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The StarGates

What is a StarGate?

A StarGate is a Doorway of sorts. StarGates are a place where energies, seen or unseen, are broken down and analyzed in their purest and most basic form, consisting of pure energy or light which resonates and exists as a vibratory frequency or pattern. Each Planet, Solar System and Galaxy, as an example, all hold their own resonant energies.

A StarGate ensures that this resonance or projected energy can only harmonize with energies that vibrate or resonate at a similar harmonious vibratory frequency which determine and create our physical results. I liken StarGates to the locks at the Panama Canal. By checking the level of each incoming Ship and correcting for resonate water levels, or energies as it were, it makes it possible for the vessel to pass through from One atmosphere to the next.

StarGates require any vessel or body to be resonate with the energies where it is going, or it literally shall not pass. This is Universal Law. StarGates~A Bend in The Space – Time Continuum StarGates hold another important function. They are a short cut, a bend in the space-time continuum. StarGates have specific destinations. Passing through an Earth StarGate will take you to one specific destination, Aldebaran, Alpha Centauri, Sirius– in an instant. It was believed that who controlled the StarGates controlled Interplanetary Space Travel. That is a misnomer, because just like Mother Earth, StarGates have a resonant sentience of their own.

There are slightly over 50 StarGates on Earth and I touch on around 16 of these.

Some of Earth’s StarGates are:

  • Lake Titicaca StarGate,
  • Gulf of Aden StarGate,
  • Detroit StarGate,
  • Baghdad Palace StarGate,
  • Iraq StarGate,
  • Ziggurat Ur StarGate,
  • Sudan StarGate,
  • Mt Shasta StarGate,
  • Lake Clarence King StarGate,
  • Mt Rainier StarGate,
  • Mt Kailash StarGate,
  • Lake Mansarvour StarGate,
  • Mt Hermon StarGate,
  • Lake Ram StarGate,
  • Mt Fuji StarGate,
  • Mt Everest StarGate,
  • Mt Klyuchevskaya StarGate,
  • Dome of the Rock StarGate in Jerusalem and
  • The Kabba StarGate in Mecca.

To behold and breathe in the pictures of these locations while sensing their majesty we return to truly understanding the beauty of Mother Earth.

In my book,  StarGate Earth, I offer photos of all of these StarGates with the Google Earth coordinates so anyone can duplicate the research and behold the beauty for themselves. This is Earthling 101 but we have allowed ourselves to become so programmed in the matrix we have forgotten the calls of nature and the interconnectedness of all things.

Entanglement Physics studies our connection within the Cosmos. What is an Inner Earth Portal? The easiest way to describe how an Earth Portal works is by sharing an eyewitness account. Five months before the Roswell Crash which was caused by our militaries’ doppler radar targeting the Extraterrestrial craft, causing their navigation systems to go out, Admiral Richard Byrd flew right into an Inner Earth Portal. Howard Hughes attempted the same in 1938.

Admiral Byrds’ four planes were each outfitted as photographic laboratories. Each plane had 250 pounds of film for cameras previously used in wartime and radar on each Navy plane to read below the ice formations of the Antarctic. They observed Transantarctic mountain ranges with peaks higher than 20,000 feet. The photographers on the planes took overlapping exposures every three seconds for the entire flight to map the entire flight.

The photograph mapping was carefully synced with the radar to record mineral deposit locations from shore to shore.

England, Norway, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South American countries and Russia all made claims to the vast Earth resources at Antarctica.

The United States made no claim to Antarctic territory.

Three of the planes returned to base once they have used their fuel, but Admiral Byrd’s plane was missing. The airplane’s gyroscope was swinging and the instruments were spinning. Admiral Byrd noticed the light was different here and he could not see the Sun. They were now seeing a forest, a river, and a meadow.

Everything was photographed. 300 square miles with no ice and no snow. They photographed a chain of warm-water lakes. They found a lake five miles long and landed to measure water temperatures and take samples. In this place, it was seventy-four degrees air temperature and thirty-eight degrees water temperature.

