Moving into the 5th Dimension

The concept of “moving to the 5th dimension” is often associated with speculative ideas and interpretations rather than established scientific theories. In physics, the concept of dimensions goes beyond our everyday understanding of space and time.

In physics, the term “dimension” refers to a degree of freedom or a direction in which objects or phenomena can vary. In our everyday experience, we are familiar with the three dimensions of space (length, width, and height) and the dimension of time, which together form the four-dimensional space-time framework of general relativity.

However, theories such as string theory or M-theory propose the existence of additional spatial dimensions beyond the three we are aware of. These theories suggest that there may be extra compactified dimensions that are too small to be observed directly at our macroscopic scale.

When people talk about “moving to the 5th dimension,” they often refer to the idea of accessing or experiencing these additional dimensions beyond our usual three spatial dimensions and one time dimension. Some theories propose that these extra dimensions could be “curled up” or hidden in ways that are not immediately apparent in our everyday observations.

Quantum physics provides a framework for understanding the fundamental nature of particles and their interactions. However, the concepts of space-time and time-space are more closely associated with the theory of general relativity, which is a theory of gravity developed by Albert Einstein.

In the theory of general relativity, space and time are combined into a four-dimensional continuum called space-time. Space-time is not fixed but can be curved and influenced by the presence of mass and energy. This curvature of space-time is what we perceive as gravity.

According to general relativity, massive objects, such as stars and planets, create a curvature in the fabric of space-time around them. The curvature determines how objects move in the presence of gravity. In this framework, objects moving in a straight line in curved space-time appear to us as if they are experiencing the force of gravity.

Time is an integral part of space-time, and it is affected by the curvature as well. The presence of mass and energy can slow down or speed up the flow of time. This effect is known as time dilation. For example, time moves slower near a massive object than it does in regions of weaker gravity.

In general relativity, there is no distinct concept of “time-space” separate from space-time. The term “time-space” is not commonly used in the context of quantum physics or general relativity. However, it’s worth noting that time and space are deeply interconnected in the framework of space-time, and their properties are intertwined.

It’s important to mention that the quantum theory of particles and the theory of general relativity are currently not fully reconciled. The quantum realm is described by quantum mechanics, which operates in a different mathematical framework than general relativity. The quest for a complete theory of quantum gravity, which unifies both quantum mechanics and general relativity, is an active area of research in theoretical physics. Such a theory would provide a more comprehensive understanding of the fundamental nature of space, time, and their interactions at the quantum level.

Wikipedia gives this definition of the 5th dimension “A five-dimensional space is a space with five dimensions. If interpreted physically, that is one more than the usual three spatial dimensions and the fourth dimension of time used in relativistic physics. It is an abstraction which occurs frequently in mathematics, where it is a legitimate construct. Whether or not the universe is five-dimensional is a topic of debate.”

That’s all very nice but what is this extra dimension? If we use time as the fourth then what constitutes the 5th? According to Felix Klein in his influential Erlangen program, “Geometry is the study of the invariant properties of a spacetime, under transformations within itself.” Therefore, the geometry of the 5th dimension studies the invariant properties of such space-time, as we move within it, expressed in formal equations.

Space-time and time-space. I’ve heard this a lot from the RA books and David Wilcock refers to time-space often in his presentations.

Spiritual people who consider themselves star seeds talk about moving into the 5th Dimension now and that as you raise your personal frequency you’ll simply shift into it. It’s not like you’re actually going anywhere, it’s more like changing radio stations. For most of your life, you happened to listen to Radio station 3D, but the music seems off to you now and so you tune into the newer, lighter 5D station.

Over the past few years, I have found myself doing just that. I wasn’t happy with the 3D station, I just felt a longing for something better and so I shifted. The problem was… as I shifted, I lost a lot of people along the way, both friends and family, who couldn’t hear the 5D music and wanted to stay in their 3D reality. Not only could they not hear the 5D music, they actively condemned me for listening to it. Therefore, for my own mental health, I had to let those people go.

I’ve read many articles and listened to many psychic/spiritual people who share signs and symptoms of what you go through when shifting frequencies. I tend to seek these out as I have gone through something to check what it is that I’m going through. I feel I’ve now reached the end of their lists and have experienced it all.

