: the quality or state or fact of being one: such as. a : singleness. b : integrity, wholeness. c : harmony. d : sameness, identity.
Oneness teaching asserts that God is a singular spirit who is one (not three persons, individuals, or minds). They contend that “Father,” “Son,” and “Holy Ghost” (also known as the Holy Spirit) are merely titles reflecting the different personal manifestations of God in the universe.
What is oneness spirituality? It is to have a deep understanding and expeirnece that we are all one—all manifestations of the same Consciousness. … The challenge is making the individual cells clearly understand two things: (a) their relationship with each other and the whole; (b) what a good “cell life” is all about.
The Law of Oneness is regularly given lip-service. It is regularly discussed and quoted…but rarely is it lived. Rarely is it known. Rarely is is trusted.
Everything within this energetic matrix, is one. Your internal universe is set up in a way which it seamlessly communicates with the external universe(once in alignment)…which in actuality, isnt external at all.

There is no such thing as time and space. What you see with your eyes as space, is actually water, plasma, vibrating at a very high rate.
Separation is a construct of the mind, we are all plugged into one another.The detachment from source occurs when we attempt to figure things out from ego. To compartmentalise.

If you were to drop your informational learnings, and instead placed that energy & focus into coming back to experiential oneness, your actualisation of self would occur at a profound rate.
We have been taught to get caught up in the external relations towards health. People study things like nutrition, and eating correctly by the book, by the system, by the master. They know all the information they have been told they need…yet they themselves are totally confused about themselves.

Once you arrive to some form of knowledge and domain over your own consciousness, it doesnt really matter what you consume either physically or mentally. Once your consciousness is circulating, you can actively assimilate and transform the incoming material in the way which is best needed for your system today.

Mastering self allows you to create more fire, or more water…In a millisecond, when necessary. You can map out your own internal elements, know where they live, and call upon them at any time. Relying on the external is a great disservice to oneself.

The things which are truly possible in the energy world will never be grasped by your mind. Its too dense and limited to interface with the more felt-sense components of existence.
As an example, It makes zero sense logically how I can drop deeply inside, locate another person inside of myself, feel where they are blocked energetically, and then begin to make love to them, in a way which restores flow….Which is felt palpably on their end, physically. Intensely…Regardless of where they are physically located.

The mind has absolutely no ability to unpack such a situation. Because where on earth would it even start? Harry Potter??

If everything we did in life was to move closer into our oneness with life, with others, with god, with everything that ever has been…existence would be even more delicious than it already is. We wouldnt have to waste time attempting to reverse engineer everything. Instead we could begin right down deep within the root, as the root.

Knowing thyself is the first step…

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