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The Freedom Code came to me as a vision.  It’s the teachings of the Ancient schools blended with practical knowledge we need today in order to free people of the trauma they received as a child.   The residue of emotional abuse is one of the leading factors in adults who do not thrive, feel lost with no sense of purpose, and those with depression and anxiety they can’t explain. As a spiritual healer, counselor, and leadership consultant I have been called to teach my work on a larger scale.  My students who are able to attend in-class sessions have benefited but have urged me to create an online portal for anyone around the world to join and learn.  The internet has provided a perfect vehicle for us to enjoy wisdom from afar.

There are five steps to the Freedom Code and they encapsulate every area of your life.

The root of the program aims at eliminating Childhood Trauma.  Studies have shown children who are neglected, invalidated, lonely, or abused have very clear outcomes as adults.  These are generally negative and what many find it so hard to escape.   It is usually victims of emotional abuse who are not aware they have been abused and therefore have never sort to break free of it.

The first step is to show these adults who are searching for “more”, who are not happy in their life but they’re not sure why.   It is these people the Freedom Code was created for. 

Forms of emotional child abuse?

Emotional abuse comes in many forms including:

This includes bad name calling, constant criticisms, refusing the child’s hug, refusing the child to participate in family and social activities, and making the child feel stupid and not needed.

This includes ignoring the child, no attention and care about her school and performance, no protection, no health or dental care, and generally not paying attention to significant events in the child’s life

This includes yelling, cursing, scaring, using extremely harsh words, threats to send her away, killing her pet, ridiculing a child in public and even forcing her to watch violent activities.

This includes preventing the child from making and playing with friends, leaving him/her for long periods, and keeping her confined to read her books or do house chores.

This involves the manipulation of the child and assigning responsibility to her, with huge consequences. For example, in some villages, a child on a farm could be asked to do all the farm work, get the produce sold, and prepare dinner for the family, with no rest or reward.

This includes rewarding the child for doing wrong things like duping someone or pick-pocketing, using a substance, or performing sexual activity. It also includes teaching them racism and becoming biased towards someone’s religion or ethnicity.



Radiant Spirit is in the center.  From here we are to clear blocks and activate DNA, the Pineal Gland and the Chakras.  We go through the initiation rites of the Egyptian school of Horus (to a point – they took 24 years to complete these we only have a week.)

You will learn how to balance the Masculine and Feminine Energy within your body and how to control energy.  You will learn the truth about the Law of Attraction and that everything you’ve been told so far is incomplete.

We go through all 7 Soul Essences and you will find out your true life’s purpose.  The one you chose to incarnate into for this lifetime.

Sacred Geometry becomes a tool for you to use and understand whilst we explore the theories behind the origins of earth and Humans.

You will meet your higher self and learn what it’s like to be in your heart.  From here once you have all this ancient wisdom then you are free to do the other four steps on the Freedom Code.

Radiant spirit is the prerequisite for the other courses, however once complete you may choose to do them in any order.


This program helps you understand your biology and physiology.  We go into diet, exercise, sleep, drug use and much more.  You will learn the neuroscience behind belief, manifestation and illnesses.  The truth will astound you.

There are recipes for food (Yummy breakfast, lunch, and dinners) as well as snacks (protein balls and roasted nuts), as well as recipes for lotions and potions for your hair, face and body.  Each recipe will explain the active ingredients and what they do for you.  On our week away retreats we actually make some of these and pamper each other for a day- Bliss!

There is so much to Radiant Health that’s hard to explain.  When you watch the videos you’ll understand, but we do meditations and breath work, we talk about family of origin and birth order.  We go into the theories of Social learning, modeling, and conditioning and how this has affected your health and of those around you.  You will learn to be a health leader and show others a more positive vibrant you that they will want to emulate.


Studies have shown that loneliness is deadly as it can lead to obesity, heart disease, and other inflammatory conditions. Humans are social beings, we need each other.  Having rewarding, fulfilling relationships is something the majority of the population strives for.

This workshop starts when several people are enrolled and we do a live master class webinar.  There is video and notes to back up this workshop however it is highly interactive and you will get to vent, share and generally be heard.  The group will also be giving homework assignments in between sessions to see if the social experiments that psychologist say improves confidence, happiness and resilience to stress actually works.  You will have fun but you may be pushed beyond your comfort zone at times.  This is good as change requires effort! If you are in a couple and you both wish to do this, may I suggest you do the course one after the other and not at the same time- just a suggestion of course.

We will cover:-

  • Communication
  • Love languages
  • Personality traits and natural tendencies
  • What is and is not acceptable behavior in a relationship of any kind – Friendship, family, work or lover?
  • Strategies to overcome automatic negative self-talk
  • and how to identify emotional vampires

Plus much more…


Only offered to graduates of all the other three.  These courses are by invitation only. They are in-depth training on Business, Real Estate, and Investing as well as setting up trusts, companies, and foundations.


If you are interested in this online course please leave me some details below.






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