MetatronThe word ‘Metatron’ is numerically equivalent to Shaddai according to Hebrew gematria, therefore he is said to have a “Name like his Master”. Metatron (from Greek Meta+Tron meaning Beyond+Matrix.). Metatron is an angel in Judaism, some branches of Christianity and Islamic tradition Witchcraft. However, there are no references to him in the Jewish Tanakh (Old Testament), the Christian Scriptures (New Testament) or any Islamic source.

The Zohar calls Metatron “the Youth”, identifies him as the angel that led the people of Israel through the wilderness after their exodus from Egypt, and describes him as a heavenly priest.

Metatron is also mentioned in the Pseudepigrapha, most prominently in the Hebrew Book of Enoch (also called Third Enoch), in which his grand title, “the lesser YHVH” resurfaces. According to Johann Eisenmenger, Metatron transmits the daily orders of God to the angels Gabriel and Sammael. Metatron is often identified as being the twin brother to Sandalphon, who is said to have been the prophet Elijah.

Metatron is the twin gurdian of the tree of life. Through Geometry he reveals our connection with all life. Assisting us with our journey to higher self and complete unity. He is one of the angels who have walked on earth. He is a scribe like Thoth.

Information about Metatron Archangel
Virtues Universal understanding, spiritual knowledge
Colour of Aura Golden white, violet and sea green.
Guards this day All days
Direction North
Element All elements
Relevant chakra Crown and heart in particular but through the connection to source all are clensed and united.
Related to Number 1
Related to Crystals Clear quartz, watermelon tourmaline
Herbs Frankincense, Myrrh
Symbols metatron’s cube, tree of life

We know Metatron as an Archangel.  What does this mean?

An Archangel is the recipient of one face, one aspect, one energy, one colour of the Infinite Creator. Their function, their personality – another generic term – is immutable. They travel along with Creation from one Universe to the other, without changing, because they are the 7 pillars of Creation. And still, in harmony and as the One-Universe, as the Infinite Consciousness, they gradually evolve. Bear in mind, these images that you can watch at the movies which show images of space-ships and constellations that are journeying in space in the same direction, as immense birds crossing the sky. Similarly, the Infinite Consciousness and the galaxies are moving together as a chorus in the same direction.

The Archangel Metatron is the Archangel closest to God, responsible for the transposition of God’s light and God’s word into what is known as the lower or outer worlds of light. Translated, this means that the Archangel Metatron is bringing new energy ‘Words’ of Creation through my voice to help us prepare on all levels for life on a fifth dimensional Earth. The energy ‘words’ transmitted through me are in the form of ‘Light Language’, rapid coding sequences of sound, light and vibration that have an effect on physical form and consciousness.

The energy vibrations brought through from the Archangel Metatron will affect our seven energy bodies – the physical/etheric, the emotional, the mental, the buddhic, the atmic, the monadic and the logoic bodies. It will be like igniting a spark within us that will grow and expand to rapidly build the Light body. I am told that the benefits may not be immediately obvious, but that they will be powerful and far reaching. I am showed a picture of lighting the end of a fuse with a delayed explosion at the other end. In this case however, the ‘explosion’ we might expect is an opening into more of who we truly are as an eternal soul and an opening to more of our innate, spiritual gifts and abilities.


When to ask Archangel Metatron for help

You may want to invoke Metatron angel when

You are partaking in further spiritual growth or feel like you have lost your connection to the divine
When you need help with organization
To help you to clense your chakras

How to ask?

Metatron connect me with all that there is above
Through metatron I am reunited with the one
Metatron be with me as I journey to higher self
Through my crown I feel my connection with all


The Metatron Cube in Sacred Geometry is named after him.

The simplest means of constructing Metatron’s Cube is to begin with a cube flattened along a diagonal that passes through its center, such that it becomes a 2D figure, equivalent to a regular hexagon divided via its own diagonals into six equilateral triangles. The vertices of this 2D figure are then connected with additional lines. Several steps later, the full Metatron’s Cube figure is formed.

movmetatronMetaphysics: One needs to understand the metaphoric content of this geometric design to understand Metatron and the electromagnetic nature of the creational of our reality. Metatron’s Latin name is ‘Metator’ – A guide or measurer As in ‘Creational Geometry’ – or ‘Metaphor’. Some say he is an Archangel as in ‘Arcs or Angles of Geometry.


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