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Gympie Pyramid

The Gympie Pyramid, also known as Rocky Ridge or Djaki Kundu by the local Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi people, is a site surrounded by numerous myths and controversial claims regarding its origins and significance. Located near Gympie, Queensland, Australia, it has been the subject of much speculation and amateur archaeological interest.s supported by the discovery of various artifacts in the area that seem out of place, such as a carved stone statue dubbed the “Gympie Ape,” which some believe resembles the Egyptian god Thoth or the Indian god Hanuman. Additionally, objects such as a bronze Grecian urn, an ancient Chinese teapot, and a stone head with Central or South American characteristics have been found, adding to the mystery and speculations about international visits in ancient times.

However, mainstream archaeology and academic research typically dismiss these theories. Investigations, including a 2008 cultural heritage survey, have found no evidence supporting the claims that the pyramid was constructed by ancient non-Aboriginal civilizations. Instead, it is generally believed that the site is a natural sandstone ridge that was perhaps modified by early Italian immigrants for viticulture, and that many of the artifacts could have been misinterpreted or relocated from other areas​ (Wikipedia)​​ (New Dawn – World’s Most Unusual Magazine)​​ (Wanders With Wit)​​ (The World According to Steven Q)​.

What was tremendous was that the Gympie Pyramid wasn’t supposed to be the only one-of-its-kind in the area. Legend had it that several other similar stone structures once existed nearby, but had sadly been bulldozed into oblivion. The demolitions weren’t supposedly without consequence though. Urban tales told of a bulldozer driver who excavated the summit of one of the pyramids in order to build himself a house.
Shortly after annihilating the apex – alongside two large stone columns – the driver allegedly saw spooky figures, experienced nightmares and became ill – all of which encouraged him to flee the area for good. Tragically, rumour had it that two other bulldozer drivers died after they excavated the main site. Were there other powers at play?

Local legends and the mysterious allure of the site continue to fascinate visitors and researchers alike. The Gympie Pyramid has also been said to exhibit unusual energies, with some visitors reporting strong sensations or even physical barriers when attempting to access the site without permission​ (Wanders With Wit)​.

Despite the skepticism from academic circles, the intrigue around the Gympie Pyramid remains, drawing attention from both conspiracy theorists and tourists. This ongoing interest highlights the broader human fascination with ancient mysteries and the stories we construct around them​ (Ancient Pages)​​ (Wikipedia)​​ (New Dawn – World’s Most Unusual Magazine)​​ (Wanders With Wit)​.

The drawings are from papers Peter brought with him. They are an artist’s impression of the original detailed 1863 descriptions by cultural historian James Green of the mysterious and unexplained carved symbols on stone columns at the entrance of the terraced walkways leading to the summit of the hill. There was a 5-ringed terraced ‘pyramid hill’ with a circle of 13 stones and an ‘altar’ on top.

An article by Jonette Crowley, on her website matches my own experience of finding, climbing, and sitting upon the so-called Gympie Pyramid.

Her conversation with White Eagle confirms past life memories from people who remember being from Lemuria or Mu. Appranelty when the island was destroyed some survivors remained and ventured off across the ocean.  Those that ended up in cold climates did not survive however the people who link the closest to the surviving Lemurians are the Australian Aboriginals.  Their memories, stories, and Dreamtime connection are a testament to the validity of this story.

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