Admiral Byrd reports seeing silver disc aircraft that had swastika-like markings. These benevolent crafts had communicated with Adolf Hitler and he took the symbol from them with a much different intention. He felt he could control the StarGates and Earth resources. He wanted to control the resources of several Planets. It turns out they found maps from Germany mapping Middle Earth from 1939, a year after Hughes’s expedition across the Inner Earth portal. Hitler knew about the Inner Earth portals from Howard Hughes’s flight.

Admiral Byrd describes in his logbook receiving a message over their radio saying: “Welcome to Our Territory”. Seven minutes later they were pulled in by a tractor beam and landed very smoothly on the ground. He described several men approaching their airplane on foot. He then describes boarding a flat platform that flew at great speed to a City made from material resembling crystal. The Master who greeted him said he was in Arianna, the Inner World of Earth.

Admiral Byrd’s accounting of the conversation with the Master focused on a warning that there were now people of the Surface Earth race who were more interested in power and had reached the point of no return where they were willing to destroy the entire world than relinquish their perceived power. He told Admiral Byrd he had tried to warn them because when we exploded atomic weapons over Nagasaki and Hiroshima he sent his craft out to investigate and they had been followed with threats of being shot down. He said he could see a time in the future when Surface Earth saw the absurdity of rivalry and war they would again come out to help us with our science and culture.

Admiral Byrd went to Washington a few days later and reported to the Pentagon and President and NSA about the message he was told to return. He was questioned for over 6 hours and it was recorded. As a Naval Admiral, the Pentagon staff ordered him to remain silent about this message and the meeting at Inner Earth. He relates feeling this is “Unbelievable!” Later in 1956, Admiral Byrd says he kept the meeting secret against his values and his against his will. He said the years following were not easy. He felt his days were numbered and he then says, “as any Truth, sooner or later prevail.”

Full Galactic Disclosure means we face the facts that our Government, indeed the governments of many countries have lied to the Earth Citizens about so many things for a very long time, too long.

by Elizabeth Trutwin © 2012

Full Galactic Disclosure means our Collective Consciousness has agreed to act as mature spiritual Beings and accept the truth so we may move on. In the words of Admiral Byrd: “I seen the truth and it strengthened my spirit and set me free!” Admiral Byrd’s log and pictures can be seen here:


UnderSea and UnderLake Extraterrestrial Work Base Civilizations

There are Extraterrestrials living under the Sea in the South Pacific in a vast Civilization of building structures with air-to-sea StarCraft. These are benevolent members of the Galactic Federation. Their work is monitoring Earth and assisting with energy grids, environmental concerns, and the Cosmic Integration of races. They work assisting us with things like chemtrails, oil spills, nuclear waste, dumping, air quality, and many operations without our notice. They also work with large planetary projects with the giant crystalline caverns deep in the Earth, the Earth Grid, and much science we do not yet understand. They are linked with the amino acid computers on the MotherShips and the great Ships of Soltec monitoring Earth.

We have been receiving technological environmental assistance a very long time. This Undersea Base can be seen on Google Earth at Mariana Trench near Japan. There are other such bases in the Andes Mountains Lakes and these too can be seen on Google Earth. In my book StarGate Earth, I share screenshots and long-latitude markers so all the research can be easily duplicated.

Full Galactic Disclosure Recognizes the Quarter of a Million Planets Discovered and Named Since 1800 and How NASA Has Landed On and Explored Many Of These Planets The following is NASA’s description of one such mission:

“Dawn [Craft] will delve into the origins of our solar system through intense study of Ceres and Vesta, two minor planets that reside in the vast asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The mission marks the first time a spacecraft will orbit two planetary bodies on a single voyage. Ceres and Vesta evolved under radically different circumstances in different parts of the solar system more than 4.6 billion years ago. Water may have kept Ceres cool as it evolved. There may still be frost or vapor on its surface and, possibly, water-bearing minerals. Vesta’s origins were hot and violent. Its interior is melted; its surface dry. As a result of these diverse evolutionary paths, Ceres remains in its primordial state, while Vesta evolved and changed over millions of years. By observing both protoplanets with the same set of instruments, Dawn will provide new insight into the formation and evolution of our solar system. The Dawn mission was launched on September 27, 2007. It will study Vesta beginning in July 2011, and Ceres beginning in February 2015. The Dawn Mission is part of NASA’s Discovery Program, an initiative for lower-cost, highly focused, rapid-development scientific spacecraft. The Dawn mission is led by Christopher T. Russell of UCLA. The project is managed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California. Orbital Sciences Corp., Dulles, Virginia, will develop the spacecraft.”

