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David Icke is Right about the Reptiles

Stuart Wilde Talks on David Icke

David Icke has just been made victim of a hatchet job, that appeared in the Daily Mail in London.

They were questioning his success and alluding to his supposedly vast cash flow. If you take Internet traffic (see below) as a measure of popuparilty, David Icke is number one in the world, way bigger than Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Stuie Wilde, who is really quite titchy compared to Icke.

I spent three days talking to David and his ex wife, that was five years ago. He’s the least commercial person of all the main teachers, he has no interest in money, he’s much like most of us, we just want to get our message out.

The Daily Mail article was very slanted and biased. They ridiculed the heck out of David, and they didn’t bother to interview him or get a quote about his views. They made no mention of his main themes; the power of the Illuminati and the Zionists, and the global elite, to impoverish people and destroyed their lives.

They poured scorn on his theory of humans, that morph into reptiles. But journalists can’t “See” the Aluna world, so the existence of human reptiles seems loopy to them. The arrogance of ignorance is always disturbing to me.

  • Human reptiles is a fact.
  • The global elite’s involvement in pedophilia and black magic is a fact.
  • The Catholics Church’s involvement in black magic is a fact.
  • The power of the Zionists is fact …and on and on.

David in not lying, and then he does makes claims about sexual deviation in high places, that he does not substantiate. So that leaves him open to hits from twits, like the Daily Mail.

I saw a woman in Brazil go through a transformation. She developed a snout and a zigzag spine and she changed from human to reptile, over a period of a couple of minutes. I’ve seen that reptilian transformation several times since. It’s a fact. David Icke is Right.

And I’ve spent 10,000 hours, over the last eleven years, going into the hell worlds, using the trance state. I consider myself an expert on those worlds. Six seconds after I close my eyes, I can see those worlds. It’s like watching a TV screen.

Humans have a Mirror-World double, which is their spiritual identity. That double is in hell or in the celestial worlds, while they are still alive. You don’t go to heaven or hell after you die, your Mirror Self double is already there, right now, in one or more of the myriad of possible dimensions.

That is a fact, trust me on that one. I’ve seen it every day, for several hours a day, over a period of 4000 days.

I’ve seen thousands of the global elite in the hell world’s; politicians, bankers, religious people, cardinals, bishops, famous musicians and actors. And I’ve also seen ordinary people there, some I know personally and others I see in hell that I don’t know. They are just crowds of souls that are in hell, while still alive, wandering about here on earth, pretending to be normal.

David Icke is doing a brilliant job and then I can’t vouch for everything he says about the reptiles, but his basic theory of the reptile-human transformation, is 100% accurate.

And I’d like to add something, that he may or may not know, which I know, because I can see the reptilian humans when walking down the street; (they give off a signal that’s easy to spot—and a rotting swamp smell. I can’t go into it here in detail—it’s the Devil sweat). There are billions of reptile humans on earth.

Every scammer, predator, every sexual deviant, violent people, black magicians, power trippers, etc, all belong to the same ghastly clan. Earth is the dimension of the reptiles and our political, financial and religious power structures are controlled by them.

Armageddon is the fight to break that control and bring the systems down, to liberate people from a secret, hidden nastiness that they could well do without.

And if David Icke gets 60,000 Internet visitors a day, and if he has 5,600 people at the Wembley Arena, that’s good for humanity. They need to know the truth of things, so they can stand up and resist and peacefully reclaim their power. ** If you go to and enter a web name, it tells you the ranking of that site. The lower the number, the nearer the site is in traffic volume to the biggest site in the world, which is Google.

David’s Icke ranking is 6,600+, Tony Robbins 13,000+, Chopra’s 63,000+, Eckhart Tolle 203,000+ and Stuie Wilde is at 186,000+, to give a few examples.

© Copyright 2011 – Stuart Wilde – All Rights Reserved.



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