Agenda 21 Vaccination

Higher Death, Hospitalization Rates Among Vaccinated Individuals

According to a report in Vision Times “..more fully vaccinated people have died from the Delta variant compared to unvaccinated people.”

“The UK is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world against Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Out of the nation’s 68 million people, more than 45 million have received at least a single dose, and over 33 million have been fully vaccinated.” Yet it is these vaccinated people who are dying.

In Australia, where the most draconian lockdown laws have been in play for the past 18 months we are seeing cases spike.  How can this be?  If people have no contact with each other how has the “Delta Variant” managed to spread.  Now in spite of being called an alarmist or conspiracy theorist I have to call out the obvious…. That being that as the percentage of the population gets vaccinated, the people needing hospitalisation increases.  Dare I say the "Delta Variant IS the vaccination!!!

More and more nurses are now speaking out or quitting due to the mandated vaccination protocols.  These veteran health care workers are publicly spilling the beans… Covid wards are full of people with adverse affects from the vaccinations.

Those of us who have been awake for many, many years and who understand the agenda that has been in pay for decades know that this is not a medical pandemic of natural disease.  No, it is genecide to the extreme. 

This particular part of the plan- I mean the actual play book for this pandemic was publish in October 2017, by The John Hopkins Center for Health Security; Please click here to download a copy of “The Spars Pandemic: 2025- 2028" then read alone as page by page, point by point, year by year, plays out exactly as planned.  

The paper anticipates that by 2025 there will be another new deadly virus they will call SPARS and describes the measures to take to keep the public healthy. Their plan is to shape the public consciousness to go along with their scenario: lockdowns, masks, and most of all vaccines. Fortunately, and probably unwittingly, the document also points out how we can counteract their dream of forever enslavement.

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