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The Rule of Thirds

Since the dawn of digital photography during the first decade of the new millenium, taking panoramic views has never been this easy.  Photography is a pursuit that can be many things to different people. If we look at photography as being an art form like painting (and really they are no different) then the artist must have at least a cursory understanding of artistic principles. Aesthetics, what is it and why is something considered aesthetic?

The Rule of Thirds is a huge compositional tool and can be applied to just about every photo. It is the fastest way to make a photo go from dull to interesting. It is also very easy to do.

In photography, we call it the “rule of thirds”. Every time we focus on the subject,  we always incorporate the imaginary three divisions or three equal lines on every picture, vertically and horizontally.

It is very important when shooting landscape or seascape and other panoramic views that interest a photographer. The Rule of Thirds was the creation of painters in the Renaissance. The aim of this style of composition is to provide a bit of background in the photo, to allow the photo to tell a story. Renaissance painters found that the eye doesn’t rest on the center of a photograph. 

If you visulize your subject in your photo you see them more likely then not centered smack dab in the middle of your photograph. This is most common the case and unfortunately most commonly the biggest mistake made when a photo is taken. The rule of the thirds sounds confusing but is way more basic than you would think. This rule can be applied either straight in your camera while you are taking your photo, or in your post processing.

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