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Over the years I have studied many of the great masters of our time.  These people have become my mentors as they were to hundreds in their time.  It is my intension to share with you the gifts of knowledge these courageous men and women shared with the world.  I hope you find this information as valuable and eye opening as I have .



As a new mother I embarked on a journey of investment discovery.  I wanted to be a stay at home mother and watch my son grow whilst still being financially independent.  Prior I becoming pregnant I worked in hospitality management, running bars and night clubs.  Within 8 weeks of conceiving I had to resign, the cigarette smoke was just too much (this was back in the day when people smoked inside clubs and bars).

When my son was 3 months old I saw an ad in the paper for a share trading information night and decided to go along.  It was here I met the dynamic Joe Sammon  

My Dad Thinks I rob BanksI immediately bought a copy of his book then went away to meditate on whether or not to take the plunge and do his course.  I decided to use all the money I have saved up and do his course.   Unfortunately I didn’t have quite enough to pay for it in total.  I needed to pay it off and there was no option of this on the sales form.  (Course was $5,000 ish I only had $3,000) It was here that my luck changed for the better and a 3 year contract began.  I approached Joe after the first of the four part course (for which I had paid in full for) to discuss paying off the rest of the course.  As it turned out this was his first course in Queensland and he needed an assistant to help every week for 6 weeks on and 6 weeks off.  If I were to agree to this I could sit the rest of the course for free.  But I had to work two courses for free in exchange.  I was happy with this and agreed.

Joe and I became such good friends that in his second year of coming to Queensland he did Brisbane every round, rotating Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin in a 18 week roster.  He lived in Adelaide so he always did Adelaide, Brisbane and either Melbourne, Sydney or Darwin.

In 2002 Joe predicted the market crash for 2008.  He advised me what to invest in (OIL and GOLD mainly but also some specific companies) So when the GFC happened in 2008 I was not in the least surprised.  I was actually impressed with Joes ability to predict it.   We had many conversations over those years about where the economy was headed.  Everything he shared with me happened.  In 2004 I started my own business with the knowledge Joe had shared with me and he stopped coming to QLD as frequently, utilising his state manager to travel with him instead of using a local source at each venue.  And so three years with this mentor came to a close.  My lessons however will stay with me forever.   I still see Joe from time to time and it is always lovely to catch up.  If you ever get the chance to see him live I would highly recommend it.

Joe SammonJoe has such a wonderful rags to riches story.  Born during 1960, his parents were modest blue collar workers who lived in a housing commission home located in Adelaide’s poorest suburb.  Joe shared with me that they couldn’t afford chairs if one broke so mostly they sat on milk creates.  As a child he was ashamed of his circumstances, but vowed that he would not be an adult in the same situation.  He was determined to change his stars.

As in most worker class families his parents nor his close associates knew anything about the stock market.  In his early 20’s with vision and determination he sort out a mentor to teach him the ways of the trading world.  However no one was prepared to help, brushing him off with comments like

” Joe the market is very involved and unfortunately you just won’t be able to understand it.  You would be best to get a normal job and leave the investing of your money up to the professionals.” 

He accepted this reluctantly for a few years but then passion and determination kicked in and he decided to teach himself.  Don’t think it was an easy journey.  At  first all his trades lost him money, but even this did not deter him.  He knew people made money and he just had to figure out how.  It was actually  on retrospect of those trades that he discovered the secret. In looking back through the history of the shares he had bought he discovered the share prices went up BEFORE a public announcement only to go down or correct after and announcement when most mum and dad investors were buying.  He also noticed patterns in options and set himself a very strict code to follow.  parameters that once met pretty much determined a profit.  I know this to be true because I followed his system for 3 years.  It was only when I broke the system that I lost or didn’t get my full 20% profit I was going for.  

 Joe is now a multimillionaire, living in one of the wealthiest suburbs in Adelaide, neighbours with pop singers and invited to all the great parties.  He found a system that no one had discovered before, that didn’t required software and could predict trends.  He named it SMART.  you can read Joes story in his own words here!about-me

Eventually Joe did create software only to simplify the process.  A computer can analyse figures many times faster than us, then we only have a handful of shares to manually go though and make sure they fit the parameters set.  I must admit I became addicted to trading, beginning to hate weekends and public holidays when the stock market was closed.  I didn’t double my money  I quintupled it.  As in I made five times that from which I started.  In 2004 I sold all my shares and put my new money into a beauty salon fit out, stock and equipment.  (I studied whilst pregnant so I had a day job not hospitality management)  Hence the end of my trading days.  I found out – Once you have a business that holds stock you are forever increasing your retail sector and adding to the range or increasing your marketing, doing bigger and bolder promotions, or buying new gadgets and equipment.  It was fun but no money to invest in shares as well.  I reinvested back into my business instead.   Radiant Skin became my new passion and that chapter of my life closed.  Radiant Skin morphed into Radiant Image in 2009.


1. Protect your Assets.  Joe is the only person I know who has actually read the corporate law books who isn’t a lawyer.  He shared with me the strategies he uses to make sure no one can touch his accelerated wealth.  A lesson well worth learning.  (I teach this in Radiant Business)

2. Buy on Myth – Sell on Fact.  This advice related to shares only but was highly valuable. Shares always go up BEFORE an announcement.

3. Don’t do anything in business with emotion.   Intuition is different from emotion and is fine to follow.  But don’t do something because you love it if it doesn’t make economic sense.

4. Trust has to be earned.  Don’t trust family or friends because of their role in your personal life.  These are historically the people who betray an entrepreneur the quickest.  Make sure every person in your inner circle has earn’t their position there.  (There are countless examples of people betrayed by spouses, siblings or good friends)

5. Trust yourself- Never listen to Nay Sayers.  Many who can’t or won’t shout from the roof top that you can’t either.  Unfortunately we live in a society where peers do not want to see someone other than themselves succeed, who therefore hold others back too.  Don’t allow verbal discouragement to stop you from following your true hearts desire.

6. Where there’s a will: There’s a way!  Even if you have to teach yourself.  Figure out a way to get the knowledge you need to succeed in what ever endeavour you dream to do.

I learnt many lessons from Joe and these are just my top 6.  I hope they help you in your life and you are inspired to take action

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2 thoughts on “Master Mentors

  1. Don’t trust family or friends. So true when it comes to my cousin Joseph Sammon. DONT TRUST HIM. He doesn’t care who he steps on to get ahead and once he has burnt you, don’t expect to ever hear from him again. Still waiting for him to repay nearly $50k. That he owes us. We know we will never see it again but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t still owe it to us. He is very smooth and talks the talk but he is a wolf in sheeps clothing. To be honest, he always has been but against better judgement we trusted him and he ripped us off. He even used my mothers (his Aunty) pre paid gravesite to bury his mother in. My mum thought she would be buried with her mother and her brother (Joseph’s father). This was paid for by my mother and grandmother years ago and the paperwork was given to Joseph when his father passed but he never returned it and when his mother died he used the third plot for her. We did not find out until too late. Never trust this person. No matter how smooth he talks. He is just out for himself.

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