Agenda 21

The Great Reset

A Way for the Elite to Steal our wealth!

The Elite have had a plan to take control of the world for decades. This is not news to anyone who is interested in the truth and world control of a powerful elite. Of course, improving the state of the world is a great ambition indeed, but the World Economic Forum (WEF) has a plan.

It is a program of radical economic change also favoured by the OECD and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, former president of the Socialist International. They believe COVID-19 is an opportunity to make a new economic order designed by globalists, regulated by unelected officials and funded by workers whose taxes will pay the price for social justice activism and mass decarbonisation.

Whenever you hear the word “redistribution” for equality of all… think.. this is how we will steal your wealth, the wealth and resources of your entire nation and give it to ourselves. Yes you heard that correctly, they are trying to do the worlds largest money grab and redistribution of wealth this planet has ever seen.

Not satisfied with stealing our wealth however, they are also planning on taking control (in a much bigger capacity than they already do) of our health care system, our education system, our leisure time, technology, transportation, communication, industry, travel, housing, careers, water, environment, and well every aspect of our life you can put a name on.

After Davos 2021 things won’t ‘go back to normal’ after COVID-19 dies down. There will be a new normal.

The plan is so vast and so encompassing the mind-maps of just the headlines of the plan are pages and pages deep.

We are going through a one-way door.
There is no turning back.

This won’t be about fixing the capitalist system. It will be about RESETTING it. They don’t want a capitalist society, where you can create your own fortune. Instead they want a socialist society where they keep you where they want you.

According to James Rickards, every bank, brokerage and business will ‘go dark’ for a period.

Says Jim:

They’ll come after every penny they can, through taxation, penalties, regulatory schemes, bank levies, trumped up criminal prosecutions, good old-fashioned thievery.

In the end, we’ll see the rise of neo-fascism around the world, along with massive redistribution of wealth. The elites will come out the big winners. Everyone else, including the middle class, will come out devastated.


The Rosetta Stone records the achievements of Egyptian pharaoh Ptolemy V Epiphanes.

These include something called a ‘debt jubilee’. It records how Ptolemy declared all debts, then known as ‘slates’, to be ‘wiped clean’. And all debt slaves, known as ‘peons’, were freed.

Could we see another debt clearance, where the billions, nay trillions of dollars each country is in debt for is wiped clean? What does this mean for homeowners? Do you now get a house without a mortgage? So many possibilities but one thing is certain, 2020 has been a taste of what is yet to come in 2021. They have already proved to themselves how easy it was to stop the entire worlds economy in a single week and keep it shut down for months. If they can do that without mass rebellion then they may just pull off the greatest heist in history.

What are your thoughts. Please join in the conversation. Your voice is important, as we the many, may just be the ones that stop, they, the few.

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