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Reiner Fuellmich Discusses Pandemic Investigation

Reiner Fuellmich sums up the year long investigation and the coming court cases in relation to covid19 and lockdowns and dangerous vaccines and vaccine passports and apartheid and other criminality.

Sources: The Berlin Corona Committee consulted with over 150 scientist and experts in law and health including virologist, immunologist, psychologists, politicians and scientist from various fields.  These expert included Dr Mike Eden (former vice president of Pfizer),  Catherine Austin Fitts, Professor Luc Montagnier (French virologist & Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier has claimed that Coronavirus originated in a lab. Montagnier's research was based on the fact that COVID-19's genome has elements of HIV & Malaria germ. This is not possible in a naturally occurring virus) and Sue Frost.  The findingsÍ›››››››ÍÎ prove this pandemic is not about health but about global control, genocide and wealth redistribution.

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