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Inflammation equals Disease


Expert Author Kristi S Tornabene

When we control inflammation, we can control what causes cells to over proliferate, causing cancer. Or when we manage inflammation so that we stay resistant to pathogens that cross our path; we can avoid the other causes of disease that inflammation causes, like Alzheimer's, and poly-cystic diseases of the kidney or lungs and more.

First by learning what causes us to gain weight, we will find which foods cause inflammation. Second, by managing our stress, we will learn how our stress hormones cause greater food intake and inflammation

Why do I, as a woman, think this is important? Because it has helped so many of my friends feel better. I know it is hard to believe that it is not portion control and exercise that makes the difference. I know I cannot portion control when I am still hungry! By feeding my body and cells, what they need to power themselves, is what causes me to be ABLE to portion control. I don't even crave sweets anymore. (Of course I did when I started at age 46... because I was still having those hormone cycles that caused me to be insatiable. As I aged.. I am 58 now, learning what to eat to feel full, and the slow change in hormones enabled me to manage my diet, so I didn't crave all the stuff that I thought I couldn't live without.

Now when I eat outside my "list" I still get too-o-o hungry and eat more. I am careful to eat as I have found what works to keep me satisfied. And More IMPORTANTLY, my colon moving without fits of starts and stops.

I know I am less inflamed, because I can keep my colon moving without digestive enzymes.

When you read the article about getting older is not about eating less, it is about enough nutrition. You will see, that my B Blood Type friends eat totally opposite of me, and yet we all manage to lose or maintain a weight, and have good blood chemistries. It is NOT ABOUT ONE THING WORKS FOR EVERYONE. We are individuals, with different likes and dislikes. We can learn to eat what is "good" for us, when we feel better. Sallie and I are good examples!

I encourage you to learn how to empower your body for the future; when you get older, you may want to know how your body works, and what will keep your colon moving, so you don't have to have any one help "pull" it out of you. I know that is gross.

Learn how to create a non-acidic environment to keep your bones strong. Being able to walk when you are older will help keep everything running smoothly.

Create a cellular barrier, so that bacteria, and viruses will not find an easy place to make your body a home. Fight lung and kidney diseases by creating a healthy environment, and they won't take hold. Learn what supplements will help with the fight until you are strong and sure enough to keep your body in top shape. (The best shape you can be for your age and genetics).

We even have cancer cell "identifiers" that can be ready to fight those cancer cells when they become "exposed".

Fighting disease with food, and immune support is the greatest thing, because we now have the tools and information to fight to the best of our ability.

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