bound to be successful, with plenty of Money and a sizzling sex life.

APRICOT : Indicating thoughtful communication

ORANGE : strongly motivated

PUMPKIN : self-disciplined

AMBER : Indicating individual strength and courage

CARAMEL : Indicating positive occupation changes

COPPER : Rarely seen but usually seen in those of the mining industry

RAW SIENNA : indicates weak thought processes


People who prefer ORANGE generally know what they want from their lives and are not afraid to take the necessary steps to achieve their goals and aspirations.  You are self-confident, assertive and determined to create success in their lives. You are tolerant and accepting of others just the way they are.  People who have a preference for the colour ORANGE generally have a lot of energy and can be competitive as well as entertaining.

ORANGE people generally love their freedom, and enjoy exploring new opportunities and adventures and do not like to be tied to any one given situation, place or person. People who wear ORANGE are warm, sociable, dynamic and independent people who dedicate themselves to whatever they do.

You are very creative and you are not afraid to try out something new and dangerous/exciting. You like to communicate with different kinds of people and you may be overeating when you are stressed. You may also have some other addictions.

Those whose favourite colour is ORANGE can be too forceful at times and can be domineering and undiplomatic within their relationships with others.

A person who has an aversion to ORANGE may have suppressed sexual feelings and/or other difficulties to do with sensual enjoyment of life.

Web-buttons-orangeMarketing Connotations

In using orange in business, you need to understand the traits, qualities and mood of the colour. To begin with, it is a warm, vibrant and flamboyant colour. It is energy combined with fun, the colour of the risk-taker, the extrovert and the uninhibited. In colour psychology it means adventure, optimism, self-confidence and sociability.

Psychologically, in business applications orange gives the impression of affordability, depending on the shade chosen and its combination with other colours. Too much of it can suggest cheapness. Use your own judgment on how it affects you – if it looks cheap to you, it will do the same for others.

Travel websites should consider it as one of their colour choices for its association with journeys, adventure and exciting fun activities.

Orange is an invaluable colour in encouraging sales in restaurants, café’s, bistros and diners as it stimulates appetite and conversation, contributing to patrons eating and talking longer and spending more money.

Orange is an appealing colour for the youth market as children and teens tend to like its sense of fun and adventure and its suggestion of affordability. It is also a great colour to use on toys for young children, along with other bright primary and secondary colours.

Positive Meanings in Business:Retreat

  • adventurous, risk-taking, vibrant, flamboyant
  • stimulating to the senses
  • affordable
  • warm, sociable, optimistic, enthusiastic, cheerful
  • self-confident, independent, extroverted and uninhibited
  • creative flair
  • warm-hearted, agreeable and informal

Negative Meanings in Business:

  • superficial and insincere
  • dependent, over-bearing, self-indulgent
  • the exhibitionist, pessimistic
  • cheap, unsociable, and overly proud

Because Orange is the best ACTION Colour.  Your Action Buttons such as “BUY NOW” Button should be ORANGE.  This has been split tested and proven to increase sales on the same sales page with nothing else but the button colour changed.



Emotional Response

ORANGE affects us by stimulating the appetite, and encouraging us to be friendly and socialisation. Don’t include Orange in your kitchen if you are trying to lose weight as it encourages us to eat.  It also entices us to take action of whatever it is that is orange. is BUY NOW button

ORANGE relates to ambition, the herd or pack instinct, agitations, restlessness, business and exploration.  It is useful for decorative highlights in places where people gather, such as family rooms as is encourages communication and fun.  Orange helps to restore balance to our physical energies by rejuvenating.


citrine tumble stonesORANGE crystals stimulate creativity and the ability to adapt and adjust to changes easily and gracefully.

Amber, Ametrine (Quartz), Bisumth, Cachemirine Garnet, Carnelian, Citrine (Quartz), Clinohumite, Corundum, Fire Agate, Fire Opal, Fluorite Garnet, Golden Sapphire,
Golden Tourmaline, Grossular Garnet, Hessonite (Garnet), Malaya Garnet, Mandarin Garnet, Mexican Fire Opal, Mexican Jelly Opal, Mexican Matrix Opal, Orange Agate, Orange Amber, Orange Beryl, Orange Calcite, Orange Chalcedony, Orange Garnet, Orange Jade, Orange Quartz, Orange Rhodochrosite, Orange Sapphire, Orange Spinel, Orange Tourmaline, Padparadsha Sapphire,  Peach Adventurine, Peach Moonstone, Precious Topaz, Sheelite, Spessartine Garnet, Sunstone.




  • Neroli
  • Gardenia
  • Jasmine
  • Carrot Seed
  • Cardamon
  • Cinnamon
  • Coriander
  • Sweet Orange
  • Ylang Ylang


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