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Many have pondered the question. Do we plan our lives, including the trauma, before we are born?

This is such a profound question that I have done many years worth of reading and research on the subject and my own beliefs from this research is a resounding yes.

According to Robert Schwartz, author of Your Soul's Plan, we do create a blueprint for our lives which contains such things as connections, major events, significant people and traumas. He believes there are generally five reasons why we chose to incorporate challenges into our plan. Obviously, no one consciously asks for rape, incest, abuse or any trauma really and you must not feel to blame. It’s important to understand that the life plan is created by the soul, not the incarnating personality. No one who has had such experiences is to blame for them.

Robert Schwartz's five reasons are:

  1. Healing (both spiritual and physical)
  2. Balance Karma
  3. Be in service to others
  4. So we can experience contrast
  5. Challenge and heal false beliefs

Now remember, we as a personality, we can say no. Our spirit guides are here to guide us on this journey and to help us if needed. They were part of the planning with the soul and therefore act as a bridge from our soul or higher self to our personality or lower self. If we become scared they will assure us that the deeds are here for our benefit.

I know it sounds morbid but even being murdered or a murderer can be part of our own plan for our souls experiential growth. The personality or lower self is only a portion of the higher self and before incarnation you, the personality will be shown a preview of the plan. If you strongly disagree the plan can be revised however, this is apparently very rare.

Now because we live in a free will world our plan is not set in stone. Rather there are many potential paths. The soul tries to anticipate the personalities decision and then gives an A or B type scenario. EG If the personality Chooses A then this will happen, if the personality chooses B then that will happen.

Now this makes so much sense to me because I can trace challenges in my life to specific events where I had to make an A or B type decision. Frequently throughout my life I have felt that I chose the wrong path based on hindsight. Our plan is simply a set of parameters. We, as our personality, have an incredible amount of free will to make those choices.

Divine virtues and qualities the soul wants to experience or acquire is more important to the soul than how it achieves them. Qualities such as unconditional love, compassion, self-love, forgiveness, empathy, self-referencing rather than external referencing, and Patience. My psychologist have acknowledged that post-traumatic healing can have a profound effect on a person; generally, trauma is the catalyst for these virtues to rise and be felt. Someone has to do something terrible to the personality in order to have to opportunity to forgive them.

If you have any memory of, or connection with your higher self, I'd love to hear from you. Leave a message and share your story with all of us.

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