The common ones are:

  1. Everything seems different, but you can’t quite put your finger on what. It’s just different. Going shopping doesn’t really excite you anymore. Hanging out with people and having meaningless stupid conversations drives you crazy. You’re actually really happy by yourself. Nature has a bigger pull for you, not that it didn’t before. You know what I mean. Life seems to be cruising along like normal, but it’s not, it’s different.
  2. You feel compelled to serve and your life purpose is staring you in the face. You feel divinely guided by something higher than yourself. You just know what to you have to do, you have no choice, it’s calling you. If you are stuck in a job that’s not your calling you feel trapped and seek ways to escape. You figure out to make your calling a side hustle until it can be your all.
  3. You can no longer blame others, defend your actions or be the victim. As you’ve moved into this space you have been taking personal responsibility for everything- good and bad that has manifested itself around you. Yes, you KNOW there is a ‘reason’ for everything and you accept it, take the lesson as a blessing and move on.
  4. Lesson three does not come before you’ve gone through hell though. I mean literally, I can’t take this anymore, hell. If you haven’t felt like your soul was crushed and your life torn apart then it’s rare you can do lesson 3. If you can see the spiritual lesson in the dramas in your life without real trauma, then I take my hat off to you. That’s real wisdom. Most people need the trauma to shake them out of the material world and go within. So yes, to move into the 5th Dimension you will be put through hell, and probably for years with one thing after another, after another. My hell lasted over 20 years, losing everything a couple of times, and culminating in me nearly dying- perhaps I’m a slow learner! Let’s not forget that “letting go” of old pain requires going through a process of healing; often we need to grieve first before we can release the pain which has blocked the free flow of energy for decades! Maybe even lifetimes.
  5. Your manifestation ability is out of this world. You’ll constantly have unexplained synchronicity and “miraculous” manifestations. When you set your heart on something, sure enough, it turns up in some fashion or another. Side note: my manifestation ability has been crazy good for many years. So much so that if I want something bad enough but it’s not for my highest good to have it someone around me (where my energy goes often) will get it. I have so many examples here that I think I’ll save it for another post, but needless to say, YOU have the ability to bring things into reality, even when you weren’t supposed to have it. -One of my examples is a child. When I write the post I’ll link it here. Keep your eye out and please tell me if you can do this or if anything like this has happened to you. It’s really freaky when you find out it has happened.
  6. The new people you come in contact with are really nice! Our energetic vibration pulls out the fifth-dimensional aspects of the characters we come across. As you become more heart-centered so do those around you. The world seems to be a nicer place, people are opening doors, giving us compliments, just all around more pleasant and it’s noticeable.
  7. The crazy in the media seems to not touch you. Your world just isn’t ‘that’ reality. In fact, you’ve probably done your homework and you understand the many agendas at play. You understand the dark controlling forces on the planet are trying to kill us and take over, but you also know there are higher beings and that the light always casts out the shadow and you have no fear. Like me, you may actually be excited to watch the duality in all its ridiculousness unfold because the more absurd the world governments and corporations get the more common folk seem to be waking up. You’re simply on the couch with your popcorn watching the movie, waiting for everyone to catch up.
  8. You have surrendered all CONTROL of thoughts and actions to a Higher Power or God.
  9. Know you have NO NEEDS that are not already being supplied.
  10. You now understand REALITY has nothing to do with what we see, hear, or touch.
  11. You realize the only real choice you have is either LOVE or FEAR
  12. Pulled in two different directions: we’re right in the middle of the “Inflexion Point” between the Old Paradigm and the New. Many around you will be stuck in the old densities and you may have threads of consciousness still holding into fixed relationships, yet the soul is wanting to realign them. Hence feeling pulled in different directions.
  13. Death of the Ego: you may well feel at times like you’re dying, but this is usually as the ego begins to confront its immanent demise – the false self is being unraveled.
  14. Feelings of depression, disconnection, and hopelessness: even though you’re expanding into lighter vibrations, you’ll still stir up inner density at times which will amplify feelings of disconnection from the expanded states. You may feel hopelessness with regard to the old paradigm and even at times depression.
  15. Last one on my list- TIME seems to be speeding up. You no longer feel that you have 24 hours in a day. Although you are accomplishing tons you’re always so busy, it’s exhausting. The fact is the universe is speeding up and you’re just in sync.

The perceived presence of this vibrational-spiritual-electric energy is accelerating and becoming more accessible to those open to experiencing it.

I found this table on and I thought I’d share it because it’s a pretty good summary of the subtle differences between 3D and 5D living.

We have all chosen to be here on planet Earth as the shift into this new dimension happens. It’s a rare occurrence in galactic happenings and many souls have chosen to incarnate at this time to hitch a ride. There are many other planetary inhabitants watching Earth at this time. It is a momentous occasion. We’ve been warned for years that we are simply the caterpillar about the be given our wings. This human butterfly crop circle measures 530 by 450 meters and was formed in 2009, on August 7 in the Netherlands.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you about your experiences. If you find yourself on this page- it’s not a coincidence- you are part of the star seed family and we are all simply finding each other now. reach out and tell us about yourself.


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  1. OMG this is sooo true. I’ve felt so alone on this journey. I’m slowly losing all my old friends and I’ve just come out of a really terrible domestic violence relationship. Yet I don’t hate him I feel sorry for him. My compassion was so strong that even when the police wanted me to charge him I said no. I knew it was his childhood traumas that were causing him to drink. I didn’t want to punish him I just wanted him out of my house so he wouldn’t hurt me anymore. big difference. Woo thanks for the post. I love your articles.

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