We are lead to believe there are 9 to 12 Planets in our Solar System. NASA filters all photos coming back from Space so we cannot see what is really there.

All photos of Planets have no stars of space showing. They are all edited to have a solid black background. They do this to hide the trillions of StarShips of the Galactic Federation in our Solar System.

We are planetary Citizens in a Galaxy teaming with human and other-race life forms on hundreds of thousands of named Planets. The full list of Planets, with the name of the person who discovered the Planet, their Country and Observatory location with an explanation of the name have been recorded since 1800. This does not include such ancient records which had been kept by the Hindu culture going back [the Hindu scientists claim 100s of] thousands of years. An alphabetical list (with the number) of the 250,000 + Planets can be seen here:

Dictionary of minor planet Names Link here to contents pages.

Also, you may read the 998-page book, 5th Edition prepared on behalf of Commission 20 Under the Auspices of the International Astronomical Union, Dr. Lutz D. Schmadel Astronomisches Rechen-Institut Mo ̈nchhofstrasse 12–14 69120 Heidelberg, Germany.

“Dedicated to my colleagues, dear friends and everlasting supporters of this project Ingrid van Houten-Groeneveld, Senior Staff Astronomer, Leiden Observatory, The Netherlands and Brian G. Marsden, Director, IAU Minor Planet Center, Cambridge, MA, USA”

Imagine us not knowing there are hundreds of thousands of named Planets which they fail to mention. Imagine programming us to think there are 9-12 discovered Planets. Sorry Pluto. View the entire list of more than 250,000 named, numbered “minor” Planets, their history and discoverer in the book here: history and discoverer in the above book available free online.

Disclosure Means Understanding Earths StarGates, Inner Earth Portals and Under-the-Sea Extraterrestrial Civilizations as Reality 

Do We Really Want Full Galactic Disclosure?

Full Galactic Disclosure goes far beyond the Eisenhower meeting on a UFO at Holloman AFB in 1954. It goes far beyond the Black Ops Secret Space Program funded by our criminal judges, banks and corporations who bought out Congress. It even goes beyond understanding the Space Elevators to Mars and the Moon and NSA Re-engineered Craft and Space Travel. Full Galactic Disclosure means understanding that the positive benevolent Extraterrestrials are already a part of day-to-day life on Earth. Secret Space Programs is Constantly Monitoring Changes in Earth’s StarGates and the Underwater ET Civilizations from Low Earth Orbit ISS.

For example, Why do we have so many satellites and low-earth orbit craft? The Secret Space Program is constantly monitoring the activity at the StarGates and the activity in and out of the Lake and Sea Civilizations in the Andes Mountains and the South Pacific near the Mariana Islands.

Google Earth shows us pictures that are three months or older. Google Earth works hand in hand with the military to hide portions of Earth from the public by pixelating areas they do not want us to see. NASA vigorously filters its images by removing the background data in photos and making all surface images colorless, the Moon is grey, Saturn is grey, and Mercury is grey on a fade-to-black background.

Welcome to SpaceShip Earth, Revealed Because imaging is altered to hide the Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth from us, let’s review what we know about StarGates on Earth, Inner Earth Portals, and Underwater ET Bases.

Not only are there Bases on the Moon and Mars, we also have Bases on Earth.

Long ago we stopped hearing the calls of nature, we stopped listening to the calls from the Cosmos. In order to explain what I mean I need to take you on a tour of your Home Planet. We in the West dig in under the tv with our social relationships on our laptops. We do not get out much. Let’s take a closer look at Spaceship Earth. ~et



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