Agenda 21

Why so many shots?

The way vaccination works is that you take a small part of a virus you want your body to create antibodies for and you introduce it to your immune system in a weakened or attenuated state.  That way the body sees it is foreign and can learn about it then mount a defense if ever the real live virus enters the body.

Science has proven that the immune system and specifically our white blood cells is our best defense against anything foreign. Far better to arm our own bodies to fight disease than it is to inject us with medicine which in itself is a foreign chemical.

Enter Big Pharma and the New World Order population control.  We have seen that over the past few decades, vaccinations have been used as a way of entering disease into the population, from Aids in the 80’s in Hep b vaccinations to leukemia, polio and cancer in other vaccinations.  There are stories of many more contagions found in these so-called medications that it makes you stop and wonder why they are increasing the number of deadly shots given to children.  Especially when many doctors have now come forward and shown the direct link to Autism from the MMR injection.

Anti-vaxxers have been at war with Big Pharma for years.  I personally had to sign many forms to conscientiously object, to stop my son from being injected at school.  When he was in year 10 the school decided to inject boys with the cervical cancer vax!!!! WTF- So I kept him home that day. It was just easier. OMG, I thought. The world has gone crazy.

Move to 2020 and entirely new game was unleashed.  One – no one except the Pandemic orchestraters saw coming.


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