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Pyramids in Australia

By Michelle Kennedy

Long before white man arrived in this harsh land, Australia had a history to rival all the ancient civilizations that fill our history books.  The only difference is Australia’s history remained a secret.

Even before Captain James Cook claimed this land for Britain, explorers had found and walked this land. Many were Dutch, who found the harsh conditions of this desolate country, weren’t suitable for colonization. If only they knew Australia had been Colonized long before they were even thought of. Secret hidden Pyramids

Our ancient visitors include the Pharaohs of Egypt’s humble beginnings.  The legendary Khufu who has been credited with building the Great Pyramid of Giza, (yet strangely no evidence supports this claim.  To the contrary evidence of it being built much earlier are far easier to substantiate.) sent his sons to Australia, perhaps to mine for Gold.  Or so the evidence appears.

Khufu’s son’s appear within the stories of our Native people and evidence of their presence here is recorded in Hieroglyphics on the rocks in the region I was born.  Known as the Gosford Hieroglyphics archeological evidence proves Egyptian visits to Australia.

I was born in Umina actually and this is where the largest of all etchings have been found.  Then there is a myriad of rock carvings up at Kariong in the bush I walked as a teenager. Now that Australia’s Aboriginals have been given permission by elders to reveal sacred knowledge, slowly the truth is being uncovered.

The Gosford glyphs are a group of approximately 300 alleged Egyptian hieroglyphs in an area known for its Aboriginal petroglyphs. They are carved into two parallel sandstone walls about 15 m (49 ft) long. They depict boats, chickens, dogs, owls, stick men, a dog’s bone as well as two glyphs (Cartouches) that appear to be the names of kings, one of them Khufu, the other uncertain. These names are given the same personal name and throne name. There is also a carving of the ancient Egyptian god Anubis.  These were first reported in 1975 by Alan Dash, a local surveyor who had been visiting the area for seven years. Dash continued to visit for five years and reported that the number of hieroglyphs had increased every time that he visited.  Since then the hieroglyphs have been claimed by amateur Egyptologists to be authentic script carved by ancient Egyptians about 4,500 years ago.

The story in the glyphs tell of star beings and of the death and burial of Rajedef – Khufu’s son, Prince of Egypt, in the immediate area.  To date no remains have been found.  Legend states that King Solomon s mines were where the Gold was mined for death masks for the Pharaohs.  Due to tomb robbers only one such mask survives today, that of Tutankhamen.

King Solomon is renowned for his extraordinary wealth, and the Old Testament states that he was the possessor of “gold according to all his desire”.

But the question that has perplexed archaeologists, historians and explorers alike for over 4 000 years is where the extraordinary amount of gold came from.

The first classical reference to Solomon’s golden eldorado is a guarded reference in the Bible to a place called Ophir. Unfortunately, the exact location of Ophir was never revealed in the Bible and, thus, its whereabouts have remained a secret all these centuries.

It is understood that Solomon, in collaboration with Phoenician King Hiram, of Tyre (in present day Lebanon), dispatched expeditions of Phoenician mariners to the lands of Ophir to obtain large tonnages of gold.

It is also known that the Phoenicians were among the greatest traders and explorers of the ancient civilisations around the Mediterranean Sea. They established commercial outposts throughout the Mediterranean and were known to have ventured onto the Atlantic and Indian Oceans in pursuit of trade.  According to Greek historian Herodotus, who, incidentally, is considered the Father of History, a Phoenician expedition commissioned by Pharaoh Necho II, of Egypt, managed to circumnavigate Africa in a voyage that lasted three years.

Many have speculated on the location of Ophir and, over the centuries, it has been placed in Arabia, the Asian subcontinent and south-eastern Africa, with some even ludicrously suggesting Peru. Yet not once has Australia been a contender for Ophir.  We were left alone- unpillaged, and unraped.  Australia remained virginal until only 200 years ago – Only relatively recently has the country been raped and plundered.

Interestingly the Mask of Tutankhamen, pulls Australia even deeper into the fold of Egypt’s past.  Scientific research conducted on the mask reveal the chemical composition of the gold used in the Death Mask of Tutankhamen matches the Chemical composition of – Yes wait for it – Gympie Gold.  In fact hundreds of meters of mine shafts exist in Gympie, many of which have been sealed up with stones.  Copper, Tin, Silver and Gold have all been mined here at one time or another.  Could Australia be the legendary OPHIR. – King Solomon Mines.  And how funny that the British sent their convicts here.  Haha I guess the convicts and us their descendants got the last laugh.  Of course I’m just speculating, but it does make one question the official narrative.

What I find most intriguing is that despite the evidence pointing to an Australian connection, I can not find a single theory in any archeological books or reports any where.

The Government seems to be in a desperate state to wipe this history out of existence as we would have to change our history books.  What we think we know is really far – FAR from the truth.

I spent the 21/ 12/ 2012 on top of what is left of the Gympie Pyramid.  I can tell you it is a powerful vortex.  I channeled non stop for the two hours I was there.  From the moment I entered the vicinity of the pyramid till I’d driven quite a few kilometers away I could feel the immense power.  I had my three children with me and they all (With no prior knowing of the Gympie Pyramid story) all had visions.  One of the children even seeing the blue clocked figures of the pyramids guardians surround us as we mediated during the galactic alignment. I had not told any of the children any of the stories pertaining to what others have seen.  Guardians dressed in blue robes being one such story and yet he saw them.  I was honoured to have found a guide who remembers many of his past lives and can see and feel different entities.  I was explaining a little of the knowledge I have on various occult subjects when he told me several of the guardians have come to listen to me. I must say the whole evening was such a great experience.

The government have tried for years to destroy the Pyramid.  And although it still stands, very much hidden and covered in vegetation the Blue stone pillars on which we sat that night on the Pyramid  have been destroyed.  The energy is very much alive despite it’s apparent destruction.

In 1975, doing a routine fly over looking for unnatural terrain as part of his research expeditions Mr Gilroy discovered the Gympie Pyramid.  He was able to measure it’s height at 200feet and noted it had 18 terraces.  When I was there in 2012 there were no terraces and the blue stone which once stood majestically adorning to the top of the Pyramid laid askew, discarded and neglected.

Mr Gilroy and his wife were able to save some of the carvings before too many vandals got them.  One day I hope to see those also.

Hopefully we will be privy to the knowledge of the Original people of this land, for they have much information to share.  Much wisdom to bestow and we really could learn a thing or two, if only people would take the time to listen. Not just to listen but to really hear.  To feel mother earth as they do, to comprehend our own true nature and that we really are all one being.


Please join the conversation and let us know what you think below.  Do you have any first hand knowledge of ancient visitors to Australia?  What do you think of my theory?  I’d love to hear form you….

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9 thoughts on “Pyramids in Australia

  1. It was the other Brother Neferu who is or was entombed at Gosford. He had stowed away. Only to reveal his presence after the ship they were on had passed the last cataract. Khufu’s sons numbered 90!

  2. Whoa, this is the 1st I’ve heard of this. And have energy flowing through reading your article as it needs to be shared with all Aussies (and I mean All). – for the sake of humanity, balance can be achieved!

    Is there any knowledge or connection to (what once was) a massive volcano/pyramid in the Mt Warning area (ironically named), as I have felt a very strong energy there also.
    #connection to the real Atlantis (i.e misuse of power and exploded)
    /also the (hidden/promised southern land (not America).
    All modern-ancient history (as written/faked) trace to the importance of this exposure.
    And the importance of the “originies” (I’m not using the word aborigines) culture and teachings.
    Maybe this really is the lucky country!

    1. Yeah that’s what i thought and part of the reason I wrote the post. I’m currently studying Psychology full time so this is my part time passions and I never seem to have enough time to write up all the interesting things I find. My friends keep pushing me to write a book. But it’s one book to them and many to me. As it depends on the person I’m talking to the topic they get. This one definitely needs more research and there are some extraordinary people already on the path which is a help. As for Volcano. Checkout this website He talks about lots of them and you may learn a bit more and open your curiosity wider!!
      Thanks for your comment
      Kind regards

      1. So are we Chelsey. lol. Gamers and social networking freaks. Our 9 year old son is a Pokemon MASTER and I keep hoping that he never has to battle a little Japanese ki832d#&0;.it will bust his bubble something terrible! lol

  3. This was a great article and cant wait to go see it and meditate their, if you still can? Unfortunately our government dont want us to know much about anything. How sad that such a wonderful place has been slowly destroyed. Towards the end of the year I want to go traveling to places like this as I really need to soul search within myself ,but its hard to find anything other than fancy beaches New age stuff. Anyhow great article 😁

  4. As a local (Woy Woy) I have visited the Gosford carvings since I was a child. In 1928 (from memory) a ranger responded to reports of a crazy man living in the bush. On investigation he found a Caucasian man carving Egyptian glyphs into the rocks and, upon discovery, he ran off into the bush making strange noises. Its that simple. The Rangers report is documented. Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. A simple carbon date will find they are very recent, definitely post aboriginal. As a child I used sit on the cliffs above Woy Woy Umina in what I found out later was a “women only” area. With shallow coloured etchings typical of the Guringai Mob. Their word for “stingray” which used to infest the waters surrounding Umina Point along with sharks waiting for fresh water fish making their way seasonly to the ocean to spawn, was Umuna, their tribal symbols. Sadly all etchings were completely cut from the rock in blocks in the 70s and another larger Mob claimed the area. “land rights” are issues even between Mobs.

    1. Hi Bill,

      Wow thanks for the local insight. I haven’t heard of the mad man carving into the rocks but it wouldn’t surprise me. Many of the supposed Egyptian glyphs are backwards, upside down or just wrong. There’s also no evidence of a temple which is what real Egyptians would normally carve writing into. In saying that I was under the impression that one of the Pharoe sons died, hence the significance of the area. I guess unless a body is found this too is just conjecture. However, it doesn’t change the fact that Aboriginal tribes have stories of Egyptian visitors up until roughly 400 years ago when they were told not to come back. I am unsure as to what could have happened that they were banished, but that’s the story. Sometimes I wish I could time travel and verify many of the things I’ve read and heard. I appreciate you visiting here and commenting. The more people who join the conversation with first person knowledge, the more the rest of us will learn.

  5. oops. *1982. Library books from Woy Woy Library contained the exact heiroglyphs (a pre google “Egypt” project made me realise